Enable this Android 14 Feature on your Older Smartphone!

Android 14 is almost in its beta stage, and it’s coming packed with a good amount of new features. One of them is a new and improved back gesture! Here’s how to get it on your phone!
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  1. Kalpesh Darade

    yes but turning on devloper option is little dangerous if you forgot your phone anywhere.

  2. JoyBoink

    I turned it on, but it doesn't work. Maybe I have to restart or root. But I'm too lazy😅.

  3. Allnighter

    This won't work if you just toggle this setting in developer options. You have to manually set per app "enableOnBackInvokedCallback" to true in the manifest file.

  4. Tom Chapman

    Only works in some apps everyone!! Settings, calculator and some select other apps.

  5. Handi

    Did google pixel still have buttons navigation ?

  6. Ted

    turned it on on a samsung s21ultra but it didn't change anything

  7. Abhinav Kumar

    Only seems to work in system apps only while back button takes to home screen

  8. alexdaraujo

    Didn't work on s23, says that needs another option enabled to work but it's not available.

  9. HowToMen

    Some devices don't seem to respond properly to this toggle, so it may not work on every device. It all depends on the OEM. 🙂 Crossing my fingers that it works for you 🤞

  10. u2heath

    Pixel 6 pro. I enabled it but it made my system crash all the time so I had to disable it and now no more system UI crashes. For anyone who is using it and notices UI crashes

  11. lighttigerXIV

    That is one of the most useless features Google implemented on Android. And we devs have to code it just to use it in the app. Not worth it 😛

  12. Josh Farley

    Glad to see they are finally bringing some of the Developer Options into Android itself. Some of those Options have been in there for Years. I always change the Animation Scale whenever I get a New Phone I set it to the lowest so it makes your Phone feel faster.

  13. SB Gamer

    Meanwhile me who is running Android 11: confused unga bunga

    (I actually got the update to Android 13 but due to extreme bugs and performance issues I rolled back to Android 11)

  14. I'd rather have an option to disable the back gestures on the left side, so that they don't interfere with app side menus to be honest.

  15. Im1Random

    I absolutely hate gestures. Still sticking with 3 button navigation…

  16. Sajid Ali

    Its not working on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

  17. Kleva

    I'm using the pixel 3 so I don't have access


    Xiaomi had these features from their miui 12 version

  19. Cortez

    this already exist in Android 10 Based MIUI 12

  20. Cortex

    Me watching this on my 2015 budget phone with android 5.1: hmmm interesting

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