Drag Race: Ferrari’s V12, V8, and V6 Engines Compared

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what we’ll win in a drag race between a V6 Ferrari a V8 Ferrari and a V12 Ferrari what we’re going to find out cuz I’m going to race a 296 GTB against an sf90 and an 812 super fast over the standing quarter mile I’m at Watson and you’re watching carwow now let me tell you about this lovely 296 GTV so we’ve got a 3 l twin turbo V6 which has an electric motor in the gearbox it’s an 8-speed dual clitch gearbox and combined the power output is 830 horsepower and 740 n m of torque it weighs just under 1.5 tons so that is dry weight so you can probably add another 100 kilos including fluids and all that kind of stuff and it’s quite expensive starting prices of this £ 242,000 lovely rear wheel drive super car now let’s move on to a four-wheel drive superc car the sf90 hey Sam how are you I’m very well Matt how are you all right so tell me about your car you’ve got the 8 cylinder car I’ve got the six-cylinder but yours is more than just eight cylinders isn’t it yeah this is the sf90 4 L twin turbo V8 it’s 1,000 horsepower 800 newm of torque it’s driven all four wheels 8-speed dual clutch gearbox it weighs 1.5 tons and it starts at £ 376,000 so very reasonable okay so quite a lot more expensive than this more power more torque more driven Wheels got to have more performance just how much more we’re going to find out in a moment and finally we come to the V12 and we’ve got my friend Phil Island driving that it’s his very own car tell us about your car Phil my car is a 6.5 V12 naturally aspirated it’s got 200 C Sports cats novitech system straight through and it is 800 horsepower with 718 newm of torque so basically youve got the least torque the least power the most cylinders I imagine being naturally aspirated you’ve got the best noise but we’ll find out now cuz we’re going to do a carw sound check I can’t hear it Matt if you think you can’t hear this ien a listen to the sf90 go on rev that up that’s much better to be fair I can hear that it’s closer though yeah it’s closer this sounds better I think put your window down sir hold on no you’re right you win no yeah there we go so now about to lose I don’t have any hope against beating you two I think you got a phone call coming in Phil is that someone to buy a performance car off you no that’s actually my plumber if I’m honest so I’ll uh I’ll cancel that call are you actually going to get your heating fixed so Phil’s got this lovely showroom out in the cotw worlds Phil Island performance cars go check that out but even though it’s a beautiful showroom and it’s got an expensive heating system in it the heating system doesn’t work hopefully his car will work we’ll find out now now before we race I think because you and I feel a rear wheel drive we get to warm up our tires by doing some donuts and we won’t let the sf90 because it has four-wheel drive so also we don’t want you to show us up with your done driving skills so I’ll go [Music] first and way you go [Music] Phil oh save some ties for the [Applause] race look at this I can see again now line up and we’ll get on with this I think my attent was rather pathetic Let’s Race 3 2 1 [Music] no [Music] chance 812 it’s not even in [Music] it [Applause] [Music] four-wheel drive that’s all I got to say about that I mean this hooked up pretty well did an all right time but extra 200 horsepower and four-wheel drive it is just insane I was laughing the whole way all four wheels were spinning off the line and it just didn’t let up it was amazing Phil what happened to you I was just seeing you off mate I was way behind in that race what actually happened to your car was it spinning up its Wheels did traction not work what happened a lot of Wheels been off the line to be fair it launched okay but the tires are still fairly cold going to R down there again get some more heat into your tires come back then have another go sounds good go then we’ll see on the start line 3 2 [Music] 1 same thing [Music] again [Music] [Applause] yeah so same thing again I think your launch might have been even better Sam it was there was barely any wheel spin that time that is ridiculous mine was bang on the same how about you Phil how was it for you that was a much better launch to be fair Lads but they are a real those things did it get much wheel spin and did it engage proper launch control it went well that was a lot better than the last time put it that way do you know what let’s just do one more as your tires get warmer it’s going to be doing better okay just one last go 3 2 1 oh that hooks really nicely oh oh my God things so [Applause] fast yes come on come [Music] [Applause] on this thing is just doing the same thing over and over and over again and the fact of the matter is it’s not as quick as the sf90 how was that one for you Phil I’d say that was a perfect launch but yeah there’s no chance of getting anywhere near you to does it struggle with traction or is it just your car is not as quick despite having all the cylinders yeah I hate to say it’s just not as quick despite having all those cylinders well there you go so then what exactly happened well the sf91 it completed the standing quarter mile in 9 .9 seconds the 296 took 10.4 seconds and the 812 came last it took 11.8 seconds to do the standing quarter mile want to sell your car quickly easily and for a fair price then head to car while to have over 4,000 trusted dealers ready to bid on it in an online auction first enter your car’s registration to get an instant approximate valuation then if you want to proceed give us some more details and upload some photos and we’ll help you get a fair reserve price for your car that’s the minimum amount you’d be happy to sell it for once you’ve done that we’ll enter your car into an online auction when the auction’s over we’ll let you know the result and the dealer with the winning bid will be in touch to arrange easy payment and free collection of your car 93% of sellers surveyed said they got the price they expected or more through carwow the best bit is it’s completely free I put a link in the description of this video and and the pin comment to take you directly to carw where over 4,000 dealers are ready to bid on your car or you can just click on the pop out Banner that should be appearing in the top right hand corner of the screen now alternatively just Google help me carwow and we will help you sell your car quickly easily and for a fair price on with the video now we got a rolling race from 50 mph the cosin sports setting but auto mode for the gearbox I’m going to call it in it’s a race to the half mile 3 2 1 go so that took ages to kick [Music] down and the 812 is already gone oh my God that thing is insane the sf90 is just in another’s time zone can I beat the 812 look at that so this just didn’t want to kick down it just stayed in third and pulled and he was happy with that but I wasn’t because Sam you had absolutely Bugg it off almost like you launched your car I was nearly at 170 breaking the half mile there this thing is just ungodly it’s so quick it’s hyper car performance but it’s still just a super car that 812 is a super car but in terms of performance there’s quite a bit between them because even though your car seem to kick down and take off quicker I eventually came past you on the half mile that’s why I said mate there’s no chance on those drags that is going to be anywhere near those two anyway let’s take the gearbox shinanigans out the equation right we’re going to do rolling race from 30 mph in second gear sport your setting let’s do this three 2 1 go what we doing [Applause] what something went [Music] [Music] wrong what went wrong Sam I changed Lane sideways mainly and then everything else went a little bit less rough sorry Phil that might have been a bit scary for you mate sorry I missed completely misunderstood the consignment then I thought we were doing a breake test okay right now we’re going to do a rolling race in second gear from 30 m an hour okay that’s what we’re going to do in manual mode and the sportiest setting for your car should we do that again 3 2 1 go oh my God looks like Sam got traction that [Music] [Applause] [Music] time ni Phil Phil’s miles behind we you doing another break test then Phil may I may as well have been next to you two for Christ’s sake they are fast that was just like full speed full attack that’s the best your car could do no wheel spin or anything no that they are just too they are simply incredible those two there’s nowhere near nowhere near Sam so you got off really good looks like you didn’t have wheel spin issues but then once you built up this Gap it stayed as it was and in some ways I didn’t think you really getting away from me this is all exciting at the start and then it kind of it levels out a little bit but don’t forget you’re in a really really fast car still W though still W very quick but this really considering V6 two fuel Motors rear wheel drive I think this is incredible and as for the um 812 sounds brilliant but the performance I can’t believe I’m even saying this it’s just not enough in this company nowhere near but then again would I change it for one of those two no well there you go it’s quick enough on the road that’s for sure okay now we got break test around 100 mph when we reach a line full emergency stop car that stops in the shortest distance wins you’d rather watch another drag race with that Ferrari sf9 get the amazing click on the pop out banner up there here comes the line stamping on the [Music] PED wow your car’s heavier but stops in the shorter distance there Sam stops well this doesn’t it I don’t really know what happened to your car Phil what tires you got on there the ones that come with it pellis but uh I think they need changing personally to melin your car’s doing a lot of beeping and bonging it doesn’t sound happy what’s the matter it’s upset mate because it’s lost everything against you two in those things so he’s just crying he’s at the car crying anyway thanks for coming along Phil and showing us basically how far ferraria has come with its cars recently I just want to say a huge thanks to the people that have lent us their cars go follow them on Instagram or YouTube or whatever anyway I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like now and sorry donut we can do one in a minute we’ll do one in a minute anyway I hope child anyway I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on the windows to watch some more videos and on the carw logo to head over to carow to compare these cars quarter mile times to other cars we drug RAC in the past thanks for watching

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