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Elasticsearch Tutorial for Beginners

Elasticsearch is an open-source, enterprise-grade search engine. Learn more about Elasticsearch and how you can start using it in your Node.js applications.

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  1. elapplzsl

    Excellent overview. But seriously improve the sound quality got a nasty shock when I was listening with headphones and high volume.

  2. Javier Vega

    So…sound is bad, also, like some other comments said, this is not a tutorial, this is an introduction or overview, the difference is that we (the viewers) don't learn how to use Elasticsearch, we just get the information on what Elasticsearch is, that is…an introduction to Elasticsearch. This problems are the reason behind this video having a lot of down votes, change the title and this might change a bit.

  3. LwBot

    Quiet, bad mic, and you start by explaining what a search is..? FCC really need to have higher standards for their videos.

  4. Fmhn Developer1

    sorry but don't understand anything…whatever, I prefer to use graphQL.

  5. Jorge Dardon

    Really great video. This is exactly what all my research of postgresql text search vs elastic search has led me to: a hybrid solution that combines both. And this video has gone over what I needed. It is an excellent starting point.

  6. Raghav N

    Hello Freecodecamp,

    Can you please provide us a complete course of Elasticsearch?

  7. Stepan Zharychev

    Guys, before taking the video you probably should've communicated it with owner (Soshace LLC) and author (me), otherwise it doesn't look too well.

  8. david sby

    as a non-native english speaker, it's very hard to understand what he's saying in the video.. and the subtitles seems to be auto-generated too so it's not accurate.

  9. Hasan Qadir

    Very helpful video, for understanding ES for a beginner having no concept of it.

  10. Kshitij Mathur

    nope – didn't like the video – possibly one of the worst tutorial from freeCodeCamp. No learning to operate elasticsearch. How to set it up? How to do CRUD on elasticsearch? – nothing!

    It's convenient to remove dislike count – worst feature of youtube. You just won't know if the video is bad.

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