Fix Chrome Spell Check Not Working 2018

Fix Chrome Spell Check Not Working 2018

Just a quick video on fixing the spell checker not working in Google Chrome. This works on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

This can fix chrome spell check disabled greyed out

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  1. shadowspawn ss

    You are awesome. I tried and I wonder what exactly changed. I should've backed up my prefs and then did a diff between the two; the old one and the new one. I actually WANT this to happen again.

  2. Trev Mac

    worked for me man,thanks,happy spring 2019

  3. Laura Kerry

    Thank you so much! My emails have been shocking for weeks since the red squiggly line disappeared.

  4. Jethro Gillgren

    Would love to see an updated version, as this is now out of date and doesn't work.

  5. Terri Rickman

    Thank you ever so much, an Advanced Tech Support site could not fix this and you did !!!

  6. Mark Edwards

    damn it! just say it. don't need a full length video!

  7. Platinum Monster

    Spell a word incorrectly; highlight that word; then right click; highlight "spell check" in the dialogue box; click "Language settings"; (a new tab will open); Turn on "spell check" under Languages. This worked for me as of November 12, 2019

  8. Rynnex

    My problem is a bit different the red line is there and whatnot but when I go to click for the correct spelling it won't register.
    Any suggestions?

  9. Mine isn't grayed out. It's turned on.
    But the red line under incorrect spellings disappears and slowly reappears. Sometimes it disappears as I right-click and the correction option doesn't show up. Other times, I click the correct word and it doesn't update the incorrect spelling.

  10. Karen O

    Shouldn't I Know by now, You've got it All Covered. TOP of page awaits my answer of search for no spell check.
    Thanks Brian! What ever made it Stop checking, i'll never know . . . will I; Do you? lol
    Oh No! i have misspellings out there! i wondered why words seemed to be spelled correctly. All Fixed! = )

  11. bones007able

    mine is enabled …. but it still does nothing since a chrome update….

  12. tuesday630

    The only place mine doesn't work is in Hotmail using Chrome. It's like Hotmail is blocking all spell checking.

  13. Michael Peters

    The spellcheck is enabled, but not working, or working erratically and randomly. Options aren't grayed out… I can change the language, if I want, easily… it just doesn't WORK.

  14. My version of W10 is apparently way different from yours. These popups are not available on any of my PC's. It's even different from one W10 pc to another. They say completely different things. Nothing says check spelling of text fields. Nothing says all languages.

  15. BumOn TheCorner

    My spell check is on. It sometimes tells me a word is misspelled but if I keep typing out the sentace in periodocially appear and disappears as i complete the sentance.

  16. Daniel Phillips

    If before you do anything of help you ask for a subscribe you do not get one, you get a thumbs down. Your fix didn't work.

  17. Smart Halayla

    Thanks for the tips. hat about this.

    On a fresh Brave browser install, when writting words with spelling mistakes, no squiggly line under the wrong words.

    On settings-advanced-language this is written-

    "Spell check dictionary download failed.

    Please check with your network administrator to make sure that the firewall is not blocking downloads from Brave servers."

    Stopped both windose firewall, and antiviruse, and still got the same message.


    Thanks in advancd.

  18. mike stang

    ub ybi u6b rfuofli7gpo8 ygom,hy[0ohy [p9]-,uu0.]-0u.]-0u9]-, doen't work

  19. Alex Bevacqua.

    My spell check does the red underlining but then doesn't autocorrect , and I can't figure out how to turn autocorrect on. Any tips?

  20. Flapkatt

    lovely, but outdated. I relly want spellcheck for youtube. weird, just can't find a way to do it. Wondurring (?SEE??) what whould mike it wurk.

  21. jimkats1

    Thank you for the video, I had this issue for like a month.

  22. Johnny Star

    wow, im back here, looks like i have this problem again, why does this keep happening

  23. Kate Sarginson

    Thank you so much. This has been driving me crazy and I got it fixed thanks to you!

  24. Doc !!!

    nope, stilll not working. The red wigerly line apperars but when I put the curser over it and click nothing happens, but this is only happening on youtube coments, in google docs its still working. Im using a chromebook.

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