Final Fantasy 16 – Official Story Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XVI to learn more about the story of the upcoming RPG, and get a peek at various …


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  1. Looks like an addon to FF14. It's a pity that Final Fantasy has lost its originality. This Dark Souls aesthetic doesn't fit Final Fantasy. Too bad.

  2. Odin NtR

    "Final Fantasy XVI won't have black or POC characters, as its game world is modeled after medieval Europe"

    Twitter is throwing tantrums. Cope and seethe.

  3. john187a

    thank you kotaku for convincing me to buy this!

  4. GrandAdmThrawn

    No forced diversity, no forced message, no forced inclusivity…a perfect candidate for GOTY ❤

  5. Zippity Zop

    Down voted because of ign urinalism crying over politics.

  6. DaPwNaGe09

    Looks horrible to me.. not even a final fantasy anymore…. just using the name

  7. PONY

    The voice acting is so bad. It's embarrassing

  8. Lord_Vynos

    Might get a PS5 just for this. Looks absolutely stunning. Glad they're going towards a more linear and focused experience too.

  9. Bobby

    Holy hell, is there any of the game left for me to see…. looks epic.

  10. Mikael Löfgren

    So, you're gonna pick a faction. Then do generic, repetative quests for that faction… until you've earned enough rep to proceed in story. Kek.

  11. Octos Alias

    The crystalized transformations of the Icons is pretty great

  12. Marcus Aurelius

    gamers really do have no taste, finding nonsense like this entertaining

  13. Cesmond Dimain

    Now if the protagonist is from another world, this would truly look like an isekai experience haha.

  14. Bassistking

    The graphics are cool but the story and main characters seem boring. Why would this game get an M rating?

  15. bio kido

    it's dance of dragons but with eidolons

  16. moth dude

    That narrator sounded a bit like Aimee-ffion Edwards, yeah?

  17. Jazzy Æ

    Yes going back to origins!! Medieval vibes, no silly cars

  18. JS

    Its not final fantasy at all. There are no fantasy.

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