Use Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues or BSOD. This Error is attempting to read the boot configuration data.

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /ScanOs

bootrec /rebuildbcd

To do this, type the following commands at the Windows RE command prompt:
bcdedit /export C:BCD_Backup
cd boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
ren c:bootbcd bcd.old
bootrec /RebuildBcd

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  1. Lejla Subasic

    So after you install windows 10 on a flash drive, you just plug it into the problem pc? But then which option do you select from F1-9 ?

  2. Do we need to insert the USB to the computer which we want to repair??
    And if we need do this what after inserting that USB??

  3. Ryan Titus

    It didn’t work for me, did everything as told

  4. Chris Wolf

    What format we must do and second what name will be our USB?

  5. Oza

    Congratulations for a new subscriber! Thank you so much for your help & you deserve it!!! β€πŸ‘

  6. non

    Finally found a solution
    For people who still getting the access denied error or bfsvc error
    Just type bootsect /nt60 sys before the boot fix command then just follow everything in the vid

  7. Ethan Hayes

    Hey I don’t have the file origin of the error dose that mean anything?

  8. LegalRubbish

    whenever i finish downloading the windows 10 thing it does not do anything execpt repeat the instalation then it got rid of all my things, what is going on?


    I have a question
    1. I have taken out my hard disk and completely formatted by making it as a external hard disk on another pc . All drives were blank.
    2. Then when I inserted my hard disk again which is completely blank with no windows or whatsoever. Error 00000f is coming.
    3. I have made a bootable pen drive for windows 10 but still this error is coming . I have made my boot priority to usb. But still this error is coming .

    How can I resolve this error


    Will your above mention solution will work as I have use some other person pc . And also tell me wether I have to install that windows tool to already existed bootable pendrive or this tool will install the whole new set up again

  11. B Brown

    Actually NOTHING worked from this video, there was error about acces denied and not finding right path for C: and other type of stuff. But I simply just tried to install new windows and windows said that i have to set username and password and I tried to name it like my old account, but windows said i can't so that is when i knew something is wrong… Then i just added 1 to my previous name and i logged to windows on brand new account and then just logged on old account and it works ! I had to download some drivers and etc. and now in fact I with my own hands resolved this error πŸ™‚

  12. Spk Siba

    Hey man, after "bootrec /fixboot" it says access denied. What can be the issue here?

  13. DIPIN C

    Is this applicable for windows 8.1

  14. scar let

    Bcdedit /export c:bcdbackup it says "the store export operation has failed. The requested system device cannot be found. " can someone help ?

  15. Doora Mac

    Hi there I have problem with this error code 0xc0000225 before I can access to the the page that have a lot of options restore start-up repair and so but now it shows the above error code, I can access to the BIOS,

  16. Doora Mac

    The problem also I can't access the command prompt too

  17. Will doing this method delete all the files you have on your pc? Im pretty hesitant do to this method because the files might be deleted on my pc.

  18. Madi Lee

    How did you open the set up page on the corrupted computer. I put the USB in turn computer on. What to click?

  19. Arden Jay P_

    Hi there! Will this also work with Windows 11? Please, I need your help.

  20. Charles Taylor

    Wait so when you have downloaded the software on another working pc onto the usb flash drive, do you put it into the broken pc and it will boot to the install page for Windows 10?

  21. AGM WEST

    Hi: at the second command "bootrec /fixboot I receive "Access Denied" Windows 10, 64bit Asus A78M-E motherboard.

  22. Mark Kelly

    Hi all worked until I got to bcdedit /export C:bcdbackup then it said the store export operation has failed. System cannot find the file specified. Can you help

  23. mr bike5

    I tried this it
    After the second line of code I got
    'this request could not be performed because of an i/o device error'
    And a new error 0xc0000185

  24. e e

    Help, it doesnt detect my windows installation

  25. Diesel Wicks

    After "bcdedit /export c:bcdback up" i get error "The store export operation failed "
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

  26. Raphael Arpa

    I have a laptop that's using Win 7 and it's facing this problem. Since Windows stopped Win7 , I can't download it so I'll have to upgrade it to 10. By using the cmd are my files going to be deleted?

  27. YAKA FLR

    Bro plz help me. I cant install windows or reset or anything. It keep coming recovery blue screen. What to i do. Anyone plz help me

  28. charlotte tobias

    Thank you for this. Looked at a dozen guides but this was the only one that actually went deep enough to fix the problem

  29. Darrel Agojo

    Unfortunately, I don't have USB because my father is irresponsible enough to lose all of them. He even slept without fixing my pc.

  30. Ben taker Reigns

    When I txt bcdedit /export c:bcdbackup … It reply the export operation has failed and the system cannot find the file specified … Plzz. Give me tha correct solution I am scared 😨😨😨😨… Plzz solution plzz… Any one…

  31. Weeby

    The 2ed command is showing access denied pls help

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