Elementor Container Tutorial | Part 1 #Positioning

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We can finally use the Elementor Container builder! That is why it is time for a lot of new Elementor tutorials. In this tutorial, we will take a look at positioning the elements using content width, minimum content height, direction, justify-content, align-items, padding and margin, z-index, and more.

We will also style the menu, nest containers, add a menu button on the tablet and mobile view and create a popup menu like the Tesla.com website.

00:00 Intro
03:24 Create The Header
07:13 Direction, Justify Content, and Align Items
10:39 Padding and Margin
21:30 Nesting Containers
31:46 Make Your Page Responsive
40:20 Create A Popup Menu
46:35 Mobile View


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  1. Edwin Bautista

    Great video Ferdy, thanks for always posting good tutorials that help us a lot.

    Do you think it is convenient to use the containers in a production environment?

  2. Knight Ride963

    I hope you can make a tutorial about making different creative Hero sections with the new elementor using parallax and other effects.

  3. Swaroop S

    Love listening to your tutorials. The Great Ferdy Korpershoek Humble personality. Awesome ❤

  4. Douglas Ison

    If you switch to containers you cannot go back, beware

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