First Impressions of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds3: A Non-Pro Alternative to AirPods

so these right here are the brand new Samsung Galaxy buds 3 just the three not the buds Pro Samsung actually came out with two different models at the same time right now the buds 3 and the buds Pro and while they both have a similar design to each other it’s a massive redesign over the older Galaxy buds form factor that we’re used to and in fact looking at these there’s two different colors there silver and white the white ones let’s just say it’s a pretty familiar design something that I think a lot of people have seen out in the wild it’s not a shocking Design By Any Means although there are a lot of interesting touches Samsung added to this including some features some sound quality things some microphone improvements and a couple other things that are kind of cool tricks that they have hidden up their sleeve but starting off with the physical design of these I’ve had some time Hands-On with the Galaxy buds 3 and I’ve had some pretty extensive time with the Galaxy buds 3 Pro I’ll have videos on on both of those of course but looking at the Galaxy buds 3 the Case does have wireless charging I love how it sits upright when you set it down even though it’s kind of a pill shape and you can actually set it upside down as well it’s flat on the top I don’t know if you’d ever maybe if you wanted to stack something on top of it I don’t know it’s kind of nice that it is symmetrical you can open it and it’s a cool clear top on the case no matter which color you’re getting on the bottom we have USB type-c maybe that’s when you set it upside down charging USB type-c like I said we have wireless charging on the back we do have a button on the bottom for pairing and then the earbuds have kind of a color code on the inside so we’ve got the orange and the blue so you know which one’s right and left and it matches the bottom of the earbud itself now the earbuds have what Samsung is calling a blade uh which is like what Apple would call a stem essentially and if you’re looking at this this gives us a couple cool advantages some new like ways that Samsung’s using this for one the controls are very different rather than capacitive touch sensors which they work well but if your hands are wet or you’re wearing gloves or or you know any non-ideal environment capacitive touch breaks down very quickly now these instead are using a pinch you’re going to be pinching to control these or you can slide with your thumb now the slide is capacitive so if you’re wearing gloves or or if your hands are wet then that won’t work but the pinching should still work there now getting back to a normal environment when your hands are not wet uh the slider on here is actually pretty fantastic it’s very intuitive so wearing these I could just slide my finger up and down and control the volume very easily and then the pinch controls are much like you’d expect within the app you can you can customize this uh for like play pause um you know open Bixby and stuff like that another really cool thing Samsung added to these are voice commands so if you going for a run or just doing anything maybe cooking for example and you don’t want to use your hands to skip tracks or something you can simply say skip a track or you can say you know pause play whatever and this is going to work without ever having to summon Bixby so it’s kind of cool you have these voice commands in here I’m excited to test these more to see how well that actually works in many different environments now the buds 3 unlike the buds 3 Pro have an open design so that means they don’t have a silicone ear tip that goes deep into your ear canal which means a couple things one these do not have active noise cancellation two the sound quality is going to be a little bit less uh isolated like you don’t have that the silicone ear tip to kind of make sure it all goes into your ear and three there are going to be a massive amount of people in my opinion who will prefer that design which sounds strange to anybody who loves silicone ear tips but there are a lot of people out there that like the open design and until now your only option with Samsung was kind of the buds live which those are you know about 4 years old now and and even when they came out they weren’t popular among everybody I think this design right here is already proven to be much more popular among a larger crowd the airpods 3 for example are using this the original airpods are using this a lot of other brands are coming out with open earbuds and so people who have discomfort from silicone ear tips or they don’t like some aspect of it are really going to like this design and the benefit is that you’re getting almost everything that we see with the Galaxy buds 3 Pro with the couple exceptions I’ll mention in a second at a significantly lower price talking more about what these don’t have the the pro does so what are you really losing out on there’s only a couple things one the pros have a dual amplifier two the pros have a dual D dual driver so they have a dynamic woofer and a planer Tweeter and the pros also have like a light on the on the blade on the stem essentially so those are really the three main differences with the pros uh otherwise you’re getting basically all the same features basically the same case the same colors the same Aesthetics a lot to really like about these earbuds now I’m filming this video before launch so I had some hands- on time with the buds 3 but I actually do have the bud bus 3 Pro with me so I think the microphones should be very very similar on these they have a similar design the microphone’s in the same location so I’ll get into a quick microphone test now with the buds 3 Pro and you can use that as a reference as most likely what the buds 3 are probably going to sound like an indoor microphone test using the buds 3 Pro uh they should have a pretty similar microphone to the buds 3 I can hear myself talk very naturally through um the pass through on here but let me know what it sounds like this is again recording on a video so a phone call might be slightly more more compressed let me know what you think so the microphone is supposed to be better on these earbuds compared to the older Galaxy buds because one it’s on the blade so it’s much closer it’s kind of pointing down as well so that’s a huge benefit there two Samsung really changed their algorithm on the back end and three now we should be having a much wider bandwidth for voice so yeah those are the Galaxy buds 3 $180 I’m excited to try them out a lot more so I can get into a sound quality analysis for you um but kind of in general my first thoughts on these I think I really like the open design I think people are going to like that it’s something that Samsung hasn’t really offered before two I really kind of do like that stem design because it does allow me one of my big complaints in the past that is allowed with this is adjusting my earbuds if I’m on a run or something and not controlling my music that was something I struggled with in the past now having this blade design it does make it quite easy to adjust it however the pinch controls on here I find her a slightly less intuitive spot it takes a little bit of time to get used to where they are it’s not on the biggest flattest side you’d expect it’s kind of on the back a little bit once you get a pair you’ll see what I mean uh just takes a little bit of practice to get used to where that is but otherwise I think these are going to be a very popular pair of Galaxy buds let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below and before you click off this video I need to mention I’m actually releasing I think six or seven videos at the same exact time during Galaxy unpacked uh so if you guys want to see those videos I’ll have them on a playlist uh there’s two watches two phones two pairs of earbuds and a ring um but since you watch this video most likely the next video I would recommend put that right here is going to be the Galaxy buds Pro I do have a full sound quality analysis on those um they’re the best Galaxy buds I’ve ever tried so check out that video next if you like the Galaxy buds 3 all that linked down below as well
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These are the new Samsung Galaxy Buds3. Could they be an airpods 3 alternative? They certainly look similar, but Samsung added a few tricks of their own to these buds.

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  1. @setodanu

    Bean for me….never like this type….the more i see many review…the more i hate the shape …πŸ˜‚

  2. @AsifZed69

    Yeah, these appear to be the successors to the Buds Live.

  3. The irony is Samsung always tease Apple but at the end of the day they copy Apple.

  4. @moldytexas

    I have been using non-eartip buds for the past year, and the long usage pain is unbearable lmao

  5. @ChaiMaskaPav

    The fit of kidney beans (1st Gen galaxy buds) was so good. Even the ANC in it was so nice.

  6. They do have ANC so I was interested in hearing how effective it was, I guess not much if you thought they didn't πŸ˜…

  7. @iamroshann15

    Which color of Buds Pro looks better in person while wearing them, in your opinion?

  8. @valramos2003

    Hopefully you can test them with iOS devices and see which functions get retained or not. They look promising alternatives to AirPods which stop functioning well after a year or two.

  9. @rohanghosh4306

    if this was around 100 ,120$ i would have gone for it. 180$ is too much

  10. @-Ventrix-

    This feels much more comfortsble than the beans

  11. @PedroTawa

    I don’t like silicone tips because pressure and moisture so the open ear AirPods like these are my choice

  12. @drmbilals

    3:09 I am one of those people. I live in a hot country and silicon tips get super uncomfortable for me. I am glad samsung came out with a half-in-ear design.

  13. @jaledsirio7470

    Does anyone know if the materials are the same as previous versions of buds? I say this to avoid the famous allergic reactions in the ear. Thanks!

  14. @LynnDonmy

    It actually does have ANC so that should be interesting

  15. @therealventures

    Yeah, im one of those people who actually like the open design. I'm currently using the Galaxy Buds Live, I believe for 2 years now? The Buds3 look like a good upgrade with sound, design and controls. My main complaint with the buds live is controls are not great. I'm looking forward to your review on the Buds3.

  16. @sv6180

    Huge downgrade πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  17. @nova16426

    I have Galaxy buds pro, is it worth upgrading to Galaxy buds 2 pro? (Priority is overall sound quality)

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