You are currently viewing DynamoDB Tutorial: Basic Operations

DynamoDB Tutorial: Basic Operations

Learn how to perform basic operations (GET/PUT/DELETE/UPDATE) on items into DynamoDB using AWS-SDK, Serverless Framework and AWS Lambda.


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  1. ꪜ SofUno ❶

    1- Thanks for the video! I have a question regarding scan in Dynamo DB, when I use the scan function with nodeJS with a certain condition, it does not return all the items when the table size is large. any idea please?
    2- could you please make a video about environmental variables, thanks in advance!

  2. Jairo Rudas

    Buen video. Y conseguí acompañar hasta cierto punto. Podrías hacer ese vídeo en español ? Gracias de cualquier forma y gracias por compartir tu conocimiento 😉

  3. Ahmed Hadjou

    This is such a great tutorial teaching good practices, thank you very much

  4. Vincent Guyard

    Why to update attribute one by one? Why dont update all atrribute?

  5. Ruben

    We need more ladies involved in technology, great video btw.

  6. HoneyChai

    Is Dynamo similar to Cloud Firestore? I am looking for a NoSQL platform to replace Firebase because we cannot use Google services in China.

  7. Swop

    What does the sls command do after the npm init ?

  8. Mousumi Das

    hi, can you pls make a video on environmental variables as well?

  9. Hi, How to do writeBatchItem in dynamodb. please explain, I have 2000 records I am writing data through the loop. but few records only writing into the dynamodb table. remaining data is lost (how to use backoff algorithm during the batch writeItem in node js)

  10. Dhiyaul Asikin

    bad indentation of a mapping entry in "C:UsersHEWLETT PACKARD'my-serviceserverless-dynamo-basic-operationsserverless.yml" at line 25, column 2:

    what do you know ?

  11. Marcrele del Mar

    Thanks for the video. I tried it out myself a while ago. Now I wanted to use these kind of unittesting for an other project but it seems to be not working anymore. I get connection refused errors from dynamo when I run the tests. Did something change in between? Is anyone else facing problems?

  12. Diogenes

    Possible dynamodb injection in `updateExpression`(updateItem) via `paramsName`.
    Use `ExpressionAttributeNames`.
    Never mix code with user input, like never, ever.

  13. darkpill

    All you are doing is copying and pasting, you haven't said anything that indicates that you know what you are talking about. You are rushing like you have to go to the bathroom.

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