First Look at Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, Watch Ultra, Watch 7, Buds 3, and Buds 3 Pro

yo what’s up everybody it’s your boy floss back again with another video and today we’re going to take a look at most of the products from the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event now you can pick these up from Samsung I’ll throw the link up in the description let’s get right into it first things first shout out to White Shoes back in the building I love my I love [Music] my calm down okay Samsung nights hear me and rejoice this is officially our time of the year now shout out to all y’all banana head apple Mafia peasants I need y’all to stand down and stand by and on a side note I know all y’all Apple Mafia cats when y’all was watching this event y’all was cringing y’all was mad I know what y going to say in the comments they straight up stole the Apple watch Ultra they straight up stole the airpod pros the only thing they didn’t come out with is some Galaxy max headphones that look like airpod Max and that would have been diabolical and let me give y’all my response to that because I already know that’s going to be in the comments my response is this Samsung nights we take okay we on top of the food chain right now what y’all got a little rugged watch from Apple let me get that y’all got some earbuds with stems that’s going to give you better call Quality let me get that that’s what Samsung Knights do we take y’all check and make it better this is going to be better than the Apple watch Ultra and I’m going to show you why better than the airpod pros I’m going to show you why but in a inovation Samsung has real Innovation Apple Mafia y’all don’t got no folds okay y don’t got this on your phone s pens come on y’all got to step your game up now old Jokes Aside okay shout out to all my Apple Mafia coo deos y’all know I’m part of the Apple Mafia 2 look as consumers you should want these companies to copy from each other if you got an iPhone don’t you want a foldable iPhone don’t you want a stylus for iPhone don’t you want different color choices for your watch you should want that personally you know I did a few hits to get made into the Apple Mafia you know I’m a Cod Deo they call me floss ly I want a foldable iPhone okay I want more choices for the Apple watch Ultra but I said that to say this Samsung nights hold up that’s the secret Samsung nights handshake I need y’all to do that at home and I need y’all to come through in the comments hash Samsung nights let’s ride we’re gonna start off with the big boy okay we’re gonna start off with the Galaxy zold 6 now I know what y Apple Mafia cat’s getting ready to say congratulations you bought the same phone twice I’m not going to say that yet I’m not going to say that yet because there’s some differences but this phone is all about Galaxy AI now of course Galaxy AI is going to come to older devices in a minute so I’m not going to go and say that you got to UPG grade right now but um let’s go into this with an open mind let’s grab the specs real quick all right so let’s take it over to now for the zold 6 this one starts at 1,900 bucks good Lord that’s a lot of money now you can buy it unlocked or you can get it on any carrier you got 256 512 all 1 terab of storage for the colors you got pink you got Navy you got Silver Shadow that’s my color kind of looks like titanium and you got some online exclusives you got white and check this out why they did it with the carbon fiber they got the carbon fiber I think this is the one I’m going to buy now for the trade in values if you want to trade in the zold 5 you’re getting 1,200 bucks that’s a great trade in value now as far as the specs for the display you got a 7.6 in Dynamic AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2160 by 1856 that is 374 for the PPI Patrol now the cover display 6.3 inches okay let’s see the weight 239 grams for the cameras now Apple Mafia I know what I getting ready to say congratulations you got the same cameras you got the 10 megapixel and the 4 megapixel okay for the under display you got the 1250 and 10 for the rear triple cameras you got the Snapdragon 8 Generation 3 okay that’s the flagship processor you got a 4,400 Milah battery that features 25 wat fast charge we got a lot to talk about of course you got reverse Wireless charge it’s IP 48 water resistant okay and that’s pretty much it all right so here’s the unboxing experience nice black box yeah I know I like that giggity we went with the silver okay we’re going to call this the Silver Surfer inside you’re going to get some ejection tool this going to be your USB type-c the USB type-c charging cable shoes inspect that for Quality okay that it for that little T-Mobile SIM and your device now let me get a little wipe down on this okay one more here it is zold 6 let’s do the smell test on this smells like rayen noodles all right for 1,900 bucks when you buy this you’re going to be e in rayen noodles for the next couple of days until your paycheck but it’s going to be worth it you’re going to love this one now of course it’s not all all peaches and cream I gotta say it there’s no charger in the Box okay Samsung Google Apple nothing Motorola Sony Sony put the charger in the Box 1,900 bucks come on man all right come on now usually I don’t like to uh complain about stuff when I’m doing my unboxing I like to save all of my gripes for the full review but come on 1,900 bucks man you know you know throw throw me a bone throw me a bone okay now like I said I’m not going to say congratulations you bought the same phone twice because here’s the zold 5 now it’s hard to see on camera but this phone is actually a little bit thinner okay it’s a little bit thinner it’s a little bit lighter okay but the main thing that you’re getting is Galaxy AI now look in the Tech Community we got to stop being brainwashed into thinking that you got to upgrade your phone every year this phone has 7 years of upgrades and 7 years of security patches okay so 7 years of guaranteed OS updates and 7 years 7 years of guaranteed security patches Samsung is basically telling you you don’t got to upgrade now if you got a Galaxy ZF 2 or zold 3 it’s time to upgrade but if you got the Galaxy ZF 5 you don’t need to upgrade and let me tell you how I can prove this in preparation for this video I took out my Galaxy 2 Pro I took out my Galaxy watch I took out my Galaxy Z fold and my Galaxy Z flip and I’ve been using them all week as my daily driver and guess what I kind of fell in love with my Galaxy zold 5 I kind of fell in love with it again my only gripe with this is this let me zoom out why I’m all so close my this is my only gripe the Vivo XF 3 let me show you if I can have this Hardware with this software and this ecosystem that would be the best fold on the planet if you notice look the Vivo is a little bit taller and look at the width all right it’s a little bit wider now with the Galaxy zold 5 and the zold 6 let’s go and open these up as you can see I actually been using this all day long okay outer display now to Samsung the outer display is going to feel like 3 mm wider okay 1 mm but then with the uh bezel with the bezel reduction okay it’s going to feel like 3 mm now I know somebody’s going to say 3 mm D Ain if somebody’s poking you in your eye with a needle okay and they push it in 3 mm you’re going to feel that 3 millim but on the phone can you really see the 3 mm you kind of can you kind of can but at the same time look at this look at the difference okay here’s the zold 6 look at the difference in the outer display now I kind of fell in love with using my Galaxy again because of all of the features I mean the AO the always on display all of the live wallpapers the you know Samsung ecosystem using Samsung decks using the Bluetooth S Pen if you got that or if you got one of these the old school S Pen this will still work let me go ahead and pop this out just so I can show youall matter of fact let’s see can we fit this case on here I doubt it no okay you see you’re not going to be able to use your zold 5 case but you can use your zold 5 stylist let me go ahead and pop this out okay you can use this stylist now just for size comparison let’s go ahead and uh activate the display just for size comparison this is the zold 5 Z 6 now here’s another phone that I actually love the OnePlus open okay now 1% battery all right this one’s about to die but look at the difference let’s do outer displays why I still got that 1% OnePlus has a wider outer display let’s see okay exactly the same height exactly the same height so the OnePlus even has a wider display and low-key this is one of my one of my go-to phones we’ll leave that right there and of course you got this Google pixel fold you know let’s see out of display let’s do out of display versus out of display now side note I’m down here sweating okay cuz I have to turn off my AC and we got a little heat wve in New York City okay now I just I thought I just put my pen in hold up okay it’s up to date look at the difference in the outer displays the pixel is super wide if the pixel was as tall as the Galaxy look at the difference in the height if the pixel was as tall as the Galaxy that would be a different story hold up my business out there that’ll be a different story but Vivo this is this is the hardware that I love but the software on the Vivo it ain’t all that the Vivo camera is crazy though and this is the global version that’s one thing now people’s going to say what about the the xiaomi mix F 3 they got the xiaomi mix F 4 coming out that’s not Global that’s going to be the xingping exclusive and then you got the Hof folds now how do I feel about the Hof folds for some reason hop phones for some reason hop phones just don’t do it for me like that even though you know this is this is probably one of my favorite hop phones I mean you know the way it works is dope but the O you know the OS I don’t know it just leaves a little bit for me to be desired now when you unfold the Vivo let’s go ahead and check this out look at the difference unfold it okay let’s exit out of that unfold the Galaxy okay now unfold it versus unfold it the Vivo is definitely a little bit bigger you see it’s bigger and wider but when the Galaxy’s unfolded I have no issues with it my only issue with the Galaxy is when it’s folded up but now with the Z6 it is a little bit wider okay giggity it’s a little bit wider all right so let’s go through some of the basics real quick as far as the build quality I love it as you can see you got reverse gabage Okay negative gabage it sits nice and flush it has a nice Hefty feel to it the Biometrics are pretty good now I got to you see here’s my let me see if my face unlock will work I got to set my face up I got to set my alternate appearance because I’m down here with my glasses on but the fingerprint sensor the fingerprint sensor Works flawlessly now I got mine set to where you got to push the button you can have it where you just rest your finger but I like to have to push the button so I can see my lock screen and then do that now I always talk about the Samsung OS why so much better than all of these fold os’s Samsung still is the only fold that can do this you see this is my you see my home screens now say I take Messenger right and we’ll remove that now watch when I open it up I can have different layouts from my inner display and my outer display you can’t do that on none of these other folds watch this even like OnePlus you see my outer display let’s go ahead and remove this okay so we remove it then you open it up and it’s gone same thing with the pixel same thing with the Vivo same thing with the xiaomi this is the only phone that could do that now that might not be a big deal for you but check this out you see how I got the cat right there that’s my always on display live always on display look at that with the cat now watch this if I open it up now I got a different always on display that is pretty dope different always on display different wallpaper okay I can just leave them on the table like this I can have multiple displays that is a dope feature okay now do I need to really go through the settings on this yeah why not we’ll go through some of the basic stuff and like I said you can use your S Pen okay now let me see I might have to reset this one oh matter of fact I didn’t even check oh look at that okay look okay I about to say okay yeah it’s working okay we got the screen right let’s check this out real quick watch this I want to show y something I want to show you something let’s exit out of that you see when I when I hit the pen you see it I’m using good loock so I got my I got a different pen menu you know what I’m saying you know I got all the gimmicks I when I do my full review I’ll show you how to get all of the gimmicks okay swipe over once there’s your Google homepage okay of course you got your Edge panels okay everything works now let’s breathe through the settings now you got all your quick toggles you got your secure folders that’s your thought protection link to windows again Samsung ecosystem watch my galaxy book Edge video where I show you how to rock really rock the Samsung ecosystem you’re going to love it you got to play with all this stuff you got Smart View smart control device controls all of that good stuff okay so when you go to settings now here’s one of the here’s the big difference here’s the zold 5 okay here’s the big difference you see when you go to settings you notice something missing no Galaxy AI on this one you got Galaxy AI so for connections okay there’s all your connections see anything know nothing to really see there of course you got Quick Share you got music share okay you got auto switch buds all of this stuff go through in full detail call on Tech call let me say that again call and text on other devices you’re going to need that for your laptop okay you got camera sharing link to Windows multicontrol Samsung decks okay you got Smart View Galaxy wearable Android auto now for Galaxy AI this is what this phone is all about and again if you got a Galaxy z45 they probably going to do the same thing that they did when the Galaxy s24 came out with the Google Circle to search couple of months later you can get on all your phones Galaxy AI is going to come out to your Galaxy z45 I’m I’m I’m almost 100% sure so you got call assist okay you got chat assist now chat assist is mad fun if you want to roast somebody okay I’ll show you how to do it with chat assist you got your live interpreter you got notices I’m pretty sure y’all seen the event not assist transcript assist okay browsing assist photo assist drawing assist okay photo ambient wallpaper all of this stuff is crazy and health assist now the photo the ambient photo wallpaper again I I don’t want to get I don’t want to turn this into a long review okay so of course you got your modes and your routines okay sound of vibration sound quality and effects okay hit that real quick okay Dolby Atmos of course you got eqs with different presets now for me I like to just do my custom and just throw everything up to the top but we’ll leave it our bass boost for now okay so you got all your notifications you can have popup on if you want remember if you get a Galaxy phone download Samsung goodlock it’s going to make your phone a lot more fun than it is fresh out of the box for display okay now motion smoothness you got 120 HZ refresh rate or standard okay screen mode I keep mine on Vivid but a matter of fact let’s see advanced settings okay you can make it a little colder if you want okay now of course I got my my font extra big because I’m blind okay anything else we need to see here NOP that’s pretty much it always on display full customizable always on display yall seen one Samsung always on display you seen them all okay there’s your home screen and layouts okay always on display and lock screen okay security and privacy okay face unlock fingerprint sensor you got weird detection matter of fact let let me show you real quick let’s go to uh lock screen okay hold up matter of fact um where was that okay account security lost no updates okay Biometrics Auto blocker more security settings okay of course you got a full Security Suite all your permissions location let’s see anything we need to see here nothing really I’m I’m speeding through this because we got a lot of products okay nothing to see there okay here it goes Advanced features so we got big speed we got smart suggestion for labs multi window for all apps landscape view for portrait okay you can force all your apps into dark mode multi- Windows okay turn all this stuff on real quick let’s see S Pen we’ll leave that on side button okay you can have it open up your camera or open up any app you want press and hold I like mine’s for the power men menu cuz I don’t really use big spe like that okay motions and Gestures lift to wake double tap double tap let’s see Palm okay Palm touch to turn the screen off why not leave that on okay mute with gestures Palm swipe to capture okay all of the standard stuff one handm on screenshots and screen recording okay okay you got video brightness you got video call effects okay of course you got your floating notifications all that let’s see digital well-being device care okay there’s your apps General management accessibility if you’re hearing or visually imped everything is on Deck let’s see Dynamic spot okay this is all the stuff that I’m using link to Windows I’m going to leave that off right now but Dynamic spot that’s how I get that cool not notification uh little popup and about okay so this is z46 that’s pretty much it nice and smooth Okay and like I said I I pulled out my zold 5 and I started using it for the last couple of days and I’ve been using this one all day and they feel the same okay they basically feel the same but one thing I noticed you see to me it kind of feels like the zold 6 it it sits more flush it sits completely flat just like the Vivo this one it seems like you see it is kind of flat but it it just has it doesn’t feel as flat if that makes sense and if you notice you see how these kind of have rounded Corners the corners are a little bit more square and the bezels okay the bezel went down a little bit but other than that I mean you got 2600 dit brightness like it’s super bright Android 14 is all your widgets of course you got your split screen multitasking all right you can actually split Instagram now you see way everything is optimized say check this out you can actually open up Instagram in the popup okay or put it in a little ball or we could go full screen and we can split it okay so say I want to do Instagram and uh shop for some apps we got the Play Store at the same time and of course we can swap them or save them as a pair okay basically fresh out of the box like I said I’m not going to say congratulations you bought the same phone twice but congratulations you bought a very similar phone now this is what I’m talking about you see this is the difference between the Vivo and the Google pixel and the OnePlus and the xiaomi the S Pen okay the S Pen if I want to take some notes my little screenshot right there let’s change that to Red do something thicker red okay there it is is why do I keep put hitting blue there it is okay do red all of that stuff okay all of your standard Spen apps which I’ll go through when I do the full review and if you want to you can add some more add a bunch of different shortcuts there it is now I’m going to get the case that has the Spen holder in the back you’re going to need that other than that this is just a quick first look here’s the outer display okay now let me just um like that and I can just go drop my I drop another where was where was it drop another app right here we’ll do uh bookings because this something I use a lot now I can have bookings right there but when I open it up messeng it this is pretty dope now if you want to just set up two totally different phones okay let’s see how now let’s see let’s check out um we go to Instagram right let’s add a comment now look at the keyboard the keyboard is still pretty narrow you know LOL the keyboard still a little on the narrow side here’s how your scrolling is going to look and of course everything that you do from the outer display you can do from the inner display okay so we could do the pop-up Windows okay we could do split screen multitasking do all that stuff okay do Instagram on the bottom Facebook on the top okay let swap them around all right so this is a quick look at the Galaxy zold 6o now let me get one more wipe down one more wipe down where where am I I’m all over the place today I’m a little bit hot okay check this out this kind of looks like titanium this is kind of fire though all right so this is the zold six let’s keep it moving all right so next up we got the Galaxy Z flip 6 now this one starts at 1,00 bucks again it’s available for all your carriers or you can get it unlocked for storage you got 256 or 512 you got a bunch of different colors so you got yellow you got mint you got Silver Shadow again one of my favorites you got blue and for the online exclusives you got the carbon fiber okay you got Peach okay very peachy and you got white now if you want to trade in a Z flip 5 check this out you’re going to get 650 bucks that’s not bad half off now for the specs the main display 6.7 in okay 120 HZ refresh rate resolution uh 2640 by 1080 let’s see uh weight 187 G now here’s the biggest difference the camera now you got the same 10 megapixel camera from the front from the uh why did I say that mad fast you got the same 10 apix camera from the Z flip 5 but now you got a 50 megapix camera on the rear so you got 50 megapix and 12 megapix camera in the rear for the processor you got the qualcom Snapdragon 8 Generation 3 12 gigs of RAM okay 4,000 mAh battery 25 wat fast charging you got Wireless charge and Power share it’s also IP 48 dust and water resistant running Samsung one UI okay and that’s pretty much it for that now for the unboxing experience pretty much the same nice black box giggity let’s see what you get inside okay this is going to be your sim ejection tool USB type-c charging cable okay Sim ejection tool right there got your usual books and plug them and file them okay this is USB type-c USB type-c charging cable and this is going to be your device ra one more ra now of course no charge in the Box okay Samsung Google Apple nothing Motorola Sony Sony no charge in the Box let’s get a nice flip okay there’s the flip oh now I want to show y something real quick now we got to talk about this real quick I said real quick twice let’s talk about durability now when y’all watch my videos there’s always going to be somebody in the comments like oh why you so rough with the phones oh you got to take it easy you got to be gentle folds like this I fold it like that I can unfold this with one hand watch this I’m going to do it again now it’s better with the case but I just go like that I unfold it if I put the case on it it’ll be a lot easier plus I’m trying to do this from behind the camera but I unfold it like that and as you can see no damage at all okay all of my phones if I get a little cloth and I wipe them down they all look brand new you see no scratches or nothing okay so these folds and these flips they’re more durable than you think you don’t got to be like oh let me just unfold it let me babysit it you ain’t got to do that okay you could be like yo what up and keep it pushing okay so this is the Z flip 6 now look at the outer display okay let’s go ahead and put a little little code in okay so for the outer display you got a bunch of different wallpapers again now if I sounds like I’m going fast I don’t want this video to be two hours so I’m just really skimming through all of this stuff but every product that you see I’m going to do a full review okay I’m going to give it the love that it deserves okay there’s your different covers okay let’s Hold It Down okay so you can uh edit edit these tiles okay now you can have multiple widgets on one screen that’s kind of new let’s see what widgets they got okay multiple widgets you got your calendar of course you got the weather you got all your people okay you got your timers you got your steps okay you got your modes and routines got your stock market quotes Okay recently used uh recent uh phone calls and text messages you got photos Okay Samsung Smart Control all of your tasks you got the health okay I see they added more stuff all right so you got more widgets so this is kind of an upgrade from last year if you notice the cameras they actually protrude a little bit more kind of an upgrade okay you got uh what’s this I don’t even know what that is but we’ll play with all stuff on your top stories now I want to show you something if you get Samsung goodlock like I did in my last video I’ll show you how to do that let me open this one up real quick oh I got to put my password in hold up now just like the zflip 5 if you download Samsung good luck then you can have all your actual apps and I can open up apps right from the home screen all right there’s YouTube okay we can exit out of that all of these apps real apps okay so I’m going to add that to this phone so when youall see the full review it’ll look just like this too now I’m not going to go through the settings on this okay pretty much exactly the same let’s do a quick side by-side comparison here’s the five and six you see the cameras you see how it kind of sticks out more now but as far as outer displays though basically the same I got a little update on this basically the same of course you got all of your flex your flexology okay that’s going to work you can use your for your cameras okay let’s go ahead and reverse that okay now I can turn on let me go and do that again real quick if you see all of the fancy lights and stuff again that that’s all good luck we do camera okay let’s um do a little Flex okay flip it around and then we hit one of these buttons will take us to the outer display okay me back here looking extra goofy all right it is what it is okay swipe over there’s your Google homepage this is simple enough okay Android 14 all of the Android 14 widgets but you’re buying this because you want to go like this look you get the same live uh wallpapers same goodlock all of the customizable features this is again this is why I say I like this even though the Motorola Razor has a bigger outou of display okay it’s you know full screen outou of display you can’t beat the Samsung ecosystem and you can’t beat all of the Samsung customization you you really just can’t beat it you really can’t beat it fingerprint sensor everything works flawlessly though all right so this is the zold Z uh zold 6 Z flip 6 like I said I’m going to do a full review on each of these now this kind of has a matte feel to it but I’m noticing a lot of fingerprints you want to keep it like that okay this is like the uh baby blue little zesty but it is what it is but that flip I never I never let me see if I get a one hand flip with the big boy now I I haven’t tried it yet I did it is you you’re going to have to learn how to do that cuz one of these days you’re going to be in the supermarket all you’re going to be having groceries like you know the little mini cart you’re going to have that in one hand you’re going to be doing this you’re going to go to Instagram and you’re going to see something you going to be hold on a second I need to I need to see that in full screen you know what I’m saying I need to see that in full screen all right Calvin all right I know this is not a review but Calvin all right free ass Calvin a free ass Calvin a 69 God y anyway all right so this is the um Z fold and the Z flip let’s keep it moving all right so next up we got the Galaxy watch Ultra now this one is going to run you 650 bucks only comes in one size 47 mm now check this out Apple I pay attention you got multiple colors you got titanium gray titanium white and titanium silver I think the titanium silver looks the best or the gray now for the band types you got Marine you got Trail I know very appolis and you got the Peak form I think I like the trail band or the Marine band they both look good now for the band colors you got orange dark gray white or green for marine for trail you got orange dark gray or white sand that looks dope and for Peak form you got orange and white okay so you got medium large now these only come in Bluetooth SL Wii 4G LTE connectivity there’s no Bluetooth only version that’s why it’s going to run you 650 bucks now if you want to trade in a Galaxy watch 6 classic you’re going to get 350 bucks I recommend keeping it and buying the ultra on the side all right so here we go Galaxy watch Ultra this is the big boy this is going to be my new favorite watch now quick side note when I went to the event this morning this was the product that I was most excited about because if y’all watch my channel y’all know my favorite Galaxy watch the original Gear S look how big this was a big manly siiz watch even with the uh Galaxy watch 6 the classic with the rotate em bezel you see when I put the ice giant bezel on it it did get a little bit bigger but I don’t like the Circle watches okay that’s why the Apple watch Ultra and the Apple watch Ultra 2 these are my two favorite watches because they’re big rugged and they kind of have that square design ladies and gentlemen Samsung has finally did it the Galaxy watch Ultra let’s go and check this one out okay first let’s take a look at the actual band okay now I’ll leave this right in the frame okay you know again I don’t mind when companies copy off each other it is what it is let me see I think I have one look look here’s a here’s another here’s a Apple watch Ultra bandler very similar they’re very similar kind of has the same feel very similar I shoes respect that for quality do some work now the cout gr Apple watch Apple watch Galaxy let me say that again Galaxy watch Ultra look at this look look at the look at the size of this look at the size of this watch let me go ahead and set it up all right here it is this how it looks on the wrist check that out now of course if you cover up put it to sleep watch this Bang this is so dope only thing missing is the rotating bezel that would have been crazy but you see how even though it’s still a circle watch but they made it with more of a square look to it now check this out now I’m going to take it off look at this it’s actually bigger than the Apple watch Ultra in terms of size now this is the Apple watch Ultra and the uh Apple watch Ultra 2 which was literally the dumbest purchase that I made buying the Apple watch Ultra 2 because it’s basically exactly the same it’s basically exactly the same all right this is my ultra 2 versus the Galaxy Ultra how do how we going to we’re going to call this the Galaxy Ultra all right the Galaxy Ultra look at the difference okay both of these two manly looking watches but this one actually looks even more manly now I’m not trying to be sexist ladies y can rock this too but um I wanted a big rugged watch Samsung delivered now I’m going to do a full review on this but let’s try something real quick hold on this button watch this watch this siren watch how loud this is let’s see if it scar shoes away here it comes cats don’t like those sounds here it comes y’all hear that woo that’s kind of dope that’s kind of dope all right that can save your life all right that can save your life now you see it’s an actual compass on this of course if you swipe over now this doesn’t have a Rota bezel but it still has the the uh heptic rotate bezel okay the digital rotate bezel but it’s just like the Galaxy watch I so you swipe down I’m not going to like I said I’m going to do a full review you swipe down here’s all your quick toggles okay now you got all the settings I’ll go through all of this when I do the full review I’m not going to make y’all watch all of this but of course all your notifications okay you can hit clear all you can press one button the action button now all Samsung I told you Samsung nights oh y hold up Samsung nights we pull up on somebody with a Apple watch Ultra oh what’s that what’s that action button let me get that all right let me get that now we got our own action button of course you got your home button you got your back button okay you can swipe up swipe down let’s do uh all of the apps okay now I’m not going to show you the phone app I when I do the full review I’ll show you how all that stuff works but of course you got all of your different tiles which are fully customizable and of course music okay music playback oh I do I got okay I got nothing on my phone right now all right music playback okay of course you got your double tap Samsung pay this has full BPM measurements okay yall seen 69 look I know I’m 69 God somebody GNA leave a comment flossy a freaky ass yo yo 69 God here we go now but all Dr as side though I was wearing this earlier not really wearing it but I just had it on the wrist and I did my little U heart rate and it was 69 okay it was 69 I’ve been in the gym 3 days in a row hold on I’m putting the watch back on matter of fact let’s do that on camera put the watch back on you see it has these two this band is dope cuz it has those like two little Loops okay get a nice tight fit like that oh this band feels good though and it actually has the red let me see if I can get it to activate it turns red just like the Apple watch it turns red I’ll do that when I do the full review though all right but this is the app why do I keep saying Apple watch that’s cuz I’m looking at this way look matter of fact let’s try something let’s try something all right so check this out now here’s why this watch is already better than the Apple watch Ultra look at this this this is the Apple watch Ultra now when I turn it on this is the max brightness look at the Galaxy watch look at the difference in the brightness you see the Apple watch Ultra has this thing where it uses the ambient light you can’t force it to just stay super bright this is how I want in the middle of the night I want to see my watch looking like this I can get it to turn red like this if I want I did it when I was upstairs I got to figure out how to play with that setting but I like to be able to force it to just stay on Max brightness okay now watch this I’m going to let’s go to let’s go to settings and we’ll go to display and we’ll do adaptive brightness okay so let’s see the difference in the Adaptive bright look at the difference this is adaptive brightness oh look there it is there it is look at the difference look at the Apple watch Ultra now I can barely see this look at the difference I got to take it to the high voice look at the difference do yall see this Apple watch Ultra Galaxy watch Ultra bro come on and then not to mention at any moment I could swipe down I could go to display I can turn off adaptive brightness I can use my digital rotating bezel and look oh look at look at that now look how bright that is now all right calm down for calm down all right let’s keep it moving matter of fact hold on watch this you see now I want to show youall one more thing you see I got it set to let’s go to display we’ll do screen timeout one minute okay now I like I don’t like my watch to turn off mad quick look at the difference all right I’m going turn both of my wrist upside down and pop them both up look at the difference let’s go all right so let’s take a look at the Galaxy watch 7 now this one starts at 300 bucks it comes in 40 mm or 44 mm you got green or cream for 40 and for 44 you got green or silver now you got different band types you got the fabric you got sports or you got this one they call an athleisure band Colors Let’s see for fabric you got pink and white navy blue and white green K sport silver cream you got dark gray and green and athleisure I never heard that word before you got silver cream that one looks good actually pink sky blue and this is going to be green now the band size come in small medium or medium and large you can buy Bluetooth only only you can buy Bluetooth only or you can buy Bluetooth with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity now let’s see if you want to trade in let’s see we’ll trade in a Galaxy watch uh 6 a regular Galaxy watch 6 you’re going to get $200 off now I didn’t go through the specs but let’s run through those real quick with the Galaxy watch Ultra okay 47 mm titanium sapphire crystal okay let’s see you got the uh four 1.5 in Super AMOLED display it’s powered by the exos w00 okay 2 gigs of memory with 32 gigs of storage the battery on the ultra okay 590 mamps with the watch 7 you got 4205 and 300 you got fast charging we OS one ui6 okay let’s see yeah that’s pretty much it all right so here we go Galaxy watch 7 starts at 300 bucks now this one I’m going to do live unboxing I didn’t get a chance to play with this one yet and of course we’re going to have to take it to the okay Galaxy watch 7 let’s see what you get [Music] inside now this is going to be your now did I show youall the charger for the ultra I don’t think so I don’t think I showed youall the charger let’s see this is the okay standard Samsung charger let me see where’s that Ultra at okay I don’t I don’t think I showed yall the charger let’s go ahead and open this up okay now this is for the ultra let’s see if it’s the same charger okay yeah same kind of charger for the ultra that you’re going to get for the seven something something stuck in there all right try not to activate beast mode right look at shoes shoes nice and calm I need to calm down too okay okay of course all right so USB type-c to uh magnetic charge okay let’s get that out the way now this is going to be the 44 mm size okay nice and big standard Galaxy watch I’ll I’m not even going to set this one up I’ll I’ll save this for when I do my full review but here’s the difference in the size okay 44 versus 47 bro I am in love with this watch all shoes all right guys shoes check it out this watch right here the Galaxy watch Ultra come on bro it’s shutting Apple down all right so so these are the Galaxy watches now we got two more products let’s kind of wrap this up all right so one last side note with the watches here’s the Galaxy watch 6 and the Galaxy watch 7 both of these are exactly the same size now check this out I took off my ice giant bezel from my Galaxy watch and look at this it fit right on the only problem is with this band I can’t close it okay so I might have to get a different band but hopefully one of these will fit and I’ll be able to use my ice giant bezel all right so last up we got the Galaxy budge 3 and the Galaxy budge 3 Pro now for the Galaxy buds 3 these are going to run you 180 bucks and the Galaxy budge 3 Pro 250 bucks both of them come in black or silver now I’m going to keep this part quick I’m not even going to talk about the specs because I’m doing a full review on these tomorrow but let’s just unbox them and see what they look like all right so here’s the Galaxy budge 3 okay check this out now this is actually a nice little case right here with a transparent style tap these look like airpods but you know a little more stylish okay we’re going to talk about the blade lights and all of that good stuff but these are for people that don’t like silicone a tips okay if you feel like those ear tips hurt your ears and you love the Earp pods because you just sit right in your ears now you can have the same sit right in your ears is feeling with Galaxy Buds and check this out these are the first ear buds that don’t have silicone tips that actually have active noise cancellation now I got to test these in real life and see if that’s not a gimmick because I’m trying to say how could you get active noise cancellation with open S earbuds who knows but they said it works okay now you see you got the little blue so blue goes on blue and that’s a nice way to let you know uh which one is which okay again I’m going to save this for tomorrow and tomorrow we’ll do the full full review okay let’s check out the Galaxy buds 3 Pro angle levels increasing okay hold up frustration building okay here we go now lowkey these were the second most hype all let me say that again I was the second hype this is the product that I was the second most hyped about all right the Galaxy budge 3 Pro because yesterday I yesterday I had to take a two-hour Uber trip I said you know what let me start training myself to remember my Galaxy buds sound signature so I was rocking these yesterday all right the Galaxy buds 2 Pro and I’ve been going through so many earbuds I forgot how good these are I was in the Uber I the Uber driver was talking to death on his phone he had the music playing so I threw these on put on noise cancellation and put my music on I was like yo I forgot how good the noise cancellation on these and the head tracking the uh the 360 head trck and that was kind of fun in the back of the cab but these just sounded great they sounded great so when I see these you see now usually I would say I don’t like the pencil style I like the the bean style better you know what made me start loving the pencil Style again the b& ex okay when I started rocking the b& ex I kind of fell in love with the pencil Style again because these dudes have they do have a different fit these will sit right in your ears and these are kind of rest on your ears it’s a total different fit but these have what they call in the blade lights now we’re going to go through those tomorrow this silver color looks epic and again now that you got the stems the mic is going to be located in a different position from the uh budge 2 Pro so you should have better call Quality but again I’m going to test these out fully and thoroughly tomorrow I’m doing a full review that was the mistake that I made last year with the unpacked event I did the actual buds review in the video and a lot of people didn’t see it a lot of y’ banana heads don’t be watching my whole video so I’m not going to make that mistake twice so tomorrow literally tomorrow when I come from the gym I’m going to do a full review on these and these okay so these are the budge 3 and the budge 3 Pro I like this case now let’s see something real quick here’s the uh airpods air here’s the uh airpod Pro let’s see airpod Pro versus the Galaxy okay the Galaxy stem okay they’re about the same they’re about the same but the airpods look a little bit fatter but with the Galaxy you got the blade lights now why why do I think the blade lights are so dope two reasons number one these are going to light up at night time okay look oh look you see you see the light just hold up hold up I did oh look there it is there it is y’all seen that oh look at the blade lights look at the blade lights at night time if you like like me I like to work out at night or like to walk the streets at night the blade lights more visibility and number two if you’re playing music and you got the lights on people going to know that your earbuds are in use so when you got all these banana heads that want to talk to you when you’re wearing earbuds you ever had earbuds on and people try to have a conversation with you and they see you got two earbuds in this is just more of a deterrent I know I’m one of these antisocial people this is more of a deterrent cuz if you walk up to somebody and they Bob in their head and you see lights in the airbuds that means music is playing okay so if you’re introvert you might like that feature okay so the budge 3 budge 3 Pro now let’s wrap this video up I want to talk a little bit of all right so here’s my first impressions the Galaxy zold 6 this is a minimal upgrade now you’re getting a better build quality the outer display is actually wider but this is mostly about AI with the Galaxy Z flip 6 a bigger upgrade because you’re getting a better camera and you’re also getting the AI the Galaxy watch Ultra okay I think that’s the star of the show this is my new favorite watch this is an absolute Beast the Galaxy watch 7 pretty much identical to the Galaxy watch 6 no reason to upgrade with that and if you got a Galaxy watch 6 classic I recommend holding on to this because you never know if we’re going to see that rotate em bezel again this could become a classic now as far as the earbuds I’m not going to talk about them I’m going to do my full review tomorrow now let me say one more thing I don’t feel like this is my best work I don’t like making videos where I feel like I’m rushing through stuff and I kind of felt like I did that in this video but I didn’t want to do a separate unboxing video for each one of these products and then a separate review for each one of these products I don’t want y’all to think I’m milking y’all for Mad videos but again you know I I just try to show y’all this quick unboxing but I don’t feel too good about this video like I don’t feel like this is my best work so bear with me I know somebody’s going to say oh you was just running through the specs and you missed this you left this out when I do my full review of each of these products I’m going to make up for it by giving y SN cuts are you getting the SN cut for this phone for this phone I’m doing the airbuds tomorrow and definitely definitely the watch this is the star of the show okay Galaxy watch Ultra this is a beast anyway this is the Samsung AI Galaxy unpacked event hit me up in the comments let me know what y’all think about this and let me say one more thing now I talk a lot of about the Apple Mafia this and Apple banana head peasants that at the end of the day I hope y’all know that we all friends we all like to laugh and joke with each other and um I really want to tell youall a quick story you know while I was up at the Samsung event there was a lot of big YouTubers there and all of that I’m not going to know name any names cuz I don’t want to be looking like I’m chasing clout but one of these you know big YouTubers came up to me and was like yo floss you know one thing I like about your channel is every time I watch your videos I go to the comment section and the comment section seems like y’all all know each other is very friendly even when you’re having disagreements nobody’s calling each other and and you know all that stuff we having you know grown men discussions and grown men disagreements and you know that made me feel good all that made me feel good because over the years that’s what I tried to create I tried to create a community where you know we could call each other banana heads and peasants I know you know we could call each other nut nut Huggers I Samsung nut Huggers y’all just came and straight up nut hug the Apple watch we can say to each other in a friendly way but at the end of the day we all friends and we all family so I want to thank y’all again from the bottom of my heart all of my YouTube subscribers all y cats in the comment section and all of Y cats that that that that give this this channel that family community Vibe I really appreciate that anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what y’all think about this I’m I’m trying not to get emotional like I said I’ve been going through some and um again thanks all of y’all too for for holding me down in this uh Tri time shout out to everybody rocking with me on Facebook for square Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I see y holding down at Facebook page shout out to everybody hitting me up on Boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on Instagram y’all know that’s where I’m at full time 100% full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on Sundays y’all already know stream gangsters on Deck get your drinks ready no meat Boys allow [Music] [Applause] oh yeah Special shout out to everybody following me on Snapchat Flor Carter that’s where I’m at and a special shout out to the notification Squad I’ll see y’all in the comment section early # [Music] salute oh yeah one more thing I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’ haters all y’all trolls close your eyes and Pitch be WR your boy floss out deuces Enterprise SP here Spock one to beam upir Captain get out energize [Music] [Music] hey guys Jerry Springer here uh subscribe to flossy Carter for the real reviews uh he has a tech Channel on YouTube and he already has over 2 million subscribers so uh give him a look uh you may like it and it could be very useful take care of yourself and each other

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