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Easy Way to STOP Windows 10 Updates

Easy Way to STOP Windows 10 Updates

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How Can I Disable Windows 10 Update? If you want to disable windows 10 updates temporarily or permanently, then its real easy with this bit of software.

I myself leave windows updates enable, but there is times where I like to disable windows 10 updates or upgrades so the system is not forced to shutdown or restart when I am working.

I have seen people complain about windows 10 restarting when they don’t want to and lose the work that they was working on at the time.

This simple method to enable or disable windows 10 updates is handy for them situations where you don’t want to update or upgrade windows 10.

This Microsoft site can show you how to manage the Windows 10 upgrade

How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Do you know how to fix "Black screen with cursor" it seems fairly common after updates

  2. If you have Windows pro you can pause updates for 35 days in the settings.

  3. tarnaka504

    hi dear,
    no need of any third party software to stop windows uodates.just follow :
    open local policy editor ,in that disable windows update.
    in windows firewall advavced setings…
    just block microsoft your system cannot connect to microsift website.
    open host file(windows/system32/drivers/etc)
    and add microsoft website address…
    then your computer cannot access microsoft website.
    in this way we can completly stop windows updates.

  4. Rob Pet

    Great video for the " not-so-technically-inclined" . Another great small piece of software to do the same is WINDOWS UPDATE BLOCKER v 1.1 from

  5. IamMotionMedia

    can you make a video on how to completely log out of your windows live (if its still called that) account and continuing using a local account. I accidently logged into a ms store app instead of its normal app and no windows keeps pestering me with notifications to fix my account details

  6. Smile cat

    im still using old way which is pause updates in advanced options 🙂
    tq for your suggestion

  7. Real Rewards

    Really Good video and very helpful for me thanks a lot

  8. Eagle Ales

    Brian, i just post a request on your forum, to make a new video. don't forget to check it, any way this is short and good video.
    Hope u see on my name on post forum Eagel.please give me reply when you after check, thanks Brian.

  9. MLS MLS

    Nice. Thanks Mr. B. Quick and easy…

  10. Compton

    I can see it britec playing pubg then the computer start to restart

    Then britec would say them bloody updates lol just kidding good video

  11. 1954BJohn

    Nice one Brian! Really appreciate you finding these apps – have a great 'warm' phew it's still hot weekend!

  12. Shujja Jee

    Which is best software 1st Stopwinupdates or 2nd Win update stop v.1.3 ?

  13. MacaroniVirus

    If you have something to do with top secret data, like engineering, etc. remember: disabling updates makes your computer vulnerable for specially designed software for stoling data.

  14. Captain Gimp

    Great video again! I do wonder though how long this software will last before Microsoft inevitably find a fix for this.

  15. conspiracy

    LMAO ON July 16, my pc crashed (blue screen) and when it auto restarted it installed the update that i been clicking away for 5-6 month and now my pc doesnt turn on (error 0xc000021a) and I need to reset my c drive now

  16. Dimpie - JIGSAW

    Will this not hamper the virus definitions that also gets downloaded via WU, or will the software still gets it's updates irrespective ?? 🤔

  17. Skice

    Hey Britec , to stop the updates , I went to services and I set the windows update service on manual , because I don't want to stop all the updates ( eg I want to receive updates for Windows defender , and this is what I want ) , and then I went to group policy and I searched for a policy called configure automatic updates and I set it on disabled . I also have 2 or 3 more policies set by the guy which installed the os , that will try to block the most of them . In my opinion , these settings will also ,,disable them " , and I will probably use a program to permanently stop them, like these 2 programs (which one is better ) .

  18. Loren Forslund

    Real dumb move !!! Now you can just post your address and SS number on facebook. The updates and upgrades are to help keep your PC secure. What I have been doing for people is setting quiet hours so that updates are done overnight when a computer is not being used. Blowing off updates just causes more notices to show up from both new and blown off updates. I have never had an update mess up what I am doing for I don't know how long. however I run Ubuntu not Windows.

  19. Critical Karma

    never do this. you can choose at what time the updates have to be installed (restarting the pc).

  20. Mohit K

    Best thing I saw today. Thanks for the video.

  21. Sergeant Gutter

    So this is what it's come to we need a virus to stop windows updates.

  22. Indre Mik

    Latest Windows 10 updates completely messed up with mys system, crashed my video card driver. I didn't try to fix it, coz my time is money. I just recovered back and disabled Updates. Now Update window popped up again!! If I had money I'd sue Microsoft for wasting my time and moral compensation for pissing me off! I was battling with Windows since I was 15, because of lack of money I used to fix things myself (and no internet was around). I was so happy for 9 years with Mac Os, not a single problem! Shame their machines are too expensive for me, and cannot move to Linux because of programs I use. Thanks a lot for this little vid!

  23. j o

    Thanks so much. The constant Windows interruptions negatively affect my work and workflow, so now I can do updates EXACTLY like my Android phones and phone apps. I absolutely do them but now it is when I choose to. It is as simple as that to me. I'm using [Win Update Stop from novirusthanks] as shown in the video.

  24. Nature Guy

    Thanks! My Win 10 kept updating and it would fail then had to reverse the install over and over got tired of it.. This comes in handy.

  25. All of that likes meaning windows is really shit all of that dislike mean Microsoft employees are angry

  26. ASgfjyhgyi

    Its crazy. First they screw up with start button in W8. Millions users download tool for return start button back. Now they terrorize users with updates, send your data to anyone and delete your files.

  27. SuSscript

    DISCLAIMER: I tried out both of the update stopers displayed in the video and they didn’t work. They forced my windows to update. Both times, as soon as I restarted my computer, it updated. I had to restore to my previous version 1700 (17 something). I advise you don’t use these and just ignore the update reminders until an actual good update is released.

  28. E Young

    Lets go back to WIN XP, where solitaire is the best. Slightly have issue but fun.

  29. Ang Cheng Ann


  30. Lulu Cottontails

    QUICK QUESTION PLEASE! Hi there, thank you very much for your video. I have installed the NoVirusThanks app to stop Windows 10 updates after my laptop failed and I had to rebuild everything – which took 2 days – nightmare! Anyway I have a question please: do I now need to install an antivirus since Defender will not be updating? Which one do you recommend (I don't want any of my settings changed please, e.g. default browser). Many thanks!

  31. Lyle S

    400th like, stupid windows! i love my new laptop and windows 10 but i hate your updates

  32. cdogg

    I'll subscribe cause your British accent. Also windows updates breaks something EVERY single TIME, so this should be helpful.

  33. Da Hogman

    Does this block my wife from farting in bed?

  34. Terry Baptist

    Ok it's now February 2019. So my question is does this windows 10 update disable tool still work in February 2019?

  35. Steve Vak

    how to fix the win stop updates from not letting you re enable windows updates ???(no virus thanks win update stop)

  36. Brandon Vortex

    oh my god thank you for the help came across this since the Indian way isn't trustworthy thank you soo much

  37. Saya Boss

    Thanks for the video watched several videos on how to stop the windows update. It stops the update for somedays and it gets re-enabled and it really gets frustrating.

  38. Be Yourself

    Sir, Does it work when using only one software, namely "Windows Update Stop"?

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