Dragon’s Dogma 2 Feels Like The Perfect Cross Between Elden Ring And The Elder Scrolls

There’s no shortage of things to love in Dragon’s Dogma 2, from its spectacular combat to how densely it packs its world full of engaging content to how reactive its world is.

It’s hard not to notice the similarities that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has to other beloved open world experiences. Specifically, it feels like a perfect cross between Elden Ring and The Elder Scrolls, capturing the former’s aversion to guide or handhold the player in any way, and the latter’s reliance on AI-driven systemic, emergent gameplay.

Combining both styles and throwing in its own ideas, it ends up delivering something entirely unique. Here, we talk about all of that and more.


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  1. @dennispena5496

    When you can't put the game down after playing 6 hours straight…you know you've got something good here.

  2. the problem with this game is it is too short. already at the final boss without even upgrading weps and armor.

  3. @grizzlehatchet1

    3:01 i love the verbal tap dance here… Around the fact that youre going to be spending real cash on items and time savers. Lol

  4. Brother you completely over sold this game it’s OK game at best 7.5. And it’s 2024 if you’re not a content creator, who actually has time to figure out, where do I go to start the next mission? That is not respecting people time at all

  5. @K-fh7in

    The game is OK at best on PS5 and on PC I rly feel sorry for our friends trying to play there. My friend with a 1490, i9 and 32gb ram setting couldn’t move in the city without bumping into everyone.
    Also, wtf with no new game option? Totally get it having a single save per campaign, it raises the stakes in the decisions players make, but no multiple characters and you need to pay if you want to change your char more than once on a $70 game is Capcom calling the player stupid.
    13 hours in the game and the narrative is still meh.
    Honestly I won’t take any other reviews from this channel seriously, they’re either not doing their homework or perhaps doing a different one.

  6. @codebreaker4087

    Hell no. The game is poorly optimized and they locked a bunch of basic features behind a paywall.

  7. @MyRabbitHole

    That's very very Illiterate to even compare dd2 to a masterpiece like elden ring. Dd2 is just dd1 with a blown up world. Left click every of the 4-5 enemy variations to death. Finish the game before even upgrade your gear full 25-30 hours. It's a huge empty world with random goblins harpies every 10 steps.

    You surely are a gamer pro Mister. 🤣🤣🤣

  8. @rodm209

    Both er an es have mounts early on so there's that

  9. @DrierHyperion21

    I think this might be the best open world rpg ive ever played. Its been a blast playing this game. Every path leads to new adventures. So many places to explore and its fun as hell to explore in this game!

  10. @alpsalish

    I just can't be bothered because I'm really not into fantasy like this.

  11. @The.Nasty.

    RIP to the PC players who have genuine issues, the game is absolutely spectacular.

    One of the most alive feeling worlds I’ve ever played in, only rivaled by Kingdom Come and Red Dead 2.

  12. @PytrStarlight

    The game is aiight. People are just on the bandwagon. Its mediocre in most areas and buggy/janky. Combat fun af tho.

  13. @Mohgenstein

    Game needs more enemy variety and harder difficulty. Those two are the big main issues dropping it down to a 7/10 from a 9/10. Actually no huge dungeon drops it down to a 5. Less skills and a terrible story drops it down to a 3. Now that I think about it game is trash, somehow original dogma is better.

  14. @AC-hj9tv

    Feel like I just keep fighting the same goblins over and over w slow frame rates. Lol. Sigh

  15. Screw dragons dogma 2!!!Hell no you didn’t just compare this, to Elden Ring, no comparison, not even close., FromSoftware titles often imitated, never duplicated.

  16. We’ve gotten to the point where gaming addicts will play half a game. I’m pretty sure that if not playing a half finished game would save the planet and make everyone rich. You dumbasses would still play it and rationalize your greed 😅
    Thanks for the shittier games, plebs who didn’t play DDDA

  17. @NBag-ni4ow

    The main problem is performance due to bad optimization. Mtx is just BS don't buy it instead of whining.


    I gotta say I'm a little disappointed in this game but enjoying it.mainly disappointed that it doesn't seem to improve on the first it just seems like a better skin and just as patheticly buggy as the first.this should be a refined experience but instead it's exactly the same as the first.

  19. @ayeravens

    Should I buy this game on steam or my Xbox series x ? Wondering since modding is limited

  20. @bazookajoe3686

    i kind of hate moments when the cowl is going through the shield its so distracting thats why i rarely where capes in games

  21. @excludedkratos

    There are two things that are mia in Dragons Dogma 2, which are probably nonexistent that i would like to have. First and foremost, a dodge feature for all classes and especially archery.Not having this ability is unheard of and frustrating. Second is a lock-on feature to target specific enemies.

    Don't anyone know if these abilities exist in the game, and i just overlooked them in the tutorial?

  22. @affa5908

    for me… it reminds of a traditional oldschool rpg, but 3D… its great so far… they really need to improve their UI and item management system… the game menu pause screen is atrocious and looks insane… the way equipment and items are separate etc it feels archaic..

    other than that its a fantastic game… playing as a thief (hopefully mystic spearhand soon), and my right hand pawn Tegra is a force to be reckoned with loll keeps the whole squad on they toes…

  23. @totallyalex2607

    This game is just so incredible! It's so ambitious and unique😭😭😭😭😭

  24. @b1zarr01

    Seeing this game in action tells me it has nothing to do with the future or even modern day gaming standards!

  25. @Nocc2991

    I'm gonna get it, but most likely, when it's patched up.

  26. @ThatFont

    Elden ring 🥵 And I’ve platinumed the rest of the Soulsborne franchise along with Sekiro.

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