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I’m here at the legendary TPC Harding Park in San Francisco to check out the latest version of the golf shot app on the Apple watch Ultra 2 to see if it can really improve my golf game golf shot is a GPS golf app which uses the Apple watch Ultra 2’s accelerometer and gyroscope to record your golf swing allowing golfers to see detailed swing motion data using a new feature called swing ID in both range practice sessions and out on the course I’m going to hit a few balls here on the driving range with swing ID enabled to see if it gives me any insight into how I’m striking the ball to get started open the golfshot app and sign in there are three additions of golf shot including the free edition golf shot Pro and golf shot Champions which have different annual pricing I’m using golf shot Pro which includes the new swing ID feature to turn on swing ID click on settings select Apple watch and toggle on the switch next to swing ID as well as any parameters you want to record to start a range session open the app and select golf on the bottom leth hand side of the screen tap on practice and select range practice you can create a range which will show you a satellite view of your location once you’ve added a driving range you can drag and drop hazards and pins onto the range that will show you distances based on your GPS location confirm your location and press save so now that I’m in range practice mode the Apple watch has this interface it’s showing me the club I’m hitting I can change that by scrolling through or using the digital Crown it’s showing me where I placed those bunkers and the flags when I set up the range and then it’ll also tell you swing ID is ready and there’s no current swing so I’m going to start with my sand wedge and just start hitting some short shots you can turn on haptic feedback which vibrates and makes a sound after every shot letting you know the shot was recorded okay so the haptic feedback is kind of annoying so I’m going to turn it off select Apple watch under settings and switch off haptic feedback swing ID will automatically record your swing data sensing when you strike the ball and show you a detailed analysis after each swing including Tempo Rhythm and your wrist path that was my fourth shot with the sand wedge that’s my rhythm here’s Tempo hand speed was 13.1 mph the watch will continue to count your shots with each Club okay so now I’m going to hit a little longer Club so now I’m going to hit an eight iron I’m going to change this to eight iron I’m going to pick a Target I’m going to hit to 148 y as you hit and look at the swing data you can make small changes to your swing based on what it’s telling you so as you can see I hit five shots with The Sand Wedge if I toggle through to another club pitching wedge I hit three shots if I toggle through to nine iron I’ll show you I hit five shots with a nineiron so it keeps track of every shot you hit on the Range golf shot does not track where the ball lands lands on the driving range but on the phone app you can drag and drop a golf ball where your ball landed which helps you understand the distance and accuracy you’re hitting each Club bladed that one so now I’m going to play nine holes out here on the Fleming course and track my swing using GPS and golf shot swing ID metrics to analyze every shot a little bit out to the right to start a round of golf Press Start round in the golf section of the app then select your course and T box enter your name and any playing Partners select your round options and Press Start round choose your first hole and you will see a comprehensive preview of the hole with GPS data showing distances to different features on the course the app gives you a club and distance recommendation at the top when you start the round it will start sinking the imagery of the golf course with the watch as you can see off the first T it’s telling me to use a 3-wood to 238 yard so now we’re looking at the watch interface and it tells you what club to hit how many yards there are to the middle of the green that’s the front of the green and the back of the green if you want to change clubs you use the digital Crown to scroll through other golf clubs you can long press the watch for other options to view the green and if it missed one of your shots like it didn’t register your shot you can click missed shot if you scroll left it tells you information about the shot you’re about to hit and whether tracking is on or off if you scroll all the way to the left you’ll find swing ID the Apple watch failed to record my first shot it didn’t record the shot and my second shot let me restart everything after a quick restart just going to chip this up here this is my third shot and hopefully it’s going to register o little bit past the hole and that one registered so here’s a look at my last Sand Wedge shot from 19 yd away so you can see my swing Tempo was 1 second 4.7 mph hand speed my back swing Arc was at almost 6 ° transition was 2° and it’s telling me that I was shallowing and then it also shows wrist path impact plane and wrist rotation as well as wrist close rate so there’s some helpful information which will tell me how I’m swinging the club okay I’m on the third hole par three 195 yds oh hold it my Tempo was 1.4 seconds 14.8 hand speed so my hands were moving pretty quick on that one what I tend to do is look at my temp o the slower Tempo I have I usually hit a better shot and I also like to look at my impact plane if it’s anywhere above 70% it means I hit the ball really solid the last hole was a par three so I’m going to input my score I made a bogey I had two putts my first putt was about 6t from the pin second putt was about 2 ft I hit a five iron off the T was not in any sand or penalty so I just save and I go to the next hole so that was 230 with a three wood my Tempo was too fast that’s the first thing I see hand speed was a little too fast I kind of pushed it out to the right wrist rotation was open so that’s all bad if you want to track auto Strokes gained you have to pin the flag on the green for each hole to get a more accurate distance you can also pin the flag on the green using your phone then manually enter the distance for each putt golf shot has a ton of bells and whistles the app has an AR mode so you can use your phone as a rangefinder utilizing AR to identify hazards and other obstacles on the course after your golf round everything is recorded in the app so you can go back and look at Stats and your swing ID data you can pull up past rounds and practice sessions to analyze where you need to improve also your stats and score May not always be accurate because golf shot will record practice swings just recorded my practice swing it doesn’t always sense tap in putts you need to be meticulous about entering your data manually to get accurate readings okay say I’ve used this now for 3 days and here are my thoughts on how it works this technology is meant for serious golfers who really want to track their swing data and this is not a frictionless experience I’m a bogey golfer I’ve been playing golf for about 15 years so I just want to give you a sense of my golfing abilities I spent a lot of time thinking about and focusing on the watch during my round my game suffered as a result on the first few holes but as I got into Rhythm and got used to using it it got easier I found myself looking at Tempo and wrist speed a lot after a good shot and I tried to match those metrics and recreate that feeling on the next shot when I did hit a solid shot the impact plane was always around 70° and the wrist rotation gave me a good picture of what my wrists were doing which I then tried to correct now the weight of the watch did take some getting used to I’m not used to hitting a golf shot with a large heavy watch on my wrist ah pulled it I was able to see the watch screen easily in the bright Sun without my GL glasses and the scoring and the numbers were large and easily visible and I was able to enter all the data I wanted to track for each Hole by the time I reached the golf cart so in retrospect if I really got into it and started tracking every shot like a true golf data nerd not a bad the golf shot app and the Apple watch Ultra 2 could improve your game over time finally made a par [Music]

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    This was a really good break down of the functionality and realistic use. Can you please do the same reviews for the competitor apps like 18 birdies, hole 19 and swing U?

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    when your smart watch is more expensive than your smart phone

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