Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu

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How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10 [2018]

If your looking to get into Linux but don’t want to ditch windows right away, then dual booting the two operating systems is pretty easy to do, so if your a gamer and want to play all the top games that won’t play on Linux , then dual booting makes good sense.

Download Ubuntu

Download Rufus

So watch the whole video to learn How to Install Ubuntu Linux Alongside Windows 10

Give Linux a try, you might even like it better than Windows, you never know.

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Are

    The install alongside option is gone? Have they moved? How can I get this option back?

  2. Hedi Jebali

    my screen freezes after i click continue in the updates and other software slide please help !

  3. malhar jajoo

    Instead of explaining the partitioning process, just proceeded like everyone else on youtube. Disappointed.

  4. Jack Kocaya


    to watch this video for fun and not to really try dual booting

  5. I Meade

    what to do if your system has ubuntu first and you want to dual boot windows. this video is for windows user

  6. Victor Overduin

    Quick note: Do not try and select the iso from the usb drive you are looking to burn it onto. The iso has to be stored somewhere else or it wont work

  7. vogis

    Does this work with dvds or no? 😛

  8. RagHelen

    The partition schema should be GUID and not MBR, if your motherboard is not older than 10 years.

  9. Gowtham

    I'm running windows 10 but while installing Ubuntu I got option install along side with windows 8 & after successful installation I can't log on into windows..

  10. zEspirion

    This is the second time im watching this video, and I have to say: there is a background sound very similair to the Nintendo Switch Online connect sound, it's so freaking annoying cuz I keep looking at my switch…

  11. Dom

    You can also follow this if you have a linux magazine with a disc. You won't need to make a bootable usb

  12. How to do it on AMD A8 motherborad alongside windows 10 pro 2018 version…i want dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

  13. lesedow

    Why is not apearing install alongside with windows 10

  14. colby

    Is there a good way to make grub look better

  15. taab84

    I used dual boot windows with ubuntu and i had a strange behavior in my machine, my hour setting every time i switch from an os to another, i had the same issue with all ubuntu based distros, i recently tried antergos(archlinux based) and i didn't had the issue, i don't know what to do

  16. Matthew Slivar

    I dual booted linux before i was installing linux fully and i was switching back and forth

  17. Chris R

    Hello. I've read about warnings regarding dual booting.
    I would like to retain windows 10 on the internal drive.

    Anyone know how to best go about installing linux mint on a 500gb 3.1 USB external ssd? I'm not tech savvy (greenie).

    Would I need to continually disable my internal drives through bios in order to boot from said linux mint ssd? How best to manage the flip flop between Windows 10 and linux as per need?

    Any information would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  18. Chandu Aade

    I didn't see the option of install ubuntu alongside windows 10

  19. drjuez

    How do I remove the dual boot ?

  20. britec09 Your videos are amazingly understandable, you can meet my doubt, if you install and reboot Ubuntu after Windows 10 Ubuntu boot error will occur, please tell me if there are any other settings

  21. I am installing Windows 10 and Ubuntu in gpt format, it is also in legacy mode, but there is still a boot error.

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