Enable Always on display on Any iPhone – iOS 16.1 or Later

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  1. Tech Creator

    Then what abt OLED Display burn-in? DnD won't be moving the clock position..

  2. Nicholas House

    Not for the iPhone SE
    I tried and it s not working can you help me with that

  3. Bradley

    I wonder if oled burn in might eventually be an issue…..

  4. ScottishRiico

    But the phone is unlocked and the battery will drain rapidly 🤷🏻‍♂️ just why 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Aatala

    Any one know how to change the font of the clock?? It looks huge and I hate it

  6. Sandipan Roy

    Nice method but I don't like Always On Display not only in IOS also in Android at all. Perhaps it's look good but still it's battery drain in both flatform.

  7. Nathanael Lusk

    Now if they could let you have notifications as icons then I’d really be happy. Yes, that’s android, but they did it right for the AOD

  8. Nathanael Lusk

    Now if they could let you have notifications as icons then I’d really be happy. Yes, that’s android, but they did it right for the AOD

  9. Hey what’s the wallpaper from the Video It's Now Possible – LockScreen Dock on iPhone

  10. Carlo Autor

    The title is kinda misleading. It should have been "How to make your iPhone look like an iPhone with Always on display"

  11. YM

    It is not always display on, because when you lock your iPhone, screen becomes totally black. (For iPhone 13 and before) right ?

  12. Richie

    MFs really be creating narratives that he's trying to hide the fact that you can't lock the phone. MF, he said you can't lock it, hence why this is called a "workaround."

  13. Bryce Newton

    How do you get the stock wallpaper on the 14 Pro to simply dim with the always on display like you have it instead of turning dark blue when the screen is locked? When I have that wallpaper set and I lock the phone, the always on display is a dark blue version of the wallpaper but I wish it did what yours does but I don’t know how to do it lol

  14. Thinkronoute

    Total waste of time. And it’s not even Always On Display because it’s not gonna be always on. And we’ve been using it for a very long time if you have that sleep mode setup

  15. siriUS

    There's also a workaround to make it just like the iPhone 14 Pro like AOD along with lock screen and all the security usual stuff. And that also works on all the iPhone with focus mode (including iOS 15, that includes iPhone 6s and above). The only thing is battery life. But you do get the stuff.

  16. JETTY

    Thanks for wasting my time

  17. Heime101

    Always on display is so stupid and useless except in very certain situations that I will never use.

  18. Ya Hu

    You can just deactivate automotic lock and use black wallpaper

  19. Django Groen

    I just don’t get the point of always on display 😂 I’m happy you can turn it off

  20. naveed khan

    Why Apple didn’t give us always on display feature for older devices

  21. Kevin Haas

    @ideviceHelp would this work on the iPhone SE and lower?

  22. Techpro

    Do you need to change autolock settings to never?

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