Essential Phone Review – The Hype Is Real.

Dave2D unboxing and review of the Essential phone in Pure White. This is THE best phone I’ve seen from a startup. Pre-order at TELUS today:

For US customers –

This titanium and ceramic phone from Andy Rubin is one of the best built phones on the market.

Phone Skins –

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Background: Fili – Closure

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm switching over to the Essential phone for now. If you've never held a ceramic/titanium phone in your hand, you need to try it. Get to a store that carries this thing and test it out. A ceramic back, bonded to a titanium frame feels awesome and is incredibly strong. Thanks for watching my stuff!

  2. Hello Dave from 2017. I am from 2020. I am just here to let you know that Essential company is DEAD.
    Thank you.

  3. Chris James

    Immediately after the announcement of Essential closing shop, I opted to buy an iPhone 11. This was a great phone but without the reassurance of updates and security, I cannot keep it as my daily driver. Why I went iPhone? Privacy and longevity. Sony stopped supporting my phones quickly, Samsung loves bloatware, Microsoft burned me with the 950xl…so there. The iPhone 11 will be my first iPhone, but certainly not my first iOS device.

  4. hoeist

    How did this phone fail… it’s beautiful

  5. Jacob

    Well this aged like milk.

  6. Piero Maddaleni

    Got it from amazon a lil over a year ago from amazon. Still going strong with Android 11. Super durable, and its been yeeted across a room no problems

  7. Coffeus

    I Love how Dave is a Minimalist but hate too Simple Things

  8. rrektless

    Essential Phone – A $700 minimalist phone for people who's interested in buying one.

  9. if this thing had a headphone jack and some water resistance essential would have still been around today

  10. Inspicues

    Looking at this phone review 3 years later and i can feel phones have went a long way

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