DualShock 4 vs XBOX One S Controller – Which Controller WINS?

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Which controller should you – the DualShock 4 controller or the XBOX One controller?
We decided to test them side-by-side in these areas:
– Design
– Analog Sticks
– D-pad
– Shoulder Buttons
– Triggers
– Additional Features
Find out which one won in the video!

0:00 Intro
0:47 The DualShock 4
1:31 The Xbox One Controller
2:06 DualShock 4 vs Xbox One Controller
2:24 The Design
3:19 The Analogue Sticks
4:08 The Directional Pads
4:58 The Shoulder Buttons
5:37 The Triggers
6:23 Additional Features
7:38 Conclusion


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  1. Preston

    Have you ever touched PS4 analog sticks THEY SUCK THERE IS NO GRIP AT ALL

  2. Random Dude

    Analog sticks are good on both controllers, but I feel like position of sticks on xbox is better when you will get used to it (it's easier to use dpad on xbox)
    In terms of shape Xbox is clear winner – it's way smoother
    Triggers – once again, Xbox is winner
    Many times my finger slipped off ps Triggers
    (and I honestly never noticed if Xbox controller is loud or not, surely it's not louder than ps4)
    Xbox have longer battery life
    Also Xbox controller is easier to connect to pc/phone from my experience
    And also I just hate ps naming of buttons
    Its just so random – r1? L2? Just name it "left trigger"
    On xbox it's normal – "left trigger" "right stick"
    Also Xbox have a(like accept), and b (like back), while ps have random shapes – it's just annoying
    Ps controllers were first ones I ever used, and I never understood how could anyone enjoy them

  3. fh

    you don't need the adapter to use wirelessly either of them

  4. ToogR

    i need to know how a ps4 controller feels cuz ive never actually used one

  5. Sellu

    ps4 controller i better for claw

  6. Gamer 007

    I am used to XBox controller, but just started using DS4 controller for PS exclusive games. They are very nice in hands but I need to stretch my hands after playing for some time. I would say Xbox controller is better, at least for me.

  7. maxlookingg

    If i were u i would choose xbox one controller if your gonna play forrnite cuz of its grip so u will edit very fast but with the ds4/ps4 controller it is slower

  8. Germanbuilds

    Wait min 3:00 u can buy collored controlers and u can make your own Ps4 Controller

  9. Chiley

    Xbox controller is a lot better because it more wide so u have enough room for your fingers, I’ve used PS4 controller and I didn’t find it very easy (my opinion)

  10. Sir Heller

    No you don't need the official dongle for the dualshock 4, you can just use a regular bluetooth adapter. The official one costs absolute silly money because it's discontinued… Do better with your research.

  11. Branimir

    Honestly, ps4’s controller feels so cramped and small, the d-pad is so mushy and the shoulder buttons and triggers are also very cramped. Xbox’s is so much more comfortable and clicky but the dpqd dies after a few months if you play fighting games, and bumpers do kinda feel cheap fast. All in all i prefer xbox’s because using it the feedback from the buttons is top notch while sony’s is sooo mushy

  12. EvilHunter

    Im tryna figure out if its a boy's or a girl's voice

  13. Annafi Abr

    I'm using Dual shock 4 just bought it and it's awesome with Steam configuration on PC. The touchpad now can be set to 2 desired button clicks as well. Oh and yes, with USB connection or only with Bluetooth. Both are fine.

  14. Eyoxy

    Good video….I have Xbox one and I also tried my friends ps4… But still I like the Xbox more.(in my opinion)

  15. MakeHaste

    For me the Xbox Thubsticks are much better than the PS4 Controller because the Xbox Thubsticks are grippy

  16. QuackAttack

    I have an Xbox One at home but at college my roommate brought his PS4 so I've been using it for the last few weeks and one of the things I don't particularly like aboutthe PS4 controller are the analog sticks… I wish they were more like the Xbox One controller cuz I honestly don't know why they're so close together… I don't care about the "precision tracking analog sticks", if my fingers get intertwined while trying to turn/look around, it just doesn't feel comfortable

  17. Serious Cyrus

    Small to medium hands ds4.
    Large hands xbox one. They are both good. Just don't drop them to avoid stick drift.

  18. i think ps4 is wierd because it has uncomforteble joystick placment, i think xbox has more comforteble joystick plaisment, but this is my opinion if you like ps 4 controller i will not disrespect you

  19. Luis Mendez

    They forgot to mention the batteries. You can't swap out the battery on a DS4. Once you run out of juice you HAVE to plug it in. You can swap out some rechargeable AA-Batteries on the Xbox and keep on going. That being said, the only DS4 controller I purchased died within a year of owning it. I thought it was the battery, then the charging port but it turned out to be something on the motherboard. Furthermore, the analogue sticks suffered from Drifting, which from what I've read is common on DS4 controllers. On the plus side, I didn't need a dongle to connect my DS4 via Bluetooth. It connected no problem to my Windows 10/11 machine. I had to use DS4windows, but that was a breeze.

  20. Karel Chytil

    I Just need new controller for Unreal Engine game development. I have no experience with XBox but i was using PS3 with UE. Sure for gaming. Thanks for the video

  21. How can you play a Xbox controller on a playstation and how can you play a PS4 controller on a Xbox

  22. Deon_

    Take a shot every time she says ergonomics and you will be in a hospital

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