Foldable OLED iPad Pro? 🤯

Future concepts of foldable or slidable iPad Pro, based on prototypes of flexible OLED shown by Samsung Display at DisplayWeek 2023.

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  1. MrKiskaloo

    Reminds me a bit of the "global" handheld communicators from the TV show "Earth: Final Conflict"

  2. Grant Boucher

    What a truly horrible song playing in the background. 🙁

  3. David Lazarus

    Probably too fragile for an iPad display, but it could allow a TV to expand for widescreen movies and shrink for other formats.

  4. JfLSpawny

    Never thought id live long enough to see this!

  5. Amd if you thought durabikity of foldable phones are bad lomg-term, heres an infinitley worse and more fragile tech that is a gimmick. The only application where this might be useful is at home to change aspect ratios but I don't think enough people have that big of an issue with black bars to justify the price and could just as eaisky save money and get a bigger TV. Literally who is this intended for besides people why just want some new bleeding edge crap?

  6. innocent

    Next time please leave out the awful music. This takes away the professionalism that we know from the channel and makes it to tiktok trash

  7. Tech advancements are nice but I fail to see a widespread super cool application for this. iPads are lightweight with a small footprint as it is.

  8. Matt Davis

    It’s cool, but I just don’t see enough useful applications for this.

  9. Crazy_Rage

    Isn't think Samsung tech? Is the 'iPad' part just clickbait?

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