FitBit Charge 2… would I buy it again 8-months later?

I’ve had the FitBit Charge 2 for 8-months. I’ll tell you what I like and what I dislike. And most importantly, would I buy it again if I could go back in time?

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In this video, I look at the following:
– Step tracking capability
– Price
– Band customizations (Gunmetal series vs. standard black band)
– Sleep tracking
– Heart rate tracking
– Meeting, text, and phone notifications
– Challenges with friends
– Floors
– Steps per hour
– Stopwatch
– Relaxation mode

Featured Bands:
– FitBit Gunmetal Series:
– FitBit Standard Black:
– Benuo Brown Leather Band:
– Skylet Silicon Bands:
– Anstop Sport Band: or

* Benuo, Skylet, and Anstop provided free sample bands for this video. I received no payment for featuring them.

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  1. rana

    It’s not worth it, the heart rate monitor on the watch is very inaccurate therefore it’s not helpful when counting your actual burnt calories during a workout. For example when I’m doing an intense workout like HIIT and I’m so out of breath it tells me that I’m at heart rate 90 (almost relaxed) when it should be around 170. Also it misses a lot of your steps

  2. Flynn

    I have one of these and I would definitely not buy it again. Looks super weird on the wrist and is lacking wayy to many features. Apple watch all the way if you have an iPhone.

  3. Leila Marie

    Really great video! I am deciding between the Fitbit Versa and the Charge 2. Thoughts?

  4. Leila Marie

    By the way you can turn off the setting that reminds you to move every hour 🙂

  5. Aaron Wehrle

    My biggest problem with my Fitbit charge 2 is when I ride my motorcycle. By the time I get to the mailbox it says I'm at 1000 extra steps. It basically is worthless if you spend the day on a motorcycle. That in return messes with your MyFitnessPal totals and everything else. My sleep is very inaccurate but other than that I'm glad I have it.

  6. Cody Lunsford

    no I had one it sucks I liked it tell it stopped working about 6 months of use

  7. Bboy Quest 9

    Make sure that when you buy it you know that the warranty is only for one year. After that you're screwed because the battery and or screen will die out 2-6 months later forcing you to buy a new one. No they don't have a repair shop.

  8. Betty

    I have the charge 2 and i fins the band it came with the teal one it did the same thing the band from the charge he did it bubbled up…but at least I can buy a new band instead of having to replaced the whole thing. I may geta metal band next. I have had the charge 2 for about 10 months.

  9. echo chen

    FitBit Charge cost is so hight,may i invite you make an video on our Tracker?
    with swimming function, HR,Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor, Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Watch with Alarm Clock, Call/SNS/SMS Reminder, Weather Information,only £14 -25.99
    do hope more friends like feifuns fitness tracker.

  10. Raul Navidad

    apple watch only work with your iphone fitib does it with over 3 hundreed compatible devices among ios , android ,google etc

  11. Rich Laue

    There is no workaround for the creen timeout.
    I agree with the relaxed function, but almost 8 thousand people requested this function
    As for floor it uses air pressure and wind can easily full it. If the Fitbit is on the Leeward side of the arm, the pressure is reduced. Having one window open and wind blowing across or in will also affect air pressure.

  12. David Hardwick

    I have a Charge 2 and I absolutely would NOT rebuy – it's expensive and doesn't work was well as I would like. I used a Fitbit One for quite a while and loved it – except that after a while it needed regular rebooting (usually with loss of data…). I went through several before Fitbit stopped selling them. They should have improved the One instead of discontinuing it, since it was the only model that clipped on to your clothing. I personally hate the watch style monitors – they aren't particularly attractive watches/bracelets, and there are far too many activities that do not generate enough movement to register on the Charge 2 (many elliptical trainers, carrying items in the "wrong" hand, bicycle riding, etc.). I don't need the heart monitor, but I do track steps, miles, and floors – the One was perfect for those activities, and I could clip it to a wide variety of clothes (even shoes) to ensure accurate monitoring. I really don't care for the Charge 2. although I make it work by keeping it in a rubber sleeve and keeping that in a pocket. Not ideal, but better than nothing. I wish they would bring back another clip-on model!

  13. Great job Kevin !  I purchased my Charge 2 just 1 week ago and it's terrific – working just as advertised. This comment may not be related to the topic but you have an excellent on-camera persona. Seriously ! Of course  I have absolutely no idea what career path you have chosen but I really feel you should consider looking into a broadcasting / on-air type of situation.  Anyway, all the best to you and yours,  Terry

  14. hippa2dahoppa2

    i literally sit on my ass the ENTIRE day, but then i go out and do a 2 hour bike ride or 2-5 hour hike. does this thing let me just start and stop it to count specifically when i leave. literally thats all i need it for is to track what im doing when i want it to once i get to the park. i dont need it recording my heart the entire day like a doctor. all i need is a simple gps, time used, calories burned. and to be able to turn that on and off when i please. they make this shit so difficult lol

  15. charlotte darras

    Hi! I know that this video is really old, but I have a question. I’m 12 years old, my 13th birthday is in a month, and I really want one of these. I wear a traditional watch everyday, and I’d like to have more features on my daily device. I’d like to know your opinion; do you think there are any features on here that would be useful for a person my age? I mean, I like that it sends you your notifications and tells the time (basically I like all of the features), but is there one in particular that I’m missing? Do you think it’s an appropriate device for a teen?

  16. Dave Tech

    I can't get my notifications to work on the watch any ideas how please would much appreciate it I have the charge 2

  17. Dave Tech

    Also doesn't this rince your battery power by you needing your locations turned on and Bluetooth all day?

  18. Victor Hitt

    I agree with everything you was saying my health is about to be my main focus

  19. Patrick Galloy

    My anwer would be NO as after one year and half , the battery is down and cannot be replaced. Definitively FITBIT is not a great sustainablle developmennt company

  20. Effy Traveler

    Should anyone buy the charge 2, I have the charge 2 and agree with what he's said. I should mention that Fitbit is known to have flawed bands that separate and break apart as it gets worse. There are videos to try and fix this when it starts to separate. I haven't done them. It is a great device. I wish they would produce a better-made band.

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