You are currently viewing Fix Night Light Option Disabled in Windows 10

Fix Night Light Option Disabled in Windows 10

Fix Night Light Option Disabled Greyed Out in Windows 10

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Open Notepad and Copy & Paste text below.

All files and Save as Fix_Night_Light.reg

Restart Computer


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







Still not working? try deleting these files

Navigate to:


Delete the following subkeys:


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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Koko Marten

    Easy fix!.. Go to your device manager or search device manager.. select Display adapters.. right click on Intel(R) HD Graphics… Disable then Enable. 100% works.

  2. my frog

    Mine is bad bad badly dark dimed I cant see anything I have to go slow for everything

  3. Matthew Cirola

    when i go into the registry editor, the files dont come up. help!!!!!!!!

  4. Vansh Aggarwal

    don't be a fool and dint say it doesn't work because i am pretty sure most of you don't even read the description properly

  5. tarun meddya

    i was try first method in windows XP and its really work.thanks

  6. S A

    it didn’t work what should i do 😭

  7. Boo ooo

    do both actions need to do the backup on the laptop first or not before doing it?

  8. aiden smith

    It messed my pc up 🥺 do u know how to restore them?

  9. Matthew Bowman

    I just started having this problem tonight. Perhaps the editor file you provide is out of date now; I only got the following. "Cannot import C:Users…: The specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor. "
    This is the only fix I haven't found anywhere else, and nothing else is working either. I can't even delete the subkeys because they don't exist.

  10. Rynnex

    I tried the first method and it just gave me a error message saying.
    The specified file is not a registry script.
    You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.

    Also I've tried the second method as well and well…still grayed out…
    Any advice?

  11. Sagar Jena

    everytym the code comes back whenever I shut down or restart..

  12. Kevin Hines

    there were steps skipped in this tutorial cause i copy/pasted the text into notepad but that does literally nothing. I double click on the desktop icon and it just opens notepad yet when you double click it it does something completely different.

  13. Be Quiet

    Man thank you so much!!!!! Blessing to you!!!!

  14. I just plugged in the charger and it worked lmao
    no need to do shit with regedit or install some risky program

  15. Joe

    Im going to do this since its the only one that seems legit I will see if it works well for me at least

    Edit: First option didnt work prob because there was no $$

    to be found I just updated my pc and hours later I was chilling when I reset my pc and my screen was all blue and its annoying my eyes arent having a good time and the settings for night light are disabled

  16. 2s Attitude

    thks bro thnks alot its very useful and genuis know this tnks again

  17. Shrinath K

    Both methods didn't work for me I tried all methods linke disable driver, etc but nothing work for my laptop😞😔

  18. TheSasudomi

    It ain't working even after deleting those 2 key programs. What's more, they are back right after restarting and the light still ain't working. Lol.

  19. CarlosV

    For those who have the problem of "This is not a script file" instead of putting the editor version in spanish you have to put it in english; Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 at the top line and be careful to not have a blank line before the registry version and to have a blank line after the registry version.

  20. GadTec H

    nothing works for me…I've tried almost all fixes but still
    anyone can help?

  21. Gargi Mekhale

    Thanks a lot, Brian. It worked successfully. And very nice video.

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