Fixing Blurred Top of iPhone Wallpaper: Easy Steps for 2024

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so you might be in a situation where for some reason the top of your iPhone wallpaper is actually blurred so if you go and actually look at your wallpaper now you can see mine is not blurred but if you were to go and kind of take a look at your wallpaper or if you creating a new wallpaper and the top portion is blurred the reason for this is because iOS 17 has given this new capability of basically blurring the top P portion of your wallpaper if you actually zoom in so if you go and take a look at a specific wallpaper sometimes it’ll happen sometimes it won’t but if I were to go ahead and add a new wallpaper right if you go and see basically what’s going on like let’s say I have this wallpaper if I go and actually just zoom in like this it may start actually looking like your particular wallpaper at the top is going to start blurring so if the top of your wallpaper is blurred it’s because you’re actually zooming it just like that you can see I just zoomed in and zoomed out you can see it’s going to start blurring the top of that wallpaper so if for some reason that’s happening it’s because you’re basically zooming in and or you’re basically zooming out and that’s what you want to avoid so what’s going to end up happening is it’s going to like like randomly try to go ahead and kind of like generate some portion at the very top so that is what you want to avoid doing is basically scrolling at the top or the bottom of your particular wallpaper because what’s actually happening here is that it’s generating the top portion of this wallpaper so if you want to avoid that you want to zoom down and you want to just make sure that is not basically the top portion of your wallpaper isn’t actually zoomed in now if you take a look at that wallpaper compared to the one I just had you can see there’s a big difference so to fix this do not zoom into your wallpaper just keep it zoomed out and that that is the main way to go and fix this problem so again do not zoom into the top portion of your wallpaper because if you do that you can see how much more different this wallpaper looks like than the other wallpaper that I have which is the actual one that I have right here which is this one so do not zoom into the top just go ahead and basically just zoom out if you’re going to zoom in zoom into the bottom portion do not zoom into the top portion so that’s basically how it goes if you have any other thoughts or questions let me know in the comment section below hit the like button know me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button more importantly everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out [Music] [Music] [Music]

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