Eyezy Review (Parental Control App): A Solution for Children's Safety

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Eyezy Review: Eyezy parental control app review, a solution for parents worried about their children’s safety. Are you a worried parent looking for a solution to keep your kids safe? Check out our review of the Eyezy parental control app.
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Eyezy Review: Eyezy parental control app review, a solution for parents worried about their children’s safety. Are you a worried parent looking for a solution to keep your kids safe? Check out our review of the Eyezy parental control app.

Hello everyone, welcome back. And in today’s video, we’re gonna take a closer look at Eyezy, one of the best parental control apps out there. I’ll show you all its capabilities and areas where it surpasses its competitors. So if you want to know more about Eyezy and whether or not it’s suitable for your household, this video is for you. And without further ado, let’s get started. So in recent years, parental control apps have become increasingly popular among parents who want to monitor and manage their children’s online activities. But not all parental control apps are created equal, and most of them are either lacking in features or pose security risks. This however, does not apply to Eyezy, which is a service that I consider to be one of the best parental control services in the market. With it, you’ll be able to monitor all incoming text messages and activity on popular social media apps. Basically, everything your child sends and receives will be under your watchful eye. This feature ensures that you won’t miss a thing! Eyezy’s Social Spotlight covers four of the most popular social media apps out there – WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be in the know when it comes to your child’s online activities. Another one of Eyezy’s features is its Keylogger. In my opinion, this is a more robust feature than what you’ll find in other parental control apps that limit you to certain categories of words, like Bark, for example. With Eyezy, you’ll be able to see a complete list of all the applications downloaded on your child’s device, along with comprehensive reports on how much each app was used and at what times. If you notice that your child is spending too much time on a certain app and neglecting their chores, you can easily block it directly from your dashboard. And when it comes to website monitoring, Eyezy allows you to blacklist any sites that you don’t want your child visiting. Eyezy also provides reports on which sites were visited, when and how long your child spent on each site, as well as which ones they visit the most. I personally haven’t seen any service that offers anything similar to their Plan Breaker. Eyezy also packs a lot of location-tracking capabilities. You can also set geofences for restricted or allowed areas where you’ll receive notifications whenever they enter or leave them. And if you need to get your child off their phone and do their chores, you can easily block their wifi access from your dashboard. Now this level of tracking detail is something I haven’t seen in other parental control as well. It wont even show you the application icon once you install it if you wish so. And if you want to leave it visible, you also get that option. And in terms of ease of access, Eyezy is unmatched. Though it’s important to note that different versions of the app come with different sets of features. The app store versions have limited capabilities and only allow location and contact monitoring. In contrast, the Android APK version from the Eyezy website provides access to all the app’s features, including keylogging, live location tracking, and social spotlight. And this process can be risky since jailbroken phones are always prone to security risk. Now that we’ve talked about Eyezy’s best features, let’s discuss areas where it could improved at. For example the app doesn’t provide real-time updates on your child’s phone activities. Instead, you receive update reports every 15 minutes, which could be a bummer for some. Another thing worth mentioning is that the keylogging feature can sometimes send multiple alerts for the same message, which can clutter the dashboard and make it seem like spam. With eyezy, you can stay on top of your children’s every move and ensure their safety around the clock. And that’s it for this video, again if you’d like to check out Eyezy for yourself, you’ll find all the useful links including discounts in the description down below. And feel free to comment below if you have any questions as I love getting to interact with you guys, and like & subscribe if you found this video to be helpful or would like to stay up to date with future videos! Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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