Fish Tank Gaming PC Cases…


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  1. @kesean2903

    Yes without the wires to me looks like it’s empty

  2. @steeledgator

    Having worked with a lian li case before, I would never buy it. So much room, but when you actually put the things in there that are supposed to go in there, you don't have enough room. And then the case is like 50 pounds on its own

  3. @Ice_S

    i mean i think the nzxt
    h9 flow is the best cause its still got a good flow and u can put a lot of fans

  4. @anthony23ant

    The thing with airflow is, it has "flow" in it's name, so it has to be in certain way that it could give that "flow" for the components, can't be too open, can't be too closed

    Imagine a wind tunnel, the things car manufacturers use to test aerodynamic on their cars, then just downscale that to the size of a desktop tower, that is the perfect cooling airflow, especially if you used air cooling as oppose to water-cooling, where you actually need to pass cold air through the heatsink and not just cool the water with rads

  5. @jerbsherb4391

    I'm glad these cases exist. You have so much room to work with in the back and all the beauty of your case is on Display without the clutter.

  6. @manumudgal5776

    My fav pc case is deepcool matrex, bcoz that is only I want to afford😂

  7. @habib1971

    Lol this is what we did tucking wires and lines on cars

  8. @facelesscry7441

    I just swapped my case to Lian Li O11D EVO RGB and I’m lovin’ it!

  9. @Adrian-is6qn

    Yeah the Lian Li vision is definitely going too far. I've got LianLi O11 Dynamic EVO myself and it's great got 10 fans with argb looks sweet, temperatures are good too, but i would not buy vision the cooling performance has to suffer with such limited airflow.

  10. @britishneko3906

    Imma just connect my PC to the ventilation system and have the most powerful airflow I can get through all the heatsink

  11. @cghtarheels4286

    I bought the Thermaltake Tower 500 and I couldn't be more happy with how it looks and displays what I spent my hard earned money on creating a badass PC. I will say though every wire is hidden in the back kinda like this case and even with cable management it was a nightmare getting everything back there and in an orderly fashion. I still love the way it looks though and wouldn't trade it for anything.

  12. @RagedGecko

    Honestly all the rgb and glass disgusts me. Side panel of glass? Fine- it doesn’t scratch up the way acrylic does but the best airflow is always going to be with air drawn in from the bottom (or the front or even rear panel if the tower is on the ground sucking up dog hair and dirt) with air radiating out from the top and out the opposite side from the intake.

  13. @Aqquinox

    Fuck optics. That thing chills under my table so a freaking 19" rack would be better then these "style" cases

  14. @Tiltproof

    In a few years you will just not see your pc at all

  15. @Le10White

    Lots of glassso you can see all of yyour componants. Then Lian Li makes an all glass case with one way mirror so you cant. See. Inside! Make that make sense!

  16. Why every vid I see from this guy he sounds like he's hating everything and everyone? Sounds like a douch but may be my problem 😅

  17. @TXG99

    What if u put in hard line cooling

  18. @fancy_potat

    Too bare, the old fish tank design is where it’s at.

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