Don’t update your GPU driver right now!


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  1. so which driver version is better to use? The previous one 22.11.1 WHQL from november? is that safe?

  2. Null Pro

    If I buy a 6700xt will it have this problem?

  3. polarvortex

    i'm fine with my old 1660 ti card. now that i think about it i havent updated the driver in quite awhile. oh well

  4. DXMCG

    This includes 6600 right?

  5. polarvortex

    this is all suspicious, if amd is destroying cards so that people will rush to buy more of their stuff since they the PC market its, apparently in a rut.

    this would be a pretty scummy and illegal, criminal practice. dont they test their drivers before send it out in the wild?

  6. Made UP Channel

    To fast, i didnt see the number driver that you mention in the video even I tried to paused it

  7. KO TKO

    Cheap ways to force people into buying latest gen GPUs. Be it this or paying developers to do shit optimization on new games.

  8. Chrono Gamer

    GPUs being killed by a bad driver is the most AMD thing that I have seen in a while.

  9. Qasmoc

    Just use auto detect version.

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