First Neuralink patient plays chess with his mind | The Morning After

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Welcome to the 25th edition of The Morning After. Let’s get into this week’s tech news.

0:00 Intro
0:41 Dyson’s next-gen Robovac
1:23 Neuralink patient plays Chess
1:58 Apple and Google’s AI deal?
2:48 In Other News


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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. @spacewizard69

    When I play chess I always use my mind other than that and you loose

  2. @boxfox2945

    They're planning on turning everbody into the bionary's. Startrek's dark side.

  3. @user-qi3cj2cx5b

    Neuralink/chum bucket mind control helmet/mark of the beast! Revelation chapters 13 & 14, whoever takes it will drink from the full cup of God's wrath & burn in the lake of fire day & night without rest forever! Only Jesus Christ saves.

  4. @tomservo5007

    eye-tracking devices can do the same thing without having Elon's prick stuck in your brain

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