Dragon’s Dogma 2 – 15 Things You SHOULD NOT BE IGNORING

Calling Dragon’s Dogma 2 a mechanically dense game would be a huge understatement, to say the very least. The action RPG is a mind bogglingly massive game, and in addition to being packed full of places to explore, enemies to trounce, and quests to take on, it is also got a bevy of systems and mechanics tucked away that are entirely too easy to miss.

From exploration to combat to progression, several of these mechanics can make life significantly easier for players, so to help make your journey through Dragon’s Dogma 2’s fantasy world a little bit smoother, here, we are going to talk about a few things in the game that you absolutely should not be ignoring.


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  1. @knockdoubt

    Ignore the entire game. Save money. Wait for erdtree.

  2. @rangersnut

    I will ignore the game until there is a 60fps on consoles

  3. @deadmeatomg6128

    I'm loving this game. I am using the Mythical Spear Hand vocation and it's a fun fighting style. And the dragon's plague is a pain

  4. @dediualex3554

    Im a simple man, i buy a Game, So then i want to play it. Performence however is making me question life

  5. @quenkii

    1st thing u shouldnt ignore: uninstall button

  6. @FlyingWhales27

    The people calling this a shit game are missing out. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but still.

  7. @Ray-dl5mp

    I want the developers to not screw over gamers with crappy performance and not even allowing them to start over a game. Those are 2 basic things we should all care about. And that ignores the MTX controversy. Just forking over our money when developers can’t do basic things right seems wrong to me. Not that I haven’t done it before, but we should learn and be better or this situation will never change.

    So I think the right way to do this in today’s world is see how the patches go. If the developers prove they are worthy of our money, I’ll consider giving it to them. Now if I was a fanboy of this series I get why people preorder or need to play it. But I’m talking about just random gamers.

  8. @Kyzar90

    First thing you should ignore is the story, it literally falls flat on its face after the first 5 or so quests

  9. You do not need crafting materials on you to upgrade your equipment. It works from storage.

  10. @AmySorrellMusic

    I am having a blast just feefarking around, killing big monsters, finding a ton of loot and totally ignoring the quests right now. I am watching my pawn's eyes like my mom used to when I was a teen.

  11. @captainDL3

    Oh sweet. Thanks for the info. Ill start a new character right now…wait…

  12. @joncleary8896

    First you guys shit on it. Now you're praising it. Make up your fuggin minds.

  13. @Staglaitor

    (Skyrim) First-person games give you a navigational and touring experience, but third-person games do not. Dragon dogma2 is not a game worthy of respect because of this.


    Just played it for about 10 hours on PS5. No performance issues. This game is soooo good if you're into adventure games. It makes exploring fun and rewarding. You don't just go from point A to B. The journey is exciting and feels adventurous. The last time I felt this was in Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

  15. @Noazzark

    No spoilers, but try to remember where you found your FIRST seeker token, write it down or place a marker on your map, I had a hell of a time trying to remember where I got my first one

  16. @Tucker1796

    This game is freakn amazing. Fighting an ogre and stabbing him in his eye..buddy trashing about and runs right into a huge heavy branch and knocks his ass out. As he falling Im still stabbing him in his eye lol like a freakn movie😂

  17. @knocksvillee

    Combining items also keeps perishable ones from going bad.

  18. @Docmain3

    I dislike having to take breaks or going to work. Interrupts the Arisen.

  19. @_SirMoe_

    Dragons dogma 2 will definitely separate the wheat from the chaff, those games won't hold your hand..

  20. @lovmn38

    I didn’t even play the first game sooo why should I buy this game 😂 I have soo many games that I’m playing right now 😂

  21. @Morf818

    you saved my ass with the dragon plague!

  22. @el.gsusss6025

    You can actually get a cheaper house in Vernworth in the Common Quarter. A woman tells you that she needs someone to take care of the place while she is away, then when she returns she offers you the house at a very good price. Lovin this game!

  23. @kaikiske7436

    Game is 🔥 🔥 🔥
    GamingBolt pulled down their article on Rise of Ronin. Da phuq?
    Who pressured you to delete that video bro!?
    Game is mid

  24. Not thanks I don't want to pay real cash for fast traveling, changing character and ng+.

  25. @baiihai1531

    Dogshit fan be defend their shit since dogshit 1 by shitting on other games and now its getting more toxic

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