Don’t Buy The Wrong Gaming Laptop CPU in 2018!

With Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake-G, and Ryzen mobile APU available this year, this is a guide to help you purchase the best gaming laptop CPU for your needs.
AMD Vega APU Laptop –

Coffee Lake H is going to be a BEAST with 6 core 12 thread CPUs.
Kaby Lake – G brings an impressive CPU and GPU combination to the market. Those devices can be 17mm thin with low weight while having good performance for 1080p gaming.
AMD Ryzen Mobile is a low wattage (15w) APU that can still deliver solid gaming performance in thin and light ultrabooks.

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  1. Dave2D

    If you're planning on upgrading this year, which CPU do you think you'll go for?

  2. UwU

    but can i5 8th gen paired with gtx 1050 run games like Overwatch, Pubg and CSGO?

  3. Josh Mon

    I didn't know you can buy laptop cpus. where the hell was I the past few years??

  4. Filbin John

    Hey can I ask for your opinions, do you think Intel i5 8300H is a good gaming laptop with GTX 1060 3gb, I'll only be using it for light gaming, and productivity work.

  5. Mrinal KD

    its late 2018 still no driver support for amd ryzen mobile apus !!!

  6. Jonny

    is the i5-7300HQ a decent cpu for gaming, with a 1060?

  7. Tyson S

    How did this video not address the Intel I7-8750H, which appears to be one the main processors in the high end laptops these days…

  8. BAN

    I5 7300HQ or I5 8300H. considering the laptop with the 8300H has the hot air coming from below instead of coming from the sides and the back. The laptops are this ones:
    DELL 15.6" CORE I5 RAM 8GB I7567-I5825GRW
    ASUS 15,6" CORE I5 RAM 8GB FX504GD-E4298T
    Both have 8gb ram and a gtx 1050ti

  9. Alex Kustov

    Kidney price is nice but laptops with rtx will be like both kidney's

  10. zzz s

    I can buy the laptop best gaming laptop on earth with my money I’m rich but my mom doesn’t allow me to buy with my fucking money

  11. DJ SICK__BOY


  12. Legend

    Help me i need better CPU for my gaming laptop msi gtx 1060(3gb)
    i need CPU switch to i5 7300HQ 2.50GHz~3.00GHz i need better that can run GTA V atleast good!

  13. Cash

    There’s a white dot on you’re desk, how dare you Dave?!

  14. OC Macrobob

    Hey dave2d, I know the usual response to making a laptop, its too hard and it'll be far, but I spent 1 hr designing a few laptops and found I can make them under 30mm thick with 27mm being the thinnest one using just desktop parts like a STX board and maybe even a mini its board. TDP on all my designs were under 175w total for GPU cpu ram storage and portable monitor. Pricing was also cheaper.
    Configs include:
    1. i5 8400T+1160ti (35+120w) 40-50% battery space
    2. Pentium G5400+1050ti (54w+75)
    3. 3300G (rumours ik) 65w

    The only problem I have is battery. I actually have over 50% of the laptop space free for battery, just not sure how batteries work.

    It's not difficult for me honestly. If we had access to laptop heatsink and case, I can't imagine what I could do.

  15. Atharv Sen

    Can anyone HELP me out with this?👇
    I ve researched a lot on YouTube and found out an intel i5 8th gen processor gives more FPS than an i7 8th gen
    I have a Asus rog Gl503 laptop
    Can anyone please help me to get high frame rates with this processor than i5…. I would be contended then….as i7 is way more expensive than i5….
    What tips and ways should i follow
    Can anyone help me with this🙏

  16. william castle

    Hey Dave.. how bout a video on the state of Kaby lake-G in 2019.. seemed pretty awesome but I'm not seeing anything in 2019. A friend of mine has the XPS 2 in 1 and swears by it. I see him playing most of the newer games at pretty good FPS. Pretty crazy in such a thin laptop.. How come they aren't being used in X360's/Xps13/lenovo yogas..etc. Seems like a much better performer than the MX150/250's . Thanks!

  17. XxiMcRAzYLaZyxX

    The chiming sound in the background sounds like my fridge when I leave the door open 🤣

  18. Even now in 2019 watching this for the first time I agree with the regard to processors like the i7 8809G with AMD Vega M GH graphics.
    Though it would make sense on the desktop side. Since a similar performing custom rig with new parts wouldn't be able to come close to the NUC in size (only desktops available with those processors) at the same price.

  19. Shyrel M

    which one is better. ryzen 5 3550 H or intel i5 8300H ?

  20. Vaibhav Shah

    Remember guys….god gave you 2 kidneys for a reason lol

  21. Games TV

    I can't find an answer for this one.
    Can I use the Core I5-9300H for video editing as well. Is it a good general purpose CPU.It has 4 cores and 8 threads which I think compares with some I7 cpu's out there.

  22. Tomasz Cz.

    Which company makes laptops with a well-designed cooling system? Is it worth waiting for upcoming new Ryzen 7nm in 1Q2020?

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