Final Cut Pro on iPad: BETTER Than Expected!

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  1. Hector Troy

    Compare with InShot FinalCut is still far behind…all this things InShot can do already

  2. Paul DeShield

    No external storage support is garbage. Why does every review brush that off like it’s nothing? We all need the 2Tb ipad now? Even that’s not enough for some projects. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. ☬ Rolexxx ☬

    this is not even close to the mac version, a regular app that costs nothing more per month

  4. I got it today and I’m enormously disappointed. Lumafusion kicks it’s tail. Titles and overlays are cheesy and not customizable. If plugins come it will be slightly better but I’m still not satisfied

  5. LioStudio

    Among all available reviews what you mentioned in the vid are the most useful to me. I've noticed some iPad unique features from other reviewers but without such specific explain as you do. Thanks a lot!

  6. Right To Explain

    What annoys me is it's only subscription based and not a one-time fee.

    For that reason, I'm out.

  7. Kevin Dagostino

    I didn’t think the grip would work with the second gen pencil to recharge?

  8. Steve Horvat

    Amazing that Apple won’t let me install this on my iPad Mini 6 or my iPad Pro 10.5”. Not enough horsepower I guess as far as Apple is concerned yet I edit 4k videos all day long on both devices with LumaFusion.

  9. Fletcher Brown

    I have iPad Pro M2 with 512GB storage so not being able to edit from an external drive is a show stopper for me. I am confused. If I am editing a new Project (Project 1) then I will need to import ALL the footage I need to edit the timeline. Then export the project and delete all the footage from the iPad to work on a new Project (Project 2). Now, I want to I make more edits to Project 1 so I do WHAT. Export Project 2, delete all of its media then reload Project 1 and reimport all of its media into the exact same structure that it was originally imported to? Does not seem possible.

  10. Joshua De Silva

    I’m guessing the external hard drive is an update away of some kind.

    Yes, ideally we can have both iPad and Mac, but if I can’t afford to get both (definitely not all in one shot).

    This and especially Logic Pro means I might just go for iPad Pro next year

  11. YippieCalle

    Your video made me think Xcode on iPad won't be 100% but the iPad version would be very unique that could make you miss the iPad version when using Mac,And vice versa

  12. Audio Boris

    This reminds me more like Final Cut Express (remember that!) I’ve seen so many people complain about a subscription. It’s 5 bucks. A latte.

  13. broti1968

    videos must be imported to ipad an cannot stay on an external drive, right?

  14. QUESTION: Should the Final Cut I purchased for my Mac be free to use on my iPad or a one-time purchase instead of a monthly payment

  15. Mark Wilkins

    Feels like not being able to use an external drive is a deal breaker. You will have to offload files from finished projects even with the largest memory capacity iPad. Which means re-linking anytime you want to to open the project on a different device. I suppose if it is saved in the cloud you can open it, assuming you connection to the internet. Then of course it becomes an issue of having enough cloud storage, which translates into more money for Apple. Lol

  16. Player One

    Too bad it's subscription based and not a one time buy deal like it is on the Mac. Worth mentioning, as that's a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  17. Since_79

    My 4th gen iPad Pro didn’t make the cut so app won’t work for me.

  18. Patrick

    Can you please explain how to make a custom focus into a widget from your previous productivity workflow video?

  19. Mary Madigan

    Nice one Chris so 50 a year not so bad great content as always. Pity I’m still using the 2018 model 😂👏😎🇮🇪

  20. Nash Sanadiki

    I’m confused how Logic is supported on the 2nd gen iPad Pro but Final Cut is not 😂

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