First Look: Alienware Steam Machine – Giveaway!

My first look at the 2015 Alienware Steam Machine. Is the Alienware the best Steam machine? Enjoy!

Steam Machine Info:

International Giveaway Details: Be subbed. Leave one comment about why you want an Alienware Steam Machine. Draw will happen Midnight November 30th. Winner will be announced on Twitter. Good luck!

Review unit: i3/8GB/1TB/Nvidia GPU
More Details at:

Music Credits:
Intro: Robotaki – Raton Laveur
Background: FILI – Nice Days

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  1. Sheri Rajput

    one way it is not good as xbox because this has no dvd or blueray

  2. Ventus

    "i make quality videos of useful tech"

    explain this video?

  3. yuh!

    I want it, I use steam on my Mac.tge Mac is awesome. I just don't want a pc, Windows sucks.
    Also WHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! That comes with a i3?????? That sucks

  4. SERGE

    Steam should provide hardware upgrades for the steam machine. Similar to the one gamer laptop with the replaceable cpu and gpu along with a mechanical keyboard. forget what its called.

  5. naresh james

    can you please change your intro music? Its relly annoying.

  6. Elder Futhark

    To use in my gaming channel on youtube. Good luck to everyone.

  7. we are us

    I would be honest I'd been trying to win a computer, but, I can't so maybe I won't win, and maybe dave lee won't see this comment.
    I am 13 years Im too young for that kind because the price is up to 500usd
    Al we need a computer for work, homework, and for video games
    So please pay attention to this comment
    I'll need that laptop

  8. Tekkerz Gaming

    I'm in the market for a gaming pc or laptop, and I think this would be a great alternative! I would love to win this, and hopefully you will choose my comment! Thank you. P.S I love your vids. wish I could be this good. just on a budget!

  9. JMS

    i cant find this music

  10. marq185

    So can you play over watch on it as well? And also is the steam machine controller compatible with the Alienware 15? and one last thing lol, it's 2016 now July(Canada) but I still don't see these in stock

  11. PJC

    I would love to win the Alienware steam machine because 1) u made it look sooooo good and 2)because I don't have a good pc and no working consoles. I always see YouTube tech overlords like yourself with awesome pc's and consoles and I have always wanted one of the two and with the steam machine you get both! It would mean so much to win the steam machine. Love your content and keep up the good work!

  12. dizturbed19

    I wanna win the steam machine because there are so many PC games I want to play but don't have the funds for a powerful gaming machine. Being of the console generation with the steam machine I could take my step to joining the PC gaming community as well. Also that valve collection would be pretty sweet. Thanks for the chance @skholar19

  13. Teresa Anderson

    Just found your channel, I'm a gamer grannie and new to the 'steam line' would love to win this!!

  14. Alvin Lo

    Wait, banana for scale? Dave are you a 9gager?!!


    Hello Dave Lee , I love gaming but I don't have gaming PC .The only PC i have is a potato one. I would feel really happy if I win it thank you!

  16. Dhruv Jauhar

    Let this student paying international tuition get lucky. Fingers crossed.

  17. Cameron M

    Big fan of your vids. Your production value is amazing.

    I'd like the steam machine because I currently game on a refurbished optiplex PC with a GT 1030 and this would be a MASSIVE step up from what I have!

  18. Sebastian

    I want it because I do not have any console to play on. Please!

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