Don’t Buy The Pixel 2 XL Just Yet.

Quick review of one of the best phones on the market. The LG v30 is so under marketed and under hyped.
LG V30 –
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  1. Dave2D

    The LG v30 is an excellent phone. It has a better aesthetic and better overall hardware over the Pixel 2 XL. If you're keen on hardware, I'd consider the v30 over the Pixel 2 XL. Thanks for watching!

  2. Young Hans

    Which makes me soo damn upset considering i do acknowledge all the advantages..but the front camera is not good, very dissapointing!

  3. Piotr D

    There are just 2 smartphones Samsung s9 and iPhone X. Thanks

  4. Davidenski

    Hi. I had my LG v30 for a few months, fantastic phone, the display was nice, the DAC for headphones was great. The only down side that I had with it was the LG skin and the cameras,front and back. I loved the wide angle option but the quality of the cameras was terrible. After a few months I received the update for it, the oreo, made the v30, v30 ThinQ,and then the problem started, became very lagy randomly for a few seconds, sometimes for 10-15 sec and I couldn't keep it like this so I change it for a pixel 2 xl. The best phone I ever had.It's just my personal opinion and it's true , it's a very underrated phone, and that it's very sad.

  5. yeeet bro

    I don't recommend LG I've had so many problems with their phones I'm just saying save your time and money and don't get an LG phone

  6. Albert Rocco

    I came for google pixel but this guy just keeps on talking about that other phone

  7. AK -mal

    I just dont like the camera design :/

  8. SlyFurFox

    So I got a promo code 15% off for the pixel 2 or pixel 2 XL..just sharing it cause i want the 50$ bonus i get from it lmao Promo code: B-WZB9QQKKVFSBD6TK0IL9V1X whoever uses it first i guess your welcome

  9. Mohsin Sait

    Got a brand new v30+ for $345 in exchange for my Redmi Note 3. Its an insane of an upgrade!

  10. Bert Lee

    I thought LG got BTS to sponsor their phones

  11. The v30 is going for $130 on eBay $240 on eBay 9800 dude Google pixel XL is going for $179

  12. EmilyW

    I've owned this phone for 2 years now after David's rec, and I have to say, Dave does not do a good job mentioning the cons of the phone, not limited to but including:
    1) dim ass screen. Even at max light it's still hard to see in daylight compared to other flagships.
    2) burn in. Not as bad of a deal as many say online, but it's definitely there
    3) Shitty quality camera. Aside from the wide angle, this camera is inferior, and is absolutely shitty and incompatible with snapchat or any other transmitting software app.

    Wish Dave was a little more honest on his reviews with both pros and cons. Otherwise he's no better than a Marques Brownlee

  13. R Rodriguez

    Ived been using LG V30 now. Its a good phone. Love it. Im watching you on my LG V30

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