Enable This Chrome Security Feature!

Will you be enabling this feature? 🤔


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  1. Thanks for your help I like the short ones I used it on my phone just now and was able to add Extra Protection thank you so much

  2. Proferk

    "this will check every website you visit against google's safe browsing"
    poor chrome users, having all of their browsing history sent to google for their AI training

  3. Nordstorm

    Do it if you want Google to spy on you even more.
    Brave is the only browser that provides safebrowsing features without sending real data to googley by proxy-ing it.

  4. WMCB Tech

    Microsoft Edge has two privacy and security features, which is "Tracking Prevention" and "Enhance security on the web"

    You forgot to mention Tracking Prevention in edge which can also have levels of tracking prevention which includes basic, balanced, strict. Those two are different things but it does let you enhance both security and privacy.

  5. RHST

    It's great to have this extra security feature, but it comes with a price. On Google's Chrome Browser, if you use the 'enhanced security' option, you have no choice but to allow Google to collect ALL of your browser usage data, which many people may not want.

  6. What about privacy? I use malwarebytes extension + ghostery. Also having good Internet security software (eset).

  7. lemme wait for those people that will say "bUt ThAt WoN't PrOtEcT yOu AgAiNsT 0 dAyS aNd OtHeR tHrEaTs!!1!111!!"

  8. Sub-System

    Its google their "protection" isnt protection

  9. S J

    Thank you 😉 Just enabled it now after watching this 👍🏻

  10. Chris G

    Does Brave have a feature like this?

  11. Matotskie

    on chrome on mobile, i always enable that

  12. Gogo

    Firefox added a warning for the username:password@domain scam

  13. Concon Lomp

    One should not have to enable this, it should be the standard.

  14. External3.16

    Just a note, on bing, if you have it on you can’t view 3d models on sketch-up because of the extension/package it requires. To fix it you need to type the url in a certain way into the always allowed box.

  15. S-axle

    I just use the Chrome setting "Always use secure connections". I'd rather not use "Enhanced protection" and send more browsing data to Google.

  16. Aether

    Where’s Opera? I use Opera GX as my main browser on my desktop, is there anything for that browser in particular?

  17. Markus

    Thanks for telling me! I use it all the time.

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