First Setting to Change in Every PC Game


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  1. I cant reach my monitors 165hz refresh rate with most games, so i dont do this. I play in 4k max settings with ray tracing (if available) so i rarely get to play above 120 fps on a newly released game

  2. @niko2002

    Also youtuber Vex posted the video on capping the fps, the main benefit is that it decreased latency & response time buy a significant amount. It also could get rid of stutter

  3. @wadekelden9924

    Real ones know that using in game fps limits is terrible advice. RTSS does a much better job

  4. @yammie1536

    It should always be at 100%
    If itยดs not, something is too demanding hence running at lower %

  5. @IceNinja2007

    This would only really apply to esoteric single player games, truly. I don't need my GPU trying to churn out 200+ fps in EU4 while pulling 150+ watts.

  6. Bro 60 fps is max and setting the max to 60 just makes everything sluggish so I รถeave it to unlimited because the only other option is 30 amd 30 looks bad ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿข

  7. Not using an FPS cap can cause stuttering, it's as simple as your GPU needs head room. I recommend capping your FPS at your monitor's refresh rate, not like you can see anything higher anyway. I currently use a 6900XT and find using an FPS cap helps when under higher loads, my games run smoother and reduces FPS drops. I also tested this on a EVGA 3080TI and got similar results. If you think about it, it makes sense. for example when looking at the sky your FPS skyrockets (not much to render) then when you look at the ground again it puts a big load on the GPU and if it's already maxed on capacity it can cause stutters. In testing this seems pretty true.

  8. @Ghazm0

    80 to 90 fps are ok to play games tbh, more than that is glutonny and being greed asf or well a cod player

  9. @charakiga

    You can in Nvidia settings, and I will assume AMD settings too, have an fps cap that your GPU is not allowed to go above no matter what you are doing or playing, which should be your monitor's refresh rate

  10. @riba2233

    There are benefits to having more fps than your monitors hz. Also if you want to cap your framerate always use rtss.

  11. Buy expensive power gpu and cpu…end up in fps games, set settings all to lowest and modify some .dll to get more competitive egde hahaha.

  12. @niceyzuzu5036

    Tip i just realize: With amd fluid motion frames cap your fps at half your screens refresh rate

  13. @viperpit-lr2rp

    Funny because i uncap all my games and then lower the game sound, especially music as devs set it way too high and then you go deaf.i do also game @ 1440p on a 4090. Uncapping also can make the game look way better, especially in gta.

  14. @IfritBoi

    Just use MSI afterburner's RivaTuner, you can cap the FPS with it and you won't have to touch the in-game settings at all

  15. @aska221

    game devs be like "lets put in mouse acceleration, motion blur, screen shake, bloom effects, and… oh yea put the volume of everything at 100%"

  16. higher framerates will still provide noticable latency improvements even on 60hz displays, this is due to the display being able to always display the most recent frame produced

  17. @NyZandry

    I mean, at least VSync. Also, NRG is pretty expensive so makes sense.

  18. @Ironicalyy

    My first instinct is to go into the settings and uncap my FPS. So I get every bit of response time

  19. @kawkawshi775

    I speedrun turning off screenshake. I'd like to keep what I ate before thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @wubsi1518

    i cap my fps 20fps over what my monitor can display in case the fps drop

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