Exploring the Tesla Cybertruck in Australia and Highlighting the Top Picks from the Beijing Motor Show | The CarExpert Podcast

good day I’m Shan and welcome to the car expert podcast today we are talking about everything from the Beijing Motor Show and some more but stick around we’re going to talk about Beijing we’re going to talk about a few other things first Scott and James how are you guys doing this week good thank you I’m a little bit overwhelmed by Beijing a lot bigger every year those Chinese motor shows you remember we talked not long ago about how the motor show was dying I think China didn’t get that memo no they’re absolutely making up for the rest of the world yeah and James how was your trip to Tazia I know you can’t say much yet but yeah it was it was good um Tas is just a really nice place it’s a great place to drive and um I’ll hopefully be able to share some more stuff very very soon about the cars I was driving there yes which we we can say was the BMW X2 and2 wasn’t it so we’ll talk about them in the coming weeks but um let’s dive in I think some of the big news that surprised everyone this weekend was a cyber truck appeared in Sy uh for for so long now we’ve been told it’s not coming to Australia it’s not coming to Australia and then L behold Tesla opened up the doors of the shipping container and there’s a cyber truck um yeah who wants to tell us a little bit more about it well it’s a based on what we understand it’s a marketing stunt uh this cyber truck is the only one in Australia it’s left-hand drive and it’s registered on dealer or manufacturer plates which means it can be driven and it was taken on this tour of really prominent spots in Sydney it went to Bondi it went across the Harbor bridge that immediately went on Tesla’s social media Tesla has since announced it will be doing a publicity tour it’s going to be at four showrooms around New South Wales to start with and from there we expected to come to Victoria Queensland South Australia as well beyond that we don’t know a heap the Cyber truck was meant to go on sale in Australia a little while ago you could put a deposit down until about 2021 I think a lot of people did put depit abolutely but the car itself doesn’t really appear any closer to Australia it’s still got plenty of stuff going on in the states with recalls and build quality issues that need to work out it’s going to be interesting to see how the public reacts to it here I think from my understanding it’s part of a wider marketing tour it they’re going to be taking to a bunch of right-hand Drive countries and showing it off James it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it because they keep saying like they can’t even deliver orders in the states and then they’ve got a stop sale on the moment but what do you make of this whole marketing attempt it just seems like another Tesla marketing Point like they like to do things that get a lot of attention and if that’s the objective then great I think it’s definitely garnered a lot of attention not just for Tesla but for that car in particular um I guess it might refresh people’s minds about what that car is and the interest around that because obviously you could put deposits down not long ago and also is it an opportunity for Australian actually see what it looks like in the metal and perhaps will be a really good gauge of customer potential customer sentiment to that vehicle if that ever does make it here but you know they can’t even sell the model SNY here anymore which you know used to be here so I don’t know how long it’s going to be until we see a cyber truck in a Tesla showroom or something like that it’s also worth noting that this last couple of weeks for Tesla has been in Australia all about price Cuts uh the model Y and model 3 both got massive cuts at the start of April and then Cuts about two grand depending on the model last week in Australia um it’s still the bestselling electric car brand in the country the model y just ahead of the model 3 and then everyone else behind that but uh there is a lot going on in the broader Tesla world that we sort of we’ve obviously spoken about on the site that isn’t maybe as sexy you know isn’t as worth talking about on the podcast it does feel like maybe Tesla needs to distract a little bit from what’s going on in the states with Elon what’s going on in the states with the model sorry excuse me going on in the states with the Cyber truck stop sale the fact is cutting its prices in Australia it’s a good bit of press aside from all the other stuff we’ve been talking about for a while now and maybe that’s the point so let’s just talk about that um stop sell quickly because I think it’s worth touching on for every good news story there’s about Tesla there’s about five bad news stories but this one is really quite bad so it’s been mind understanding the accelerator pedal could get stuck it has been fixed though okay so the temporary solution is if you own one of these cars you take it back to a Tesla Service Center they’ve got a little bracket and then they drill a little rivet into the bottom of the accelerator pedal that then stops it getting stuck seems like a very odd fix for what you would assume is a fully fly by wire system if it works it works I’m not here to say it doesn’t work because if it works good on your Tesla yeah I tell you what if your if your accelerator pedal in your Tesla trotor cyber stuff you would know about it you would absolutely you know about it just as you started to take off yeah so with the people four states away when the car eventually stops okay um we’re going to stick with some uh electric vehicles we’re going to talk about the mg cyberstar now this is kind of an exciting car this is speaking of Tesla it’s the Tesla roads that the Tesla couldn’t build um mg cyberster is uh I guess a twoo coupe 0 to 103.2 seconds I think it is but they’ve just announced pricing in the UK which means we’re sort of getting an understanding of how much it’s going to cost and it’s not good if you were saving your pennies for it is it yeah so it works out to the equivalent of about $100,000 Australian dollars which is like around 50,000 British pounds or in the 40s to 50 bracket um and the thing with UK pricing that we obvious often have to um stipulate is that the way that the direct conversions work aren’t always indicative of how it’s going to arrive here a lot of things in the UK are very very expensive relative to what they are here if you do a direct um comparison but that kind of positioning is where a lot of our you know like a bass I think it’s still cheaper than like a bass Boxster or something like that but there’s a lot of things in that bracket where you know even golf RS and Audi S3s are in that same bracket and here they’re in like the $7 to $80,000 Realm so depending on how many variants we see um it might be around the $7 $80,000 mark for a entry level one up to about $100,000 but you know when you think about it the kind of performance it offers the looks it looks fantastic um you know you imagine that MJ will throw everything in terms of features that they have available to it as well so you know this will be a really really highly spec car for that kind of money and I think we’re starting to see that Australian customers are warming to the idea of paying more and more for Chinese branded cars it’s less of an issue about where it comes from and it’s more more about you know how it performs what it has in terms of features and things like that so other thing with the cyberster is 100 grand for a car that looks like that and as James said it’s going to be well speced it’s quick even the base model which Top Gear in the UK recently did a review of on Shanghai roads does 0 to 100 in 5 point something seconds that’s buying you hardly any BMW Z4 Mercedes doesn’t really offer an equivalent anymore the SLC is gone um I’m actually struggling to think of any other sort of sporty convertible the boxer is going going gone from Australia until the electric version arrives postar doesn’t have that crazy concept it showed off just yet I can’t really think of any equivalent for less than call 120 130 Grand Mustang would be your closest thing I think Mustang convertible but a very very different car yeah and I don’t recall what mercedes’s price CLE e at but then when you think about it like a Toyota Supra is about the same money anyway um and you know a really highly spec niss Zed is you know in the $80,000 realm as well now so you know for some people people see electric as being premium so you know if you can get a an electric an all electric sports car for the same price as a combustion powered one from a legacy brand that’s not only faster looks really special you know it’s a convertible as well which again is premium so there’s a lot of things that they can sort of bake in there that justifies that price and I think as long as you’re sort of in the same realm as traditional competitors you can still sort of justify it and there’ll be some people that take the take the leap but you know the sports car segment is really unique in in that it’s very very brand Le it’s very you know you got real loyalist buyers in there that will be I’m a Mustang owner I’m a Porsche owner I’m a BMW owner mg has a lot of work to do around you know getting people to understand what that car offers and then making them feel like they can take that chance on a brand new car that is not really from you know an established name plate well mg as soon as you have one available for us we’re happy to drag race and gives some credibility okay so let us know rers podcast at car expert.com we’ll sort it out for you uh all right this week uh before we dive into Beijing I just want to know what car would you guys buy this one is a tricky one it’s very hard what sub $330,000 hatchback would you guys buy there’s not many options but there are a few good ones in there I’ll open it up whoever wants to take is a 30 G 4 and row cost yeah 30 grand is whatever the price is yeah I think um we did sort of did this exercise in a written piece but I chose the base Volkswagen Polo because um my sister has one and we really really enjoy that car and every time I drive it I’m always really surprised at how just good that thing is all around there are some um little things with the transmission stuff that you have to work your way around but as a DSG owner and she’s got one as well it’s you sort of learn to drive with it not everyone will do it but that’s that was my pick I’m going for economy I’m going for a base Toyota yis hybrid I’m going to save as much fuel as possible and spend all of the savings on the fun car that I’m hoping the other money I’ve got is being put towards in this dream scenario exactly yeah well look if you’re hoping to buy a sub $30,000 hatchback head to Google type and help me car expert and try out to car chooser tool you can actually specifically select hatchbacks under $30,000 and we’ll show you a whole list of everything that’s available in Australia to buy we might even be able to get you into one sooner than you think yeah give it a try help me car expert at Google and leave a comment let us know how it went for you all right guys time to talk about the Beijing Motor Show now there’s a lot to get through here so we’ve left this to the back half of the podcast uh if you do want to see any of the cars we’re talking about you can either jump on the YouTube channel if you’re listening or heads of the car expert website because we’ve got write offs on each and every single one of these but let’s dive in we’re going to play a little bit or not but we’re also going to just talk about them a little bit as we go through so going to start out with smart now you might remember smart they were Mercedes-Benz offshoot they made the 42 and they also made that little Coupe thing as well it was the the Roadster I want to say something and they had the bigger 44 as well yeah anyway silly little cars but they’ve now made a bigger car and it’s fully electric it’s called the smart hasht five I don’t it’s probably just called the smart five but it’s a fully electric off-roader so before we dive into the details hot or not I’m saying hot because there’s something really funny about tiny cute City cars dressed up in aggressive gear yeah James yeah yeah okay so couple the headline uh features 100ish kilow hour battery obviously that’s TBD uh they reckon over 500 km of range again TBD but it is interesting because there’s no B pillow it has the front doors open normally and then the back doors are like suicide doors it’s just a big gaping hole to climb in and out of I’m G leave you guys with this one I don’t know Scott I mean do we know much more about it at this point in time so this is the latest in Smart’s rebirth latest rebirth um initially it was a partnership between I think Mercedes-Benz and Swatch potentially um and then from there it’s now I believe Mercedes Benz and gy or just gy I’m not sure which Beil evolvo as well correct yeah so it’s Chinese focused uh they’ve got a number of cars starting with some really funky looking little SUVs um beyond that this is their next move up Market it’s their next move into a bigger space and it’s something that previously smart has tried to do the 44 was a big version of a small car and it didn’t quite sell in the way I think smart wanted this time they’re built towards it with the brand being about more than just City cars so it’s a logical Next Step whether we’ll ever see them in Australia as a different thing entirely I doubt we will because they are very focused on the Chinese market now the real question is can a park nose in to a car park on the street and not stick out further than a normal car does that’s the real PR of a smart with 100 Kow battery I would say absolutely not unless the battery is taller than us yeah I mean look one thing about that 100 Kow battery generally means it’s going to weigh a lot as an off-roader may not be the best thing and we’ve seen when we tested that rivan uh in the states well you know is kind of capable there is a lot of compromise that come once you start getting those big numbers uh okay mini mini uh back with another not so mini car but it’s called the aceman this time James I know you’re a fan of minis so do you want to tell us a little bit about this one yeah so it’s basically like a replacement for the old five door hatch that is no more so now Min minire has the Cooper hatch which is a new new three door they have the countrymen and now the Asen now slots in between that now it’s based I believe still on a gwm electric platform um and basically uses the same uh underpinnings as the hatchback so you’ve got two versions a an e and an SE the E has a smaller battery and a less powerful electric motor and then the SE has a more powerful electric motor with a bigger battery so think the base model is probably like around 300 and something kilm of range and then the high spec ones over 400 um and I think it looks really cool it’s got all the new design elements that we’ve seen out the new mini so the interior is really cool it uses no animal products it’s got that really cool um circular OLED display which is really configurable and I just like how um mini has really um sort of gone back to having a very distinctive identity doesn’t really feel as derivative of a BMW as the old ones perhaps were in its um more recent Generations uh and I just think it’s a a really cool new product for them that sort of goes back to where the I think was it called the pacan that sort of Coupe Countryman thing from the first generation that was sort of too small to be a proper crossover but then too big to be a mini whereas now that’s sort of where the industry is gone and where Mini’s gone as well so that it sort of sits in a nice spot there I’ll be really interested to see how it looks in person but I really like how it looks in the photos so hot from James Scott it’s a hot for me um I think it looks like the Paceman should have back in the day and I think as well mini one of the problems it had was it tried to make everything look like the original Mini from back in the day and that five door hatch I know it sold okay but it was a Blobby ugly thing to look at it wasn’t very practical this makes a heat more sense where the three door hatch can be their hero car but the aceman the countrymen and whatever else is still to come can be the Practical options of people who love what the brand is doing but don’t necessarily have you know room in their life for a three door hatch I mean it’s not exactly small it’s over 4 met long so it’s a fairly generously sized car for something that’s probably got two and a half doors on it 42 KW battery so definitely not aimed at like long distan is definitely a city car but I guess we’ll hopefully see them on the road sometime in the near future maybe not yeah I think I think it’s coming to here at the end of this year early next so it’s not actually that far away okay not far away at all especially the the life of cars all right BMW we’re going to stick with BMW for a second uh they’ve unveiled a new 4 Series and an updated I4 and they to me look a lot like BMW 4 Series but I guess it’s no great surprise H or not um the same as before really they they’re goodlooking cars I guess new tail lights some new interior Tech no real word on what engin we get in Australia it’s just a resounding car yep it’s his BMW yeah well it is is I’ll say it looks fine like I don’t really have that strong feelings about it it is very much um the same as the coupe and convertible updates that we saw earlier in the year this is just the four-door versions so it’s nice to see that the I4 now gets the same updates as the other ones but yeah it’s a fairly minor change yeah but look it I’m sure it’ll work great and do everything it’s meant to do uh B oh sorry not BMW um which just talked about Lamborghini Lamborghini unveiled a Urus SE which I’m pretty sure was an iPhone model once upon a time but it’s a plug-in hybrid version of the Urus which I if that car needed more power I wasn’t aware of it but they’ve given it an extra what is it got a 26 kW battery which gives an extra 140 K power and 480 new met of torque on top of what that twin turbo V8 was already outputting um Hot or Not uh I think it’s cool because I this one I believe replaces the conventional combustion ped versions now you can only get the plug-in hybrid I think for new orders now um I remember when the URS was revealed years and years ago they’ve been talking about a plug-in hybrid for a very very long time and just never did it so I’ll reserve my judgment on how cool it is for perhaps once we see it on the roads because that is a lot of you know the battery and everything and the electric motor that’s a lot of things to compensate for in terms of how it performs and how it handles remember it’s already a very big car Lamborghinis are meant to be you know tracksters and that was one thing that was really good about the stand one is that it was a proper performance SUV not just a dressed up T EG so it’ll be really interesting to see what they do with this plug-in hybrid system because I think they’ve borrowed it from Porsche so hopefully that’s a good sign Scott I’m saying hot um I’ve been lucky enough to drive the regular V8 Urus on Philip Island on the track and it’s got some incredible Tech that makes it feel miles lighter than it already is uh I don’t think Lamborghini is going to struggle to hide the extra weight from the fev and that extra performance is going to be welcome so it’s sck from me as long as it sounds as good as the the internal combustion one did and I same so should be F uh it is going to be around $450,000 it’s a lot of money a lot of money could change the average buyer yeah I think so I’m sure we’ll see plenty of them getting around the streets soon uh this one the Mazda ez6 or easy6 I’m not really sure which one it is um it’s going to be sold as a fev and an EV but only in China so what do we think of that looks like a electric version of the master 6 I guess it’s an electric version of a Chinese vehicle that already exists Mazda’s got a joint venture over there with changan um I actually quite like the look of it I think Mazda it’s done its best to make this look like a Mazer and there’s still some elements that don’t match up with what we expect of Mazda in Australia but if they were to bring it to Australia as a big luxury Flagship I don’t know they’d sell that many but it certainly wouldn’t look out of place alongside a cx90 in their showroom um I’m curious to know what happen to the Mazda glob with their electric cars the mx30 is come and gone we’ve got new emission standards coming in in Australia soon obviously Europe’s going that way very aggressively as well as is the states Mazda’s one brand that doesn’t really have a clear road map um and potentially Chinese vehicles like this are a way for it to get its foot in the door if they can get them Global I’ll be honest I forgot about the Mazda mx30 so glad you brought that up James what do you think of the ez6 yeah I like the look of it too I covered the leadup um story for it because it was teased a couple of times and then so seeing the the changan car that it’s based on and the Mazda version they’ve done a really good job at making it a Mazda um it actually kind of looks like a really nice evolutionary progression of the Mazda 6 design they’ve managed to incorporate a lot of Mazda design elements into the interior as well but like the infotainment and the cluster and everything is still very much borrowed from the donor car um and like Scott said I think it’ll be really interesting to see what that means for Mazda globally because it’s the first time we’ve really seen them get really serious about proper full electrification SE a lot of mild hybrid stuff they brought out the plugin hybrids with the large cars this is like their first like new EV that’s probably more comp with the stuff that we’ve seen from like Tesla and things like that so there’s meant to be a 6E or something to that effect that’s coming out somewhere in the world I think in Europe they’ve trademarked that name it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s a version of this or whether it’s a completely new vehicle on the new architectures that they’re meant to be bringing out time will tell all right uh Cherry going to jump down to them and their sub brand J J I think J J like the fridges but with an extra o yes okay not um so they’ve got a couple of models so we’ll just run through it we’ll start with cherry the Tigo 9 Pro plugin hybrid uh Hot or Not looks good as family SUVs go uh and based on the fact we get the seven and the eight Pro in Australia it would make sense for the nine to come here as well Jes I wasn’t in love with it it was kind of a little bit funny from the front but it’s like a mix of a few different cars but like the bad jeans of all oh I didn’t quite I didn’t like I much prefer the 8 Pro Max I can’t remember which iPhone they’ve got um so the tig obviously so we we’ve tested the Seven Pro on the channel um this will obviously be a bigger version of that third row of seats in it is that the I believe so yeah um the to8 pro that you’re driving in a pro Max that you’re driving in a couple of weeks that’s a seven seater isn’t it yes yeah it’s like a mitubishi Outlander competitor so this one’s I think meant to be a little bit of a step up in terms of premiumness I’m not sure how much larger it is than the Tigo 8 I haven’t seen a Tigo 8 but I know it’s big so if this is now a nine it’s either slightly bigger again or more premium it’s it’s quite a big thing starting to sound like the Audi where they sort of blend together it’s a bit like that okay we’ll move on to jaku jaku J the j7 so it’s a petrol only SUV coming to Australia hot or not I think it looks good and Cherry said that it’s open to Bringing more of these sub brand cars to Australia for one of a better term um they’re moving really aggressively here and this as a premium product that looks a bit different to the rest of cherry range I definitely can see taking on some of the new higher end H stuff in a really interesting head-to-head James yeah I feel same I think it was a little bit more of its own design and a little bit smarter than the Tigo 9 UM the specs were sort of we didn’t get a whole lot of imagery of it so it’s sort of hard to tell you know how that would all translate in person what the interior looks like for example but definitely looks like something that would um I think be appealing to people who buy in that segment here okay and then the j8 which is a plug-in hybrid whether it’s the same as the seven or the eight I’m not really sure but it’s a plug-in hybrid version SUV uh what do you guys think of that very good so you turned to plug-in hybrids all of a sudden this I think it looks good I mean I can’t comment on the plug-in hybrid idea um yeah two weeks in a row he said he likes the certain plugin hybrids so we love consistency don’t Bank on it um this motor show obviously was really interesting for the sheer volume of what was revealed but so much of it was very practical family SUV stuff or hybrid versions or plug-in hybrid versions I feel kind of the same for all of them you know we’re now at a point where most of the stuff being revealed out of China looks pretty good is likely to be pretty affordably priced and has no great sort of you know big red mark against it mean that means we wouldn’t consider it so I suppose that’s more where it comes from it’s like well yeah there’s no reason not to to think it’s interesting at this point and until we drive it there’s not much more I can say that’s true James what do you think of the j8 plug-in hybrid um I was probably more excited by the specs I think the what the Chinese Brands really doing is pushing the plug-in hybrid stuff and putting you know really big batteries with really good electric range um and given it’s not a full electric vehicle and it’s probably more suitable for a car that size where the being totally riing on EV range is less of an issue when you’ve got the backup of a petrol engine and having you know a cabin that large you can load it up with people and whatever and uh I think they’re claiming about 100ks a range or something like that which is pretty substantial so they can achieve that in real world that’s pretty competitive yeah it’s a fac more than an Outlander of plugin Hy does for if they could do that all right time to move into concept lands so this is where it get a little bit more outlandish um we’ll start with the Volkswagen ID code which seems like a sleer more SUV version of the id4 sort of thing I don’t really know how to describe it but it it looks really cool to me but what do you guys think Hot or Not uh it looks like a Volkswagen EV um it’s definitely a little bit slicker than an id4 but this actually shows off what Volkswagen wants to do with its China focused EVS um most brands have sort of spin-offs for China because that market is very different to the rest of the world the interior looks like an id4 based on what I’ve seen from the ground so yeah I think it looks great but whether it will actually actively inform what we’re getting in Australia or the rest of the world Beyond China kind of remains to be seen James what do you think I think it looks cool too and if they can bring out a production version that sort of Apes that design I think them Volkswagen’s more recent ID concepts are much nicer than the stuff that they did originally it’s less Blobby and like generic and a little bit more sleek and a hark back to their previous generation of stuff maybe in the the teens the 201 te what does that the era that we they had a really good ERA of design then which I think this is sort of coming back to so be interesting to see what they do in terms of a production spec vehicle all right from Mazda they have the Arata EV concept which is looks a lot like the ID code concept but um but it’s a Mazda so what do you guys think of that I really liked this one I think the the purpley color that they brought it outting is really interesting but the actual design is a nice progression of their current stuff and a nice look into what we could see in a couple of years from them I think it was maybe about 6 five size and we’ve been wondering what a successor to that car will look like because they’ve not really disclose whether it’s going to be the cx50 that’s available overseas or whether it’s going to be an entirely new vehicle and if Mazda can translate this quite sharp design to a very mainstream electric vehicle I think that would be really good and they’re sort of teasing it on all their Global portals as well so it might end up being an export car not just for China so we’ll just have to wait and see yeah currently it’s just for China so we’ll see Scott what do you think hot love the look hope the next CX5 looks just like it all right uh Toyota um this is an interesting one they’ve got the B Z 3x and the bz 3C which look more like MPV cars compared to the bz 4X which is like a SUV crossover type thing but what do you guys think of them I think they’re interesting looking I think that’s a very generous way of putting it um Toyota already has a Corolla sized bz electric car in China this is The Logical continuation of that it’s another example of the fact that Chinese people and Chinese buyers like very different things to what the rest of the world likes when it comes to cars um this is also part of a joint venture it’s not Toyota doing it on its own so yeah I don’t know that we should read too much into it for Australia but in terms of specific stuff for the Chinese market it seems like Toyota has its finger pretty closely on the pulse James um I actually keep getting confused about which one’s which there was one that had like a yellow black color scheme or something like that I liked that one I don’t know which one that is all right well we we’ll flash that up on this watching so you know this is the one James likes all right um niss uh n’s interesting they’ve been f Taylor Swift this year and they’ve gone into the errors to us they’ve got four Concepts the epoch the Evo the Epic and the era uh which are a variety of sedans and SUVs all Concepts at this stage but what do you guys think of those feel free to pick one of them that you like or all of them again I don’t remember which one was which but there was a the sedan one that looked cool and there was one that had really funky Wheels it was like instead of having conventional spokes or something like that it was just like little pixel squares with like an insert with the Nissen logos so it’s cool to see and getting really creative with the designs I don’t know how much that will come into whatever they’ve got planned in the coming years cuz they just announced they have a really big push for new electric vehicles in like the next 5 years or so they’ve got a massive products roll out and they’re all going to be quite distinctive so I’ll be interested to see how that translates into production Cuts cuz they do make some really nice looking cars a lot of their SUVs at the moment are really nice looking vehicles and these ones are a bit more out there but I guess they might turn it down for the production spec n’s in a role at the moment uh last year at Tokyo we saw the hyper Force which is just a GTR that’s not a GTR um it goes to show that even beyond the really sporty stuff and has some really cool ideas about design and I’m with James the sedan which I also can’t remember the name of unfortunately was the one that most caught my eye yeah okay um all right I’ve got throw you guys on the spot there that’s there’s a few more that were on there check them out the car expert website but I’ll throw you guys on the spot which one of all those was your pick which was your favorite that you saw come out of Beijing I’m going mini aan okay I’m going to go straight out of the blocks um it kind of feels like Minnie’s back on the right track and I’m really excited to see it in Australia okay James oh well to avoid copying him I might go with the Mazda arasa concept I think that was a really cool design piece I really hope that the future products look like this um and I it was just in general good to see MDA getting really serious about electrification I just hope with that they bring back proper touch screens and not that silly dial thing but oh that’s all I hope for but yeah okay cool well what is your favorite thing from the Beijing Motor Show leave a comment below and let us know all right guys times for our picks of the week I’ll throw it over to James first what is your pick this week my pick is actually a set of pics so um I follow a a an Australian photographer named um he goes by the handle North borders he’s a really cool guy I’ve met him a couple of times and he does really really cool work um he recently did something with um young timers garage ytg where he took out their exj jagu xj220 and talk it out to um I think Mount midan or something like that and impressive it got up there to and and photographed it in this it’s a silver cast it’s fairly boring spec but the street that he photographed it on was It’s Autumn now so you get all the orange leaves and the the trees are all orange and then the streets aligned with the leaves as well it kind of looks like something out of a video game um stunning photos so make sure you check out his Instagram because he does some really really cool stuff Scott what do you got uh I sent this to you last week on Instagram we used draggy to do all of our performance testing on our videos Paul just has the phone in the car with him someone took their draggy app on an airplane uh and sat down for launch or for takeoff and I did very much enjoy watching the 0 to 100 is quite slow because it takes a little bit to get a big heavy plane moving but tell you what the 300 to 400 was very very quick yes so at least it didn’t show deceleration exactly that’s a good thing I won’t explain the int intricacies of a turbo engine but uh yeah uh very slow to get going a lot of mess but when they do once you’re up and running oh and once they’re in the air there’s less resistance so they rocket uh mine I want to talk about Motor Racing for a second um sort of Eagle’s looking at me very funny cuz it’s not motor racing as far as concerned the man and machine in Perfect Harmony fighting each other woman and machine in Perfect Harmony fighting each other that’s the dream right yeah I mean look this was man and machine in harmony via Wi-Fi connection so in Abu Dhabi they just ran the A2 RL uh race over the weekend which is uh autonomous race cars they took super formula cars which are like sort of mini Formula 1 cars Ked them out with a bunch of cameras and sensors and Radars and liars and then sent them in on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit uh I don’t know how well anyone expected it to go there was some interesting things that came out of it like cars would just all over the place sometimes they would just spear into the barriers but then they attempted to actually hold a race with all the cars on the track at the same time they were meant to do six laps of green flag running I think they got two out in the end uh and they also did a thing where they actually raced a real driver like a real human in a car against it which didn’t farewell for the AI thing but I think what’s really interesting is the tech that they’re testing here is is what what they’re going to look at putting in cars at some point in the future and we’ve seen in San Francisco they got the whmo taxis that you can get around in that self-drive they were moving very slow speeds these cars were in theory meant to go very fast didn’t quite get there in the end but it does show you that the tech is getting better and these are all University students who were able to put these together so when we actually get a company that has billions of dollars to spend on something like this I think that these self-driving cars might actually be closer than we think so whether the legislation allows for it but we’ve been saying that for so long but now I’ve actually seen race cars a couple of them managed to make it around a track yeah well that’s an improvement I remember there was Robo race which was I think an extension of the Formula E championship and I’ll never forget it was like their first test car where the promo videos went it was going around some track I can’t remember which one it was but then there was it cut there was some footage that came out where they were going to start this like flying lap and the first thing it did was like go left and smashed itself into the barrier as if it sacrificed itself and it was the funniest thing ever but I’m not sure I’m ready to put my life in in the hands of these sensors just yet they need to start modeling the AI the AI on bin instead of Kobe Ashan maybe that’s the problem yes well look full credit to Daniel Kat he finally overtook a car on a Formula 1 RAC trck so well done Daniel torpedo yes um look that pretty much brings us to the end this week guys uh any final thoughts before we wrap it up uh stay tuned for my review of the X2 and2 later this week on the website and then I think we’ll talk about it next week we’ll talk about it next week along with the new Isuzu dmax next week yes uh some minor updates to the front which is pretty much how Isuzu does their does their model upgrades but I think it looks great personally it looks really good and the X ix2 I think looks really good too so well looks just like an X2 it it does an ey back so stay tuned all that and more coming in the coming weeks and as promised very soon Scott away next week yeah but the week after that we are going to dive into some breakdown of electric vehicle running cost so make sure you subscribe for that thank you all of you for joining us thanks guys for coming and sitting down again we’ll see you all next week

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  9. We got the jaecoo J7 here in south Africa about 2 weeks ago. There is a plugin hybrid version coming aswell so Australia should get it too. Drove it myself very impressed, 14.8 inch touchscreen. Heated cooled seats, sunroof everything. Decent fuel economy aswell. Here it starts at 550000 rand, so say 44000 AUD. But will likely be cheaper for you guys

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