Fix No Internet Access in Windows 10

Fix No Internet Access in Windows 10

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How to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED No Internet

Open Command Prompt as Admin and run these commands

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renewnetsh int
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

or use

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  1. Boskey

    Checking with your ISP online to troubleshoot isn't viable if you can not access the internet. Checking the router lights, restarting the router, and checking cables is about all most users will be able to do before calling the ISP, by telephone. to have them check the line condition to the router.

  2. hamrad88

    Recently my Win10 OS has hard to read fonts for the File Explorer. I tried to change it but all it would do is show me the installed fonts. Searching the internet shows other people have similar problems and MS basically says you can no longer change fonts. File Explorer font is really hard to read. The font is a very thin font. Do you have any suggestions? I am now looking for a different File Manger to replace the one in Windows. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. TS computers

    How to laptop BIOS back-up new file flash please video Sir

  4. R Berry

    What happened to the add-on button from yesterday?

  5. Gabrielo

    wow so ironic.. this came up and my internet is having issues right now…

  6. Eagle Ales

    Another very helpful video for internet fixing problem solved, thanks, Brian.

  7. Andre Racicot

    try the software ComIntRep_x64 or NetAdapter Repair 1.2 it is to boost the internet connextion intrernet explores and other like firefox google crome.merci and well has you cincerment your P.R

  8. R Berry

    People are scared of new things. Just a small stipend will help get more creative and wider themed content. But there are always the entitled. I'll try to help when possible.
    Also, I see you at Careys' channel, he hasn't mentioned you in "chat" recently when I'm there, but I work odd hours.

  9. Harry Burton

    Excellent video and very timely for us network wannabes. Thanks.

  10. LFactoRve

    since w10 i got alot this shit but internet is working without problem and suddenly puff yellow icon so annoying and frustrating. for no fkg reason i cant fixit with anything clean system, new router it keep happens.

  11. Bro put video for increasing ram in pc. Games are not supporting in my pc only 2gb ram.plzzzzzz bro how to increase ram in pc

  12. The most important thing Brian is to be sure you know how to power on your router 😋

  13. Jarno lindgren

    I have had an similiar problem since sundays small windows 10 update. My connection is sluggish, no games update properly like path of exile, diablo 3, and games in nox/bluestacks like idle heroes, hyper heroes etc… i can play them but at some point the connection is lost and game shuts down. Never had this problem before so i have no damn idea what to do. Would this tutorial help in my situation? I dont wanna change anything unless im 100% sure its save.

  14. declan long

    you sir are a life saver + 1 sub My daughters computer was without interwebz for days.

  15. boop

    Britec didn’t help me this time… 🙁

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