Final Cut Pro for iPad review: still rendering

The long-awaited iPad version of Final Cut Pro is here and, with it, a touch-friendly design and accessible pricing. But if you’re coming from Final Cut on the Mac, you might be a little disappointed. #technology #editing #ipad

0:00 Intro
0:24 System requirements (A12, A12X, M1, M2)
1:06 File management (supported files, importing, 360 video)
1:47 FCP Workspaces and layout
2:38 Animation (keyframing)
3:24 New features — Live Drawing & Auto Scene Removal mask
4:54 Audio, volume & music editing
5:45 Color adjustments & LUTs. DaVinci Resolve
7:34 Handheld editing (Jog Wheel)
8:11 Editing with Magic Keyboard – shortcuts
8:54 Performance & battery life
9:17 Conclusion

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. The Verge

    Am I the last one to switch to DaVinci Resolve?

  2. Jan Karlsson

    Well, I have watched a few reviews, and this is by far the most critical.

  3. Joyal

    How much time does it take to render?

  4. islandtoisland

    I spend about 100 hours of my life in front of fcpx every month. It’s grueling as is on a desktop. I’m never getting anywhere near this thing.

  5. Aniket Modi

    I was thinking about buying an M series iPad after seeing them roll this out. But the lack of external drive support killed this for me. Bye bye!

  6. Deep Dawda

    Jesus this is not a review, just a bunch of complaints

  7. Drs X

    No external ssd support? That is unacceptable

  8. SEmilio

    This is a great review, thanks for testing so many little details of it! I'm even more confused than at the launch event about who this is for. Obviously it's for newer editors. But the price to make this an equivalent setup to a 13" MBP is higher and with a ton of trade offs. Who are these users, who have a specced out iPad Pro but REFUSE to buy a laptop??

  9. Seth Dunlap

    The fact that I can’t plug in a drive is insane. What a waste of waiting for years for this. Plz update Apple

  10. Oak City Gamers

    My 2020 a12z 12.9 iPad doesn’t support this app. Complete BS since that’s kinda why i bought it. I am seriously considering moving from apple. I’m so done with broken promises

  11. Afzal Ahmad

    $ 2600 will get you i9 24 cores , rtx 4080 12 gb , 32 gb ram , qhd 240hz all in an alienware chassis

  12. I film all of my videos on my iphone 14 pro max and edit all of my videos with capcut on a M2 ipad pro, best video editor to get 4K HDR videos rendered easily, my videos actually show up as 4K HDR on youtube (main reason why I didn't went with a macbook air, for some reason macos, android and windows make it super difficult to edit, render and upload HDR, but not iOS).

  13. Lillian

    Interesting start. This seems viable as an alternative to editing phone apps but not for projects I work on.

  14. that looks soooooo cumbersome and impractical to use. congrats apple for successfully made ipad even more irrelevant for pros with their own apps!

  15. Jonny Lewis

    "I want to see if I'm ready to make iPad my main editng machine?" – I feel this immediately misses the point of what the iPad should be for. FCP for iPad should be for simple social style shorts and your longer style documentary films should be on FCP for mac. Thankfullyit seems like Apple have made FCP for iPad primarily focused on short form content, leaving longer form for FCP on mac. This makes sense.

  16. Harry J. Riley

    Seems like they are targeting folks like me that may not need most of the things missing in this, but even someone like me that will be editing one camera, usually shorter clips needs to be able to connect an external hard drive! Apple had YEARS to get this at least 99% of the way to the desktop version and they didn't. Other than live drawing, I am sticking with DaVinci.

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