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there isn’t usually much going on in a bether in November but this year it’s a little bit different because the Yar plays host to the launch of the brand new Toyota CHR I be driving it for the very first time today and I’ll also be telling you everything else you need to know about this brand new small SUV that also thinks it’s a coupe so stay watching and if you want to save up to £ 2,280 on the price of the outgoing CHR just click the link up there the top or Google what our deals the CHR has been around for a few years now it was originally launched back in 2016 when it’s fair to say that Toyota had a bit of an image problem sure its models were very reliable and many of them impressed for fuel economy too but fashionable not really at least not for anyone under retirement age but the CHR changed that with its really bold and quirky styling and really it’s more of the same with this new version the basic silhouette of the car is very similar and actually it sits on the same underpinnings as before as well which also shared with a more conventional looking Corolla the design is quite a bit more modern though so you’ve got this Hammerhead front end here that we’ve also seen on the fully electric bed 4X and if you come around to the side you will notice integrated door handles they are now flushed with the body workor round at the back the boomerang tail lights are being replaced by this single bar that goes right across the rear end and when you lock or unlock the car then you get a light sequence with a car’s name in the middle we’re used to seeing manufacturers making cars bigger with every new generation but actually that’s not the case here the new C is slightly smaller than before because it has a 25 mm shorter front overhang it is 35 mm wider though and it’s available with bigger Alloys as well these are 19s but you can have up to 20s on some of the other trim levels and these changes Toyota says and I’m reading from the press release here are to make the CHR look poised and dynamic from every angle but it doesn’t really matter what Toyota thinks does it it matters what potential buyers think so let us know what you think of the look of the new CHR in the comments Below in the UK the old CHR was available exclusively as a so-called self-charging hybrid but this new one will also be offered as a plug-in hybrid now the term self-charging hybrid is potentially a little bit misleading because it isn’t as though it Magics electricity out of The Ether in fact any energy that goes into the battery is generated either directly or indirectly from the petrol engine under the Bonnet and because the battery is Tiny you won’t get more than a few hundred yards on pure electricity anyway there are big fuel economy benefits though the cheaper 1.8 can officially do more than 60 MPG and even this more powerful 2 L promises around 58 MPG and in our real world true MPG test that we do back in the UK Toyota hybrids usually perform extremely well in fact this car’s smaller sibling the Toyota yarus cross is the most efficient car we’ve ever tested the plug-in hybrid version is appropriately named because to charge it up that’s exactly what you do it can accept up to 7 Kow so a 0 to 100% charge takes around 2 and 1/ half hours and when the battery is full you’ll officially be able to do up to 41 Mi of pure electric driving that’s not bad at all even if 30 Mi is probably more realistic in the real world official fuel economy figures haven’t been announced yet but as with all pluged hybrids they’re likely to be complete nonsense anyway one thing you won’t be able to have is four-wheel drive it is offered in some other markets but in the UK all chrs are driven by these front wheels just like on the outgoing CHR there are four basic trim levels icon design g sport and Excel however for a limited time there’s also the premier Edition that we’re driving today that bundles together pretty much all of the luxury and safety kit the new CHR is available with but it isn’t cheap and even entry-level icon trim comes with a reasonable amount of Kit including keyless entry a reversing camera climate control and LED headlights and there are 17 different colors and color combinations to go for if you like this metallic golden finish that is called sulfur and for the first year year that this car is on sale it’ll only be offered on rang topping Premier trim with this byone plus black rear end if you like the byone plus look you can have that with other colors but you need to go for a GL sport trim for that and if you just want byone without the plus bit that just means a black roof you can have that on some of the cheaper trim levels prices start at £ 31,2 190 with this range shoing Premier Edition and the 2 L engine topping out at just under 43,000 prices for the plug-in hybrid haven’t been announced yet that isn’t due to arrive until next year but we’d expect to see a premium of around about 4,000 over this regular hybrid like other Toyotas the CHR comes with a three-year warranty of standard which isn’t particularly special to be honest but if you get your car serviced at a Toyota dealer every year then that will be extended for up to 10 years or 100,000 mil whichever comes first apart from the looks on the outside of course the biggest change to the new CHR is actually in here the interior so perceived quality has definitely taken a step forward you’ve got got lots of nice soft touch plastic up here on the dashboard and also the suede effect fabric on the inside of the doors on some of the higher trim levels this gear selector here also looks pretty much identical to what you find in a Lexus NX and on the whole build quality is as you’d expect from Toyota feels pretty robust although there are a couple of exceptions so where the door butts up against the dashboard that feels pretty wobbly to be honest and also the covering on the a pill up here that doesn’t feel particularly well secured either so pretty good in most respects with a couple of exceptions Toyota says twice as much recycled plastic is used in this car’s interior as in the old CHR and actually although this particular car has leather seats it’s the range stopping Premier has this sulfur stitching here if you go for the cheapest trims then you get fabric seats and they are made from 100% recycled bottles and if you go for some of the mid-level trims they have suede effect with synthetic leather and that is apparently made from 45% recycled bottles now the driving position you do feel like you’re in something higher than a regular hatchback which you don’t in say a scoda kamic but if you like a proper high up elevated SUV driving position this car doesn’t do that as well as some cars in this price bracket like the Volvo xc40 and the Range Rover Evoke all versions have plenty of adjustment in the seat you’ll just have to do that manually if you go for Icon or design trim all other trim levels get full electric driver seat adjustment although you do get adjustable L support on All trim levels apart from entry level icon the passenger though they don’t get full electric adjustment on any trim level and they don’t get adjustable lumus either this range topping Premier model gets a panoramic roof as standard with no sunshade it has special coating that’s designed to keep heat in during winter but stop the car feeling like a greenhouse in the summer so it’s a bit like what you’ll find in a Tesla and unusually Toyota says it increases Headroom here in the front by about 3 cm now one of our biggest criticisms of the old CHR was its infotainment system even by the standards of the day it was very basic and you didn’t even get Apple carplay Android auto smartphone mirroring until a couple of years into its life the good news is the system in this car is much much better there are a couple of caveats though so this 12.3 in display you don’t get that if you go for entry level icon trim you get an 8 in screen and we haven’t tried that yet but the screen in this car is positioned quite high up it’s angled slightly towards the driver so it’s easy to see and it’s pretty easy to use as well the operating system is not the most intuitive in the world but you get the hang of it fairly quickly it also responds quite quickly to presses and if you like a good sound system then the n-p speaker JBL stereo that’s fitted to this car and it’s also on gr sport models is optional on Excel sounds absolutely fantastic and it is one of the best systems in the class A couple of other things to mention so this 12.3 in digital driver display that is standard on all versions apart from the entry level icon and there is also a 64 color ambient interior lighting system and that changes the lighting throughout the day depending on the light outside and it’s also linked to the climate control system so if you want to turn the heating up then it should glow red and make you feel a little bit more toasty one more thing this strip of ambient lighting here if you go to open the door and the car detects a cyclist or a vehicle coming up the side of you then it will glow red and if you keep pushing the door open then it will start to flash to warn you to wait and look properly one of our other big complaints about the old CHR was that despite being a reasonable size on the outside it had a similar footprint to a s to it was something of a reverse test because when you got inside particularly in the back then it felt pretty cramped and claustrophobic and given this new car has the same coup s swooping roof and Rising window line it probably won’t surprise you to learn that rear space still isn’t a CHR strength I’m just over 6 tall this seat in front is set up for my driving position and as you can see my shins are wedged against the back of the front seat there and if I try to lean back into my seat then I can’t because my head just hits the ceiling there there’s no point in having a headrest at all really so that’s not particularly comfortable and I’m not sure it’s great for safety either and if you close the door then Things become even worse because it feels quite claustrophobic and here not a lot of light gets inside if you only plan to put adults in the back occasionally or you’ve got young kids this car has two ice fix points on the outer rear seats then it isn’t going to be a deal breaker but if you want something that’s a practical family car then this probably isn’t for you and given the rear passenger space clearly wasn’t a priority when Toyota was designing the CHR it probably won’t surprise you to hear that boot space isn’t great either so there’s about the same amount of space for luggage as there is in a Volkswagen Golf not terrible but it’s worth KN that the similarly priced boxier scoda kro can carry quite a bit more there’s no height adjustable boot floor either that’s a little bit disappointing and the plugin hybrid we haven’t seen that yet but we do know it has a higher boot floor and even less space for luggage now the old CHR was pretty good to drive by small SUV standards that didn’t really feel like an area that Toyota needed to do too much work on but it says it’s improved both ride comfort and handling on this new model which is surely a good thing and when it comes to ride Comfort I’d say this is one of the better cars in the class now we are driving on some really smooth roads here in AA much better than back in the UK but we have found a few rougher sections of Road and generally this car has dealt with them very well it’s not too soft and wery it’s quite well controlled but definitely Comfort is something this car does well handling less so this car actually feels a bit softer than the old CHR and there isn’t a huge amount of grip at the front end I’m not talking about if you’re barreling into Corners at 100 miles hour I’m just talking about if you’re driving reasonably briskly along a country road like this you will start to notice that the front wheels start to run wide of where you want them to go quite early on and actually it can struggle for traction a bit as well this is the 2 L so it has a reasonable amount of power and if you put your foot down hard at low speeds then the front wheels can struggle for grip and spin up but I’m not convinced that most SUV buyers would really care this car is more than good enough to drive it’s just not as much fun as something like a Ford puma in the UK Toyota says that around 90% of buyers will go for the cheaper 1.8 L which has a bit more power than it does in your car so it will do n 60 in around about 10 seconds this car is the 2 L as I mentioned earlier and it has quite a lot more power do not 60 in around about 8 seconds with both hybrid setups if you put your foot down really hard you do still notice that the revs as you can hear probably there will Skyrocket and stay quite High because of the type of gearbox that this car uses but things are less disjointed than the old car and as long as you’re not driving too quickly then it’s pretty quiet most of the time so the new CHR isn’t the most practical small SUV and there are certainly cheaper options but if you love the way it looks and you want something comfortable reliable and easy on fuel then it’s certainly worth a [Music] look thanks for watching if you want to watch another video click there and to read our full detailed review on this car over at click there

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  1. I came here after watching part of Matt Watson's review for Carwow…
    There aren't a lot of reviews for this car so really wanted to watch one but after less than a minute, I couldn't take any more of Matt's nonsense.
    This is such a more grounded, straight to the point, factual review and still very enjoying to watch!
    Congratulations for that!

  2. @allansmith3837

    Just got shot off my CHR Icon 2019 model it didn't even have a Sat Nav very poor for a Japanese Mark. Message to Toyota. School report must do better. BTW the new model 30 thousand car at most for top Model.

  3. @VikPaints

    Some of that plastic isn't even attached securely. For that money, forget it. Cars at the moment are stupidly overpriced to accommodate finance companies providing leases, that's why !!

  4. @Nogitsune_Yako

    For everyone who complains about the price. There’s always a Dacia waiting for new owner.

  5. @russ3580

    Just bought a top end C HR – love it so far

  6. @TornadoShaunUK

    Looks nice but echo the sentiment that it's a bit steep price wise, probably better to wait for some second hand ones to start knocking about..

  7. @timowen5741

    As a few folks have said the price for what appear to be a trendy but ultimately average car seems crazy.

  8. @tipoomaster

    They finally made it cool and then pulled it from Canada arrgh

  9. @JoMonki

    So when they had it in the US market it looked and performed terribly. Then they pull out of the US market and proceed to make it exactly what the US market wanted in the first place but don't offer it to the US. Seriously what is going on in your minds you guys? I really want to know how your system works cause talk about dropping the ball here. And please don't say it's cause of the BZ4. Cause I would prefer this over the BZ4 all day any day.

  10. @northstar1950

    Seen the real thing this morning, looks a right pile of crap compared to the original.

  11. @adrianoakes152

    Ridiculous pricing by Toyota. I would rather go for a year old Lexus NX. Way better car.


    I feel like in year 3000, only toyota would have survived 😅😂

  13. @ikonic2152

    The 2024 chr is hideous, previous models look way better

  14. @charlotte11543

    No that’s not correct – it doesn’t do 60 mph- so many variables to discredit that.

  15. @pinkypoohable

    Toyota didn’t even tried to widen the rear windows even after they transferred the rear door handles. Still feels claustrophobic at the back. The main reason why I replaced mine with a Volkswagen Tiguan. My kids love the wide window visibility, they can see landscapes and views, they don’t feel nauseated and they are happy.

  16. @Dammy_O

    i think hyundai kona n line is more beautiful

  17. @hectorheath9742

    Ridiculous prices and no back seat room. When will they start listening to what customers want?

  18. @zizou97

    Far too expensive if you can afford to pay over £40k for this you might as well get an Audi or similiar german car. No way is this car worth its cost price.

  19. Todella kaunis auto on Toyota c-hr 💎 ja tv Petri Juhani saarvio 💙 ja minä olen 50vuotias Mies 💝 ja minä olen auto Mies.

  20. @pinkypoohable

    I would have bought this when I was looking for a car a week ago but the rear window visibility is still a big let down. Toyota have already transferred the rear door handles but still decided not to widen or extend the windows a little bit further down the back. So the claustrophobic feel is still the same as before which I really don't like. What's the point of releasing a new one if you're not changing the negative aspect of it. Toyota is yet again failed to listen to the critics of their customer.

  21. @shawalfida6357

    Awesome review~!

    Awesome car…..
    Unfortunately, the looks sacrifices its practicality, tho im sure owners won't mind

  22. @gorambo

    Was excited about this car and now disappointed that is just to small for most adults that back seat is killer.

  23. @Sir2ube

    But is it a good time to buy? Seeing some scary stories from buyers who bought new in the past 2 years in depreciation significantly more than normal as the motor industry recovers from recent price gouging circus

  24. @MP-nj1qy

    I'm just so happy they put a regular handle on the back door. That's the only reason I didn't buy one yet. When is this model coming to the US?

  25. @mukulbaltoo

    I dont like the looks , previous gen was better in looks

  26. @robhunt8682

    I really wish they would test the base model and not the range-topping! Looks amazing and then you see the base model and it is not as flash!

  27. @Aston64m

    At first sight looks good .But having seen one in the flesh and sat in it .make no mistake.this is Not a family is so small and cramped.there’s no room in the back for any reasonable sized passengers.

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