First Glimpse at the 2025 Porsche Macan Electric: The New SUV from Porsche!

this is the new Porsche Macan they have ditched internal combustion and gone fully electric and the one you’re looking at here is the turbo so big step up in price as well so starts at $130 Plus th000 in Australia and goes all the way up to 180 Grand here for the turbo uh in terms of the the changes I guess outside of it being electric now you’ve got uh LED headlights up the top and also down the bottom here with the option of Matrix LED wheel sizes can go to over 20 in in size air suspension as well you can actually configure the color of this blade down the side there too which is pretty cool Interiors change completely as well so three screens you’ve got a curved display there ahead of the driver you have a central infotainment display and then you also have a display there for your passenger too I’ve always found those a little bit pointless but um it’s there anyway stack of interior color options too to make it uh feel a lot like your Maan wheelbases increase so uh over 80 M 80 mm increase in wheelbase so it should mean more leg room in the back we’ll have a proper play with that soon it’s what the back looks like so you got the turbo badge there LED lighting up the top there and then there’s the boot as well so boot size has increased there’s actually storage under the front as well so fortunately here if you do opt for the turbo or the optional sound system you do lose your under floor storage there uh let me show you the front storage as well they actually have an Innovative system of getting in too so you just rub your hand down the front there and then that cracks open as well so got a spot there to store you bits and pieces too so this is the new Porsche Maan let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything you want to know

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  1. @AdrianKurian

    Am I the only one who thinks that Porsche ruined their cars with these new exterior designs?

  2. @GeeeEm61

    Good to see Porsche still using “Turbo” where there is in fact no turbo. Just like other electric appliance makers, eg, Turbo Kitchen Wiz, Turbo garden hedge trimmer, turbo pool pumps, turbo fans, …..😂

  3. @Malc664

    🤣Fully electric turbo.. Porsche, you're funny

  4. With that price you can get an lc300 with change left. This is going to depreciate so fast.

  5. @doneB830

    The name turbo is irrelevant at best because most performance cars nowadays are but on an electric is just ridiculous.

  6. @Andy-kp6mi

    HI – is there any news when PTS will be available for Macan EV? So far I cannot see it in configurator. Thanks.

  7. @corkeymonster

    "Fortunately here… you do lose your underfloor storage." ???

  8. @F1Tragic

    We call our ‘trunk’ a boot, shouldn’t we call the ‘frunk’ a foot? Asking for a friend.

  9. @buncha5651

    Why would anyone buy a Porsche that needs recharging?

  10. 130k here in America approximately 83k, not sure what the actual cost here would be though for the Macan but seems quite affordable. The only downside here is that the infrastructure is horrible for EV’s. with that said I travel a lot on long trips with my family and my wife and young ones would rather gas and go. So I’m team Petrol. We don’t have dogs to walk or time to read books.

  11. @lukes5533

    Turbo? Porsche don't insult an ICE car . This electric rubbish will never have a soul like an ICE car.

  12. @Rockbottomsurf

    $135k that’s as much as it costs the taxpayer to send a rich kid to school each year. 😢

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