Download and Install Virtual Machine Windows 10, 8, 7, Images

Download and Install Free Virtual Machine Windows 10, 8, 7, Images

If like me you run a lot of virtual machines, your going to need to get Windows images to put on the virtual machines.

You can download for free VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox and Parallels images from Microsoft.

Download a virtual machine
Windows 10 Enterprise (Evaluation – Build 201806) 20 GB download

These are fully updated and the latest releases from Microsoft.

You can get more here Download virtual machines

They have Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 images for you to download and use.

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Ezequiel Gembi

    The egde window 10 that I officially download from the link has a password on the desktop. Can you believe it? What's the password?

  2. Tom Collins

    Note that Microsoft now only provides a Windows 10 VM (7 and 8 no longer available) from the en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ URL.

  3. Now i can buy win8.1 and play minecraft bedrock edition on win8.1 with virtual windos THXXXXX

  4. Delty

    Stupid Microsoft made it now that you can only get Windows 10 as a virtual machine, like how is that gonna benefit Microsoft and people who want older Operating Systems?

  5. Daniel Cassidy

    can't see the website for the second location to download. can you post it please?

  6. piixieh0llows

    Finally thank you now I can’t experience what windows 7 is like

  7. Just Steve

    @Britec09 you didn't post the secondary image d/l site address… I tried to find the site but no luck…

  8. Cayben886

    i tried to download vmware but the import thing just gets stuck at 92 and ive tried closing it and retrying

  9. DanY4real

    what if you download a virtual machine into a virtual machine…

  10. F73B

    It's such a big file size

  11. - Rezy

    how do i download the main virtualbox app

  12. BendyGamerYT

    hey, is it possible to download virus on the virtual machine without getting virus on the real pc?

  13. Dark Ash

    What should I do my says "Cannot enable nested VT-x/AMD-V without nested-paging and unresricted guest execution!


    Result Code:

    E_FAIL (0x80004005)




    IConsole {872da645-4a9b-1727-bee2-5585105b9eed}

  14. Lecerian LOL

    one question, if i download something will the VM transfer it to the normal pc? just wondering in case I accidentally install a virus on the VM lol

  15. hello it is in the zip file i try to unzip but the file is not open able what should i do ?

  16. zoranis

    what is a password of windows 10 Vm

  17. Nope.

    yes i can finally play minesweeper

  18. l.b

    nice vid got a new sub

  19. l.b

    after i setup vm; it takes for ever to load every time i powred it on i mean like for ever!!!

  20. MarkoBro

    Failed to import appliance D:IE11 – Win7.ova.

    Result Code: E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057)

    how to fix?

  21. Robonova

    So even after 90 days we can run the snapshot?

  22. Pomgrean_

    What virtual machine are u using pls tell me I really want to have it

  23. idk lol

    oh boy i hope virtual box doesn't have an annoying anti virus that wont let me download jack shit even after i turn it off because it forces itself to turn on again and is hardwired into the mainframe so much i cant remove and have it delete apps that i dont want it to delete

    cough cough

    windows defender

    cough cough

  24. Imam

    me trying to do this for windows 11 leak: 👀

  25. Why the file have 20GB? Its gta 5? (i just joking) my english is bad, anyway the file is a pre-created virtual Machine??

  26. thank you for this video i finally can open viruses like bonzibuddy or you are an idiot

  27. Gamer1435

    Downloading this In a virtual machine to make sure it’s not maleware

  28. Ferris Drake

    can I download viruses on this virtual machine and not affect my actual computer

  29. charles120001

    You assume viewers understand the jargon i.e images and virtual machines. Plus you assume ordinary people understand why they would want to use a virtual machine. One last question: what's a virtual machine?

  30. dan X

    Hello Britec09, would you kindly show how to force the virtual box to take ownership of USB? I have a usb that is infected, but the issue here is that if I plug it into the usb, I get the main computer infected. Is there a way to force the virtual box to actually be perceived as the "main" owner of the usb controller, so only the virtual box gets infected^?

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