Don’t get scammed

Don’t get scammed

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People get scammed online everyday, whether its falling for fake tech support scam sites or phishing sites.

Install good antivirus or anti-malware software with firewall.
Run regular scans and computer maintenance on your computer.
Keep windows operating systems updated
Make sure you keep security software and other software updated
Never click on links in emails
Never click on attachments in emails, unless its someone you trust.
Don’t download pirated software
Don’t download keygen’s or cracked software
Only download software from sites you trust
Never give out your passwords
Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are
Don’t post any personal information online
Don’t do online banking in cybercafe or free WiFi
Change passwords regularly
Make passwords more complex and a good length
Never store passwords on computer unless encrypted
Check urls
Check executable files
Don’t let anyone use your computer or install software
Never run computer as administrator
Never let people remote into your computer unless you trust or know them.

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Ansari Ahmed

    Britec you are awesome sir, you always make awesome video and I believe all your vidoes are useful.
    Thanks for your Videos.

  2. F.N. Schlub

    "Ctrl+Alt+Del" is your friend. NEVER click on popup control buttons. Just because button says "close" or "x" doesn't mean that those buttons do what you expect. That it appeared at all is evidence of a preliminary browser hijack. Use "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to close the browser.

  3. e4r

    Who's still using adobe flash today ?

  4. C Walker

    noticed all these sites started https:// which I always thought was OK, however I notice none of them had the green padlock beside it

  5. Vincent Dufour

    Thanks Brian! really useful video, nowadays if you don't pay attention to where you are downloading softwares from, you may be easily scammed because of "good" looking trustworthy web pages, and they are full bullshit in fact, cheers!

  6. damolin77

    Awesome Video Brian. sometimes you get some people who never learn

  7. catalin catalin

    to use virtualization software (vbox, vware, etc.) is a laptop with gaming or workstation configurations recommended?

  8. Tadpole

    Thanks for the reminders Brian, always looking out for those vulnerable folk, it's so easy to think this stuff the real thing.
    atvb t ..

  9. Bill Leatherland

    On the ball again Brian. Keep up with the info on the scams going around..

  10. Eagle Ales

    your pc is infeted, don't worry i can fix it , No charge for you-hahhahah nice video and good help, thanks Brian.

  11. Steve Fulgione

    Look, 4 scammers have disliked this. 😝 Keep these great videos coming Brian.

  12. Tariq Raja

    How do keygens and pirated softwares affect the security of a PC?

  13. Tony Hughes

    Thanks Brian, this is great info, please keep up the great work. The one that i`l always remember is a scam under the guise of a building society which i actually bank with, the page i was emailed looked absolutely identical to the normal login page bar the fact that this page requested the whole of your password to be inserted, the page was such a brilliant copy, not surprising that some get caught by this stuff.

  14. Corey

    I just click through these and then close the tab

  15. Robert Smith

    Maybe you should have included those India scams, i.e., IRS, javascript popup window virus, government grants, etc. Nonetheless, this video is in addition to what I mentioned. Thank you Brian.

  16. Elle R. Apaytor

    Imagine poor grandpa who doesn't know much about technology dealing with all this. The bastards behind these scams need to be dragged out their basements and get shot in the face.

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