DON’T DO IT!! M2 iPad Pro vs M2 MacBook Air

Don’t make the same mistake a lot of potential buyers make. The new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro – both rock the M2 chip. And while there is a lot of overlap in terms of capabilities – there are some very specific reasons why one is better than the other. So let’s talk about the price of both devices, which is more portable, and the display quality. What about the typing experience on the M2 ipad Pro and the M2 MacBook Air – which is better? We’ll compare the camera and speakers, processing power and multitasking. And finally we’ll see how battery life, the ports and wireless connectivity stack up. So which is better? The M2 iPad Pro or the M2 MacBook Air?

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  1. Wieldop

    Please keep in mind that prices advertised in Europe already include all taxes, unlike pricing in the States (if I'm not mistaken).

  2. Hazebeast

    Great comparison, but what's with the video title?! Don't do what? What "same mistakes" do customers do?! You explained the differences very well, but the title of the video is just unnecessary clickbait making the premise of the video undone 🙁

  3. Bollók Csaba

    In Hungary a 8/256GB M2 MB Air is 600K HUF, a 12.9 M2 Ipad Pro with 256GB and keyboard is 900K HUF. For my kind of work (IT tech), I would prefer MB Air.

    (An average salary is about 3-400K HUF)

  4. Emma

    Here in Germany the iPad Pro 12.9 costs 1450€ and the MacBook Air costs 1500€ I think

    In my opinion it’s really expensive but I really want one for school. I hope I can get it somewhere else cheaper

  5. trendfollower1

    Do prices in US Apple Store have tax included? I’m asking because entry level M2 MacBook Air costs in Poland 6999 PLN, with current exchange rate it’s something around 1600 USD tax included. Custom duty is not an issue because AFAIK it’s 0 for laptops.

  6. Lee Hammond

    Good comparison video for many of us who want to make this decision.

    You didn't really mention file handling. Moving and copying files on/to/from an iPad is more difficult and less reliable than on a MacBook Air.

  7. OP Sihota

    I've run the M1 Air / M1 iPad Pro since M1 came out and, as a combo, incredibly useful for business work. Can't say it's a one or other type deal, I reached for each depending on the case. Since then I have upgraded to the M2 laptop but have kept the M1 iPad pro as I don't see any reason to upgrade the iPad. I'm sure I'll be reaching for one or the other again, for the next couple years, depending on the use case.

  8. Kyle Lombardino

    I love those backgrounds that you have in the intros of the devices. Where did you get them?

  9. Miguel Pinto

    The prices in Portugal are ridiculous!
    M2 iPad Pro 12''9 128 GB: 1479€
    M2 Macbook Air base model: 1 529€
    If you take into account how badly people are paid in this country you will be terrified. PS: I know it is not the worst-case scenario, but in the European scenario I believe it is one of the worst, as the average salary is 1378€.

  10. Leong Vincent

    I have an M2 mba and iPad7 but I still find myself using my old iPad more. I just like the touchscreen and Apple Pencil. I sometimes use them in a desk setup with an external monitor with the help of universal control and I use my Mac to type (some shortcuts are not supported on the iPad) and my iPad is used for referencing info, handwriting and brainstorming.

    I also prefer bringing my iPad out with an external keyboard and mouse. (My iPad is too old for Magic Keyboard)

  11. J.

    Your audio is fucked

  12. Alotaibi

    M1 air is 999£
    M2 air is 1199£
    Pounds not us dollar 😅

  13. Pineapple road

    M2 MacBook Air base price: £1249
    12.9 inch M2 iPad Pro base price: £1249
    11 inch M2 iPad Pro base price: £899
    Apple Pencil 2nd gen: £139
    Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 inch: £319
    Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 inch: £379

  14. Mia

    Prices are ridiculous in Poland. M2 Air starts at 7k in the official Apple store, 7.1k for the M2 iPad pro 12''. That's way more than average salary per month. With like 50% inflation, I'm weeping and hugging my 2012 MacBook Pro, because once again I will be unable to upgrade this year…

  15. DB

    Would really love to hear your rundown and opinions on the newly announced M2/ M2 Pro chip/ Max chip Macbook Pros, Mac Minis etc. Are they worth the price and worth getting now?

  16. robert gray

    In Canada the Air starts at $400 more than the iPad Pro

  17. robert gray

    As much as I love my MacBook Pro, Apple Music works way better in IOS. I keep hoping that Apple will update the macOS to fix this. The big difference is that iOS has bit perfect playback and macOS doesn’t. This will only matter to a small number of Mac users but i am one of them 😊

  18. Rasmus

    I live in Denmark and here the 12.9 inch starts at 1605 US and 2101 US with the Magic Keyboard 🥹

  19. Albyx Rourouni

    Money is no problem but the iPad’s Magic Keyboard has no business being by that expensive, and I have one. I’d like to see what about it makes it $350… lol

  20. Willy

    You didn't do bench mark test…. you could have compare the speed rendering time speed in DaVinci Resolve

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