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Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Review

Dave2D review of the Eluktronics Mech-15 G2. A thin and light gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard that isn’t crazy expensive
Available Here –

This is one of the only barebones laptops i like. It’s a custom Gaming Laptop with clicky switches on the keyboard. It can be equipped with up to a GTX 1060 currently. It can also be loaded up with a 144hz screen, 32 gigs of ram, the i7-8750H all packaged in a thin and light chassis.

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  1. Dave2D

    One of the coolest barebones custom laptops i've used. If you're a mech keyboard fan, you might really like this one. Thanks for watching!

  2. TheLiasas

    not just kinda but very hipocritic from you to come out with this review shouting out your Love this thing after you shit on walmarts while it had the exact same specs n price at the time

  3. justintime

    Another great video dave! I'm on the fence about buying it. Do you know the response time of the panel?

  4. cookiemoonsterq

    It'd be cool if you did a dream machines gs series laptops review.

  5. arnav barua

    Hey Dave can you pls review this laptop with the 2070 maxq pls

  6. winn

    I'm watching this video with the exact same laptop.

  7. Tygzle

    Overall seems nice. Was going to get the OP laptop which is nearly the same but Eluktronics does the RTX 2070 now so I rather have that over a GTX 1060 but the price is like $600 different for a few perks while a few cons. But ill live with the cons and always can change them later(talking about RAM and Storage)

  8. J Chang

    In Malaysia we call it Illegear Onyx, and they do sell it with Brown Switch keyboard

  9. Tyler

    Does anyone know how to control the rgb controls

  10. a bacon sandwich

    Dude you should do more temperature tests in your videos they would help out a lot.

  11. Jacob H

    can any tell me where I can get this one pls

  12. Matheus Pratta

    I've been using another laptop with this same tactile/mechanical keyboard. It's amazing for work and sorta okay for classes (as far you can type slower I guess lol). There's one perk too, the actuation point of the keys is a little before the actual click, which may bother some people but can be helpful if you want to do silent typing. 🙂

  13. ROSHAN S

    I am from Qatar I can't buy this shit no options to ship Qatar,India,China,UK, only on usa

  14. Joso

    I literally just realized that every time Dave types with one finger on the keyboard he's typing out d2d omfg this is the first time I noticed this

  15. Ajit Singh

    If a company makes a thin and bad thermal laptop, you criticize, if a company makes thick and good thermal laptop, you say it is dated and you say thin and good thermal laptops are not possible. Please decide.

  16. Jean Lopez

    I gotta say, man, you give great analysis, polished presentation, thanks for the great work

  17. AzPlayz

    Kinda looks like Walmarts OP $800 laptop

  18. Uno Card

    Dave please help. Im very interested on this laptop, however i want to know if the back is easily accessible? I like to be able to upgrade.

  19. Trace Peace

    This is the same as the Walmart overpowered laptop, just different branding

  20. manlyquin

    After a few months working on this laptop model .. it's not bad considering with the price , and what you get , and despite how thin it is its solid like a tank . But … only after an undervolt on that 6 core i7 , is it considered worth doing anything on it . Because it had alot of thermal throttling usually 95 degrees , (and yes thermal paste was replace a couple of times and everything else known to mankind) But otherwise best laptop for gaming and working on in my opinion .

  21. Gilbert C

    Looks like it's a case design that is not exclusive to Eluktronics (or not anymore, don't know which). I just bought a laptop from BTO which looks to be the exact same design with the only difference being the colours. BTO is a Dutch company which makes custom configurable laptops. For those interested I'm talking about the BTO X•BOOK 15X882

  22. Ibrahim

    do the Tracer III 17S Slim VR 600

  23. Dave you should look this laptop with 9 gen core options. They have something called eluktro boost, boost greatly the gpu performance.

  24. Heart

    so they have a new version of this with all the same features except they cut out the 2.5" Storage and made it so you only have 512gb of NVMe SSD storage but you can probably expand that

    you also get the new GTX 1660 Ti (though I can't comment on if it's a desktop version). I'm really looking to get this over my original choice of the ga502 as this one just feels a lot more sleek and also has the nice Mechanical Keyboard feature as well

  25. callmekitt

    This is a rebranded chinese Notebook, called the Tongfang GK5C. Tongfang as 14700 employees, so it's not really a small company 🙂

  26. shivankit ss

    I believed you and went for the rtx2070 maxq version of this. It better be good when it arrives

  27. Mouch the Biker

    i actually want a sleeper laptop. people in my office are nosy AF

  28. Travis Lohmann

    just discovered your channel! Have you tried the G3 Mech 15? Looking into the newest one!

  29. Jaden Yuki

    I'm looking to pre-order the Eluktronics MECH-15 G3 with a 2070 Super right now.

  30. vish nav

    Please make a video about the mesh 15 g3 ( it has an rtx 2060 115w)

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