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Don’t Buy This Phone – Doogee Mix 2


$200 Phone (great camera) –
$200 Phone (big screen) –

The Doogee Mix 2 has an impressive 1080×2160, 5.99” display for its price. A wide angle camera, face unlock, USB Type-C, Helio P25 + 6GB RAM and a big 4060 mAh battery. The Doogee Mix 2 comes with some flaws but it is quite cheap at $200.
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  1. Dave2D

    I had high hopes for this phone but for most people there are better options. Thanks for watching!

  2. MicoJ 143

    Hey Dave, thanks for the eye-opening Video, I really love seeing your content, BTW, what's the name of the Game on @1:25 mark?

  3. me DECIUS

    This phone is great, you are the only channel that says its not worth getting!

  4. me DECIUS

    This phone is great, you are the only channel that says its not worth getting!

  5. me DECIUS

    This phone is great, you are the only channel that says its not worth getting!

  6. Jone Doe

    Hello, I bought this smartphone and the photos are superb! The screen is beautiful! The wifi goes very well! I have the impression that you had a smartphone with problem …

  7. ClutchKid Dula

    The phone isnt that bad you really dont need the faceScan or The camera only if you take pictures 24-7

  8. Gaetana Vassallo

    Gaetana Vassallo
    2 seconds ago
    hello there i have that same phone ,i need some help pls the problem you know when you go on camera u see the selfie camera i used to take selfie but for some resion it is not there can u help me pls thx

  9. snowhawk

    I bought the phone 6 months ago and didn't ever have problems with the face id. The 2nd camera is only for the blur mode, you get a notification when you cover the 2nd camera.

  10. Necesito

    Its 200usd phone for gods sake.. dude .. its not bad for its price.. give the phone a break.

  11. kad kondor leti

    I have doogee mix and i m very happy , it s great cellphone . why you speak like this i don t know . everybody say good thinks abaut this cellphone just you speak all bad .


    Which is better doogee BL 12000 or doogee BL 7000 please answer me

  13. Terry Thomas

    If face unlock works 70% of the time, then YES it DOES work most of the time.

  14. Matt Howard

    does it play pokemon go will it run swagbucks apps.

  15. Jess W

    Anybody know where I can find Fili – Splashhh? Its not showing up

  16. nilanjan

    Would have been nice if you had mentioned some of the other $200 phones which are better

  17. r lg

    I get it, you make money off of good reviews, and the flagship phones get you more, so I just came upon the phone you describe don't buy and I disagree. Maybe you got a bad phone, mine does not have the problems, and for the price point, and the others out there, I paid 150, euros you can't get anything as good. Interestingly in Asia countries this is becoming one of the best phones on the market.

  18. vitotheo

    Doogee think they're so good, but they ripped off Xaomi, who actually ripped off Sharp's Aquos phone.

  19. Yeezy westy

    It's bugging me that the amazon links are dead. I want to get my nephew a gift and wanted to see what dave suggested, anyone can help?

  20. Piotr

    You talking shit I have that phone buyed 179$ and it is great phone for that price. No such problems of that what you talking about. Camera I agree with you it's not a masterpiece.

  21. Angel Carrero

    in enginer mode *#*#3646633#*#*you can change the volume of the phone and it sounds really high much better than other phones

  22. Maia

    i bought it on ali express, and it seemed like a good deal… at the time…

    by the time the phone arrived i immediately regreted it… not only its so heavy, and it heats up veeeery easly

    but the camera is wack, the audio reproducer is even worse…. it has 6 GB RAM yet it freezes all the time, it crashes for no reason… the battery is also wack…. i've been using it for 2 days and im considering going back to my old phone (which is terribly destroyed but its istill better than this thing)…

  23. Nick

    I have had this phone for 4 years. And it is superb. Overly harsh review.

  24. ff dd

    aalam men bu dili bilmirem men bu telfondan almag isdiyirem birde ekrani arxa hissesini almag isdiyirem xayiw edirem mene azerbaycanca cvb deyin nece elde edim

  25. Paul Smith

    I've had mine about 3 years and really pleased with it. Camera is good no probs with WiFi. Just started having Ron's with charging. Slow or not charging at all. But if I turn phone off and charge I get full charge in just over 2 hours

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