Fix Missing Network Profile in Windows 10

Fix Missing Network Profile in Windows 10

If you are trying to change from public to private network or
change from private to public network and the options is missing for settings panel in Windows 10, then it might be easier to solve than you think. Whats the whole video and seee a step by step guide to resolve this Missing Network Profile in Windows 10 problem.


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  1. Ammar Tech

    Can you please have a video of fixing '' An unexpected condition occurred. Not all of your requested changes in settings could be made '' when changing the DNS or IP on my machine ..?
    i googled it and couldnt find a fix for it …

  2. have you ever heard of a problem in windows 10 (latest version) where I reboot into safe mode with networking and there is no Internet connection…tried everything….even baffled Microsoft help center…I did your reinstall repair method reinstalling windows…still no Internet in safe mode???? I am hardwired to a very high end modem and have a high end Internet provider / service. I even tried to connect to the modem via wifi…i was connected to the modem but still no internet

  3. Uknow Metwo

    Thanks for the gr8 video. I have the same problem but have no 3rd party anti virus. Dont see any sertings in ms defender.

  4. ASgfjyhgyi

    It was a very BIG problem with internet dongles in build 1709. We was must entering manually IP and other data to start internet connection.
    Windows 10 – we fix old and add new bugs in every new builds!

  5. Damnation

    I found that if I turn uac down one level the option comes back up. You can move it down to change to pub or private and then turn uac back up

  6. Its me

    This has been very helpful. Thanks

  7. Lisa Wilton

    Thank you! This totally solved my problem with my Steam Link not detecting my PC. Turns out it was down as a public connection and I couldn't find how to change it until I saw this.

  8. chipledhungaman

    Cheers for this, Britec09 is my first (and often last) stop when anything goes wrong!

  9. Leandro Tami

    why the hell they felt the need of hiding this option? I have no extra antivirus or anything. They should not hide options from users.

  10. Tottino

    Thank you so much from Italy! I didn't think it was avast to block any network settings!

  11. jookieapc

    Are you basically saying that if you lost that option because you have AVAST to go and change the setting? What if I don't have AVAST?

  12. Larry

    Hi. Could you tell me if there is any way I can PERMANENTLY set my Network Profile to Private? Reason I ask is that I use a Mobile Hotspot only for my home network using Windows 10. Upon startup, it must automatically throw the toggle to Public. Had one helluva time trying to figure out why I was having printer problems. Solved that finally, but it's a nuisance to switch this toggle back to Private at every startup….but still no more printer issues. Thanks in advance. Larry

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