FIRST PROBLEMS! Apple Watch Ultra review – 4 months later

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Apple Watch Ultra – 4 months later review. In this long term Apple Watch Ultra review I share my experiences in what has been mostly a pleasing one. However I have started to have a couple of issues, which I am hoping it’s not serious. One of my favourite discoveries was about Exercise Tracking apps and Sleep tracking apps. Some of which actually make the Apple Watch Ultra go head to head against the Garmin Fenix for example. I also share my favourite and best apps for the Apple Watch Ultra and best accessories for it too. Some of the Apple Watch Ultra loops and bands are shockingly expensive.

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  1. Marcus NZ

    Apple do have some strange ideas when it comes to apps. Sometimes they are so good it is astonishing and sometimes….not. Apple Maps is dreadful, for example. At least, it is here in NZ where it does not have new road updates often enough, lacks local business information etc etc. Google Maps just knocks it into a cocked hat to be honest.

  2. Jessica Bryson

    Nice video. It also annoys me that they don’t have sleep scores etc on the native app.

  3. "If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary." -Jim Rohn

  4. Juan Mm

    The way finder face drains battery fast, I use Nikes instead

  5. Zaptor

    Maybe there is a Bluetooth connection draining your battery that you are unaware of.

  6. Anthony Holland

    Just watch out if you want to hop in the jacuzzi at your gym after a swim or workout. Water with any kind of soapiness or oiliness will not be blasted out properly by the speaker afterwards, then you will have a worry while you run it under clean water trying to get it back to normal.

  7. ElimarLucas

    Mine just arrived when I was watching this video. What a coincidence 🥰🥰

  8. BrunodeMalaisie

    Use WorkOutDoors and AutoSleep….
    I love my Watch Ultra (with Trail Loop dark grey from )
    WOD isn’t expensive and there is no subscription.
    My battery is at 97% (I wore it yesterday night around 10:30pm and i slept with it and I used AutoSleep)
    Unpair and pair it again with your iphone perhaps… It’s what I’d do for sure…
    Have a great day ahead!

  9. The battery life issue mirrors my experience with previous Apple Watch models, but it’s been an easy fix. After some updates, I’ve experienced decreased battery performance. Powering down both the watch and iPhone has corrected it every time. Powering down only the watch has made no difference. I’m uncertain why, but unless it’s been a crazy coincidence each time, the connection between watch and phone appears to be driving the power problem and a simple shut-down of both has restored battery life.

  10. Azeem

    Had the battery drain issue when upgrading to Watch Os 9.2. Had to unpair, reset many times to fix.

  11. Tim Gregory

    When I spend a day away from Wi-Fi AND Bluetooth, the watch relies 100% on cellular and the battery drains much faster. Back home, it is all good

  12. Petar Jovic

    Great vide mate. Regarding the battery performance, I experienced the same issue. Battery life had dropped significantly. I started looking a bit more closely and figured that sensor were on non-stop. That green light was blasting all the time, even when the watch was off my wrist. Simple restart fixed this issue. It happened again few times in weeks apart, but after restart all is back to normal. Not sure what is causing this glitch, but it’s eating the battery.

  13. KCSundevil77

    So many whiny babies on here my God. Always something to complain about. The Ultra is an amazing product.

  14. Great video! Price is just too high, it's the price of a regular model iPhone. If it was priced at 600 I would have bought one settled with a 8 series.

  15. Love my alpine loop- its light and provides the confidence someone who is very active wants; but yes wayy overpriced.

  16. James Wallace

    If you already have apple products and want an Apple Watch then just get the ultra. You won’t regret it.

  17. duongel

    I also noticed a drop in battery life. But I thought it started after I installed a cellular plan on the Apple Watch Ultra, so I didn’t think about it anymore. But after using the Watch the entire day at home in airplane mode, the battery life still dropped more than I am used to 🤔

  18. JoeGeezly

    I agree with the battery life issue. Not sure what it is but the last few weeks I’ve had way worse performance than usual. 2 and a half days max compared to over 3 before.

  19. Jarek Hamala

    I have the same issue with my battery. Since maybe 3-4 days.
    I really need to charge it every day now.
    I do work out but no longer then 1h a day

  20. SRC666

    Using mine with Athlytic which i find provides useful sleep data as well as the exercise tracking. Nil issues so far. Battery is solid, easy to sleep in and my old eyes love the larger screen. Just waiting for my isp to add a wearables plan so i can leave the phone at home a bit more.

  21. Michael Kahn

    Hi Alex. Great video. I’ve also seen battery life fall on my Ultra. Waiting to see if 16.3 addresses the issue.

  22. Nick Chkheidze

    I do not understand why do people buy smartwatches. Totall waste of money.

  23. The TechGeek

    It’s a great Watch. A lil pricey if you’re using it as an everyday Watch but worth it. Battery life is good. Tons of 3rd party band options. Built tough

  24. marius marius

    Stupid money, don't know how anybody can support this company with a clear conscious.

  25. Carl Gayle

    Nice video man. I would get the Ultra if I could afford it, but in the meantime I am happy with my Series 8

  26. Mary Madigan

    Best one ever 🤣 ya the watch is expensive but it’s worth it , the strap are very expensive lovely ones on Amazon at a great price loving the double take 🤣🤣👏🇮🇪

  27. Billy Bigboy

    I like mine but it does keep activating Siri without me asking for it to do that, the face does change on its own, but I do like it.
    Really its not a watch although it will tell you the time its an o wrist computer to call it a watch really doesn’t do it justice.

  28. Kris Vanaut

    I’m sticking to my Garmin 🙂 Hopefully they bring out an LTE version soon with audio support.

  29. Chris Wilmshurst

    Great review Alex! I keep looking at getting one as the S7 doesn't seem overly accurate with fitness data and I'd love the dual GPS of this, but I think I'll live vicariously through you and others until mark 2 comes out!

  30. Lance Domhoff

    Yea no one had the battery issue even in the comments. So really best watch to get from Apple .

  31. TAM340R

    I have my Ultra for 2 weeks now and still I could not figure out the way to find a contact,,,,I mean not by turning the crown….(really not practical) thanks for your help

  32. Jay EM Holla

    My opinion because I have the watch. When I’m listening to music or watching YouTube videos the audio play turns on. So if I’m using my phone or AirPods that audio play is going to turn on the watch I think that’s what kills the battery the most.

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