Don’t Make A Mistake on Black Friday | 4K TVs to Skip & Deals To Buy

Which TVs should you avoid on Black Friday? In this video I help you skip the TVs that aren’t great deals with a price to performance ratio & help you find the real deals.

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2022 TVs on BF Prices Below:

Samsung S95B OLED TV – [Samsung] [Best Buy] [Amazon]

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED – [Samsung] [Best Buy] [Amazon]

LG G2 OLED – [Best Buy] – [Amazon]

LG C2 OLED TV- [Best Buy] [Amazon]

Sony X90K – [Best Buy] [Amazon]

Sony A80K – [Best Buy] [Amazon]

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    When you say avoid the qned80, does that include the QNED85 75’ for $1599? I thought it was a good deal

  2. done mansion

    My humble opinion, who need 4k 120hz tv for console gaming? Evil west, new batman and other games in 2022 is 4k 30fps xbox series x, Ps5 console, Nothing is hit 4k 120fps new games in 2022. 4k 120hz is just a joke for console gaming, trust me. Everyone know many new pc games in 2022 hit 4k 120fps instead 4k 30fps xbox serie x and, ps5. To be honest 4k 60hz is enough for xbox series x, Ps5, no need 4k 120hz for weak console except pc.

  3. Mike

    Definitely buying the 42" LG C2

  4. Zack123

    Thank you for the video. The prices listed in this video are insane compared to what we get here.
    Over here the C2 and S95B are almost the same price. Which one do you recommend getting for regular TV watching/streaming?

  5. Kiki

    I bought the sony x85k 120hz for my ps5. Was going get the c2 but might wait till next year for pled tvs get better

  6. Stop the FOMO

    ROFL it's a pretty good rule to avoid Vizio because a similarly priced TCL will not only perform better but will last longer. Sad times for Vizio

  7. Tech With KG

    Note on the gaming for Hisense U8H, the 4K 120 for gaming is at half resolution so if gaming is a concern go for TCL 6 series instead.

  8. Micker

    My picks for most people would be: Price an issue: 55" U8H/S95B, 65" S95B, 77" C2, 85" QN90B. Price not an issue: 55" A95K, 65" A95K, 77" G2, 85" X95K

  9. Michael McGehee

    KG I just purchased the qn90b 43 for my office. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm gonna use it for pc work, ps5 and streaming. My main driver has been the c7 65 for the last 3 years. I've never had a Samsung before. Can you please tell me the difference of pc mode vs game mode? Can they be engaged at the same time? What mode should I have the qn90b in when I'm using it for windows pc work? Thank you.

  10. Stephon Watson

    Or just go with what your pockets can afford 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. CN NN

    😂 Funny you mention avoiding the vizio mqx for 4k 120 performance but at the same time recommend the tcl and hisense that half resolution at 4k 120. What a joke! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Black Friday advice….. don’t buy this one, but the other brand that cost more have the same problem. Thanks for your expertise! 🤣 In your words and I quote “Avoid brand loyalty” 0:35 🤷‍♂️

  12. SLAKR23

    I’m still getting the LG QNED85 77” at Costco that looks like my budget for 1Gaming 2Movies. Is there a alternative for that price KG? My last tv was from Circuit City sooo😹😹

  13. A90K has atsc 3.0 tuner which C2 does not. It improves reception significantly for those who are in the atsc 3.0 markets like Kansas City

  14. Josh Hong

    is the b2 at 65 in be similar picture quality and motion to c1?

  15. diego vandromme

    i have a buget of 1500 euro whats the best i can buy for ps5 samsung s95b? i can mabey stretch it to 2000 euro please help thanks

  16. G

    I'm considering getting 65 inch qn90b in uk but I've read about local dimming bug etc. Has this been fixed or is it still a problem?

  17. Duck Duck

    I believe the QN95B has the newer processor over the QN90B

  18. Pilot BSInTheSky

    Would you still go with 65" TCL 5 Series vs TCL 6 series R646 for $599 right now? Only need for PC gaming at 4k 120 hz nothing else. Thanks

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