Final Fantasy 16 – Story Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Check out the newest trailer for Final Fantasy 16, showing off more characters, more powers, more locations and summons.


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  1. 999_

    see you in 3 years for PC.

  2. seapeajones

    Art direction stuck in 2005. VA sounds decent tho

  3. KuRo

    I’m definitely buying this

  4. kaizeric

    In the end of story Clive become like kefga lol.

  5. Jason Howland

    Now how long to wait for it to not only be released on PC but also to be Down to like 30 bucks.

  6. iampain76

    so final fantasy 14 single player mode? wow really getting creative aint we.

  7. 色眼鏡

    ロード・オブ・ザ・リング 力の指輪

  8. Shawn Murray

    Can you play this if you have never played any other Final Fantasy ? Are they all different stories and characters ?

  9. Teddy Furstman

    CBUIII saved Sqaure Enix and Final Fantasy Series as a whole.

  10. LegionDaGhost

    This game is gonna be a 9 at very LEAST, plus the M rating as well, gonna be a GROWN UP story this time, combat looks INSANE!!!!…

  11. Muki

    This is the only title that can challenge Tears of the Kingdom for GOTY

  12. Eddie Munster

    VO by Ralph Ineson alone is worth the game. Damn that guy has a magnificent voice.

  13. Jose Singh

    Looks like combination of ff15 and ff7 remake hope they let us use some royal arm weapons from ff15

  14. robo cop

    Still waiting for a old school turnbased jrpg

  15. GrantiverusRex

    Can't wait to play the Pocket Edition on Switch in a few years.

  16. Rosalinda M

    No sign of romance subplot : ( It still looks amazing, and I’m thrilled they are returning to the medieval aesthetic.

  17. Ben Foster

    Nothing can possibly be made more soulfully than by creative business unit 3

  18. ali j

    This looks boring Why is FFXV looks way better

  19. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Game of the year, no questions, no Tears of Midom.

    FF16 sweep!

  20. Marcus

    Is this gonna run at 80 or 100 fps?

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