For PRO-s ONLY πŸ‘‰ The ULTIMATE Creator PC Buying & Build GUIDE | $4000+ Best-Bang-For-Buck [Part 4]

If you didn’t have a BUDGET problem, what PC would you build as a creator? THIS ONE!

AD: Black Friday Sale Whokeys 25% Coupon Code: TN20
Windows 10 Pro OEM ($17):
Windows 11 Pro OEM ($22.8):
Windows 10 Home ($14.7):
Office 2019 Pro Plus ($48):

βœ… Recommendation
➑ Equal Alternative as ‘Recommendation’, but there for price comparison.
βž• Upgrade Option
⬇ Downgrade Option


πŸ‘‰ CPU
βœ… [Contact frame recommended]

πŸ‘‰ Contact Frame [CPU]


βœ… [Contact frame recommended]
βž• N/R (not Recommended)

πŸ‘‰ SSD [OS]
❗ [Storage workflow guide]

πŸ‘‰ SSD [Project]
βœ… or

πŸ‘‰ RAM
βž• (2x of these kits to reach 192GB in total)

πŸ‘‰ GPU

πŸ‘‰ PSU


βž• (5x of 3Packs, 15 fans in total)

❗ Might need this screwdriver kit:

🟩 Workflow Bottlenecks & Upgrade Importance 🟩

🟩 PC build guides 🟩

🟩 How to configure the software 🟩

🟩Testing Your PC 🟩

πŸ‘‡β—οΈPC Builds for Creators [Latest]β—οΈπŸ‘‡
➑️ $750 BB4B (Best-Bang-For-Buck) PC
➑️ $1500 BB4B Creator PC
➑️ $2500 BB4B Creator PC
➑️ $4000 BB4B Creator PC

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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
Edited by Sam Ruddick
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-The Recorder + Mic I Use:
-Shotgun Mic I Use:
-My Main Headphones [CHEAP]:
-My Main Headphones 2.0 [NOT CHEAP]:

-A-roll Camera:
-Lens for A cam:
-B-Roll Camera:
-Top Down Cam:
-Main Bokeh Lens 4 Sony:
-The Wide Angle beast w OS:

-Main Fill Light:
-Hair & RGB Lights I use:
-RGB Tube Wall Light Behind me:
-The Fire effect light:

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0:00 It’s gonna be crazy!
0:33 Sponsored Segment
0:54 NOTE: Different Budgets & Latest Version
1:33 Motherboard
2:23 CPU & 6Ghz PRO tip
4:02 SSD (OS & Project)
5:15 RAM & Tips
5:56 GPU
6:15 PSU
6:30 CASE
8:20 AD: The Chair for the setup
9:25 The ULTIMATE Level
9:46 Motherboard Upgrade
10:30 CPU & Cooler Upgrade
10:49 COOLER & Contact Frame Upgrade
10:45 SSD Upgrades
12:18 RAM Upgrade
13:22 GPU Upgrade & Tips
14:34 PSU Upgrade
15:49 FANs & Upgrade & Tips!
16:50 TOTAL Upgrade Price and MIX & MATCH
17:45 NOTE 1 – Which Upgrade to do?
18:13 NOTE 2 – Build Guides & other videos


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  1. Big Fire

    Nessuno: dimmi che sei un fan di Ronaldo senza dirmi che sei un fan di Ronaldo

  2. Haies 09

    I need a spare $5000 laying around 😊

  3. Langa Mtimkulu

    Threadrippers are coming SOON……can we expect a Part 5?
    i wanna see TX50 in action before I pull the trigger and bankrupt myself……also please experiment with using a Intel A77O for Quicksync and RTX4090 for rendering

  4. 2x biggest Epyc, microsystems mobo, 2TB RAM, 2x M6000, 4090, T-bolt card, USB sound + blackmagics cams and stuff. Done.

  5. dcpantou

    Please make this kind of videos that the budget includes peripherals as well. Particularly monitor(s) and speakers.

  6. I want to see you build these computers and Benchmark them and take thermal readings to see which ONE is the Best of the Best Best Value computer build. Which one of these would be the Best Value Deal at current component supply and prices.

  7. NerdAl

    There is absolutely no sense in running NVMe SSD in a raid 0, even if the bios supported it. Remember the lanes? It might be different in a Threadripper config though. And yeah, about the money wisely spend, I think this is the point to make systems for production studios, they don't care so much about the budget, but the time it takes to export their data correctly and with the confidence that the system can handle it.

  8. AmigoDesigns

    I have a similar setup (watched a ton of videos of yours before deciding), for CAD, 3D modeling, rendering, animations and a few simulations.

    But I went with the 7950X instead and a X670E Pro Art as I wanted to have some future upgradability.

    Rest of the specs: Fractal North black with window, RTX 4090 FE, Deepcool ASSASSIN IV, Corsair Vengeance 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30, Western Digital Black SN850X 4 TB and be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1300 W 80+ Titanium.

    Also required a 90 degree 16pin adapter for the gpu, and a gpu support.

    So far quite happy with the machine, no issues, silent and really powerful but I have limited the CPU to 150W and the 4090 to 320W with UV.

  9. Since I have a better experience as a 3D creator with AMD, I've put together the following system:
    – CPU: 7950x – I'll switch the CPU to the upcoming 8000 series Ryzen when they are available.
    – AIO: Silent Loop 2
    – Mobo: ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO (due to PCI slot spacing for dual GPU)
    – RAM: 192GB DDR5 5200
    – Storage: 3x Kingston Fury 2TB, 1x Exos 16TB
    – GPU: 2x 4090 Phantom
    – PSU: Seasonic Prime PX-1600
    – Case: Meshify 2XL with Fractal North Wood front mod
    – Main Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U4021QW

    Pretty Happy so far πŸ™‚ A TR System is sadly no option, because of the bad single core power.

  10. Paul Clarke

    id just like to say about the thermal paste. kryonaut is for hardcore overclocking on liquid nitrogen and hydronaut is for water cooling.. you will see no difference in temps using kryo with water cooling but using hydro with LN2 will go dry at sub zero temps. its in the name, so save some cash people…

  11. 12900KS ,Artic freezer II 420MM ,64 Go Ram DDR 5 6000MHZ ,3x WD Raid 0 Nvme, 2 WD Nvme Raid 1 Backup , 2x Intel Arc A770 16Go PSU Corsair Shift 1000W ❀❀❀ Super fast Computer

  12. nykyman

    Can I put an intel arc with a nvidia 4090? wil I have a gain in performance? when this kind of configuration will be usefull and when it's not?

  13. mak4374

    Sorry, I haven't even watched the video, I just wanted to say that maybe you should create more "budget friendly how to's". I understand the attraction of "the life of the rich and famous, champagne and caviar envy" videos, but some of us are actually interested in…you know, creating, and the people who can afford these machines are not going to be watching your videos as much as the rest of us who are trying to find ways to create-for-less. Those not-so-fortunate, we are your bread n' butter. We are the ones who stick with you, why would those who can afford to build these high end computer watch you?


    Important to remember!! CL ratings are directly related to the SPEED of the memory. So a 5600MHz CL28 is not directly comparable to a 6800MHz CL36 when looking at 28 vs 36. When you account for the speed difference, there's only a 1.06x / 6% difference between the two latency stats. Barely noticeable in pretty much any workload scenario.

    Also now that the Intel 14 cpus are out, we can safely say that an increased 1% performance for the 14900K is hardly worthy 150 bucks, so I'd rather throw that money towardssomething like an NVME expansion card or something similar, which can work well with the single-gpu setup for storage expansion. Could also be an independent video capture card for those who do a lot of streaming or screening of their workflow, that don't want to compromise the GPU performance uptime.

  15. Artem Dzhadzha

    I feel like I did something wrong πŸ™‚ My config was $4500 about a year ago, and it's not finished yet πŸ™‚ 13900K, Asus TUF Z790, Noctua NH-U12A, ARCTIC MX-6, Kingston Fury 4×16 ddr5 6400, WD SN850X 3x2TB, ASUS TUF 4090 OC, ASUS GT502 case, Corsair PSU, Windows OEM, Grizzly frame, 6x Noctua NF-A12x25. Nearest – custom water cooling, which is I suppose +$500 or +$1000
    PS: not even my main working PC. Mostly games and very rarely work (software development). The main working machine is a Mac mini M1.

  16. Apephamous

    Is it possible to install two Gigabyte waterforce RTX4090?

  17. B J

    Are there any pre built custom pcs with these specs I can buy?

  18. Slerp

    I would argue the 14700k or 14900k would be better options here, my 14700k scored very close to the 13900k in synthetic multicore benchmarks, and one point behind on single thread, all for the price of $400, about $150 less than the 13900k

    Edit: I just compared my 14700k to others and it seems I got some good silicon, nice. But still I think its a better buy than the 13900k

  19. O.B.A

    Love this series it really help to know where we stand with pc parts pricings and just wanted to let you know, proart made a new pc case and they revealed they're AIO 420 i hope we can see those soon on your channel it is really promising case, fractal torrent style but more designed and configured for creators🀩🀩🀩

  20. mark

    Is the Thunderbolt 4 on the Pro Art Z790 'still' an unresolved issue? For audio production that can be very important. Are there 'other' ASUS of Z790 mobos in general, that are experiencing the TB4 issue. Are there any Z790 mobos that 'are not' having TB4 issues?

  21. undefwun

    Can't wait to build my next creator PC. Gonna bite the bullet and build a custom water loop with a waterblock on the GPU and delidded CPU. Waiting for the 8950X, if i go with consumer CPU.

    Although been eyeing the 7970X, depending on money and reviews though. Should be sooooon. Saw some TRX50 mobo announcements the other day and can't lie the idea of running 32 cores with 4 memory channels is pretty exciting. The cost will be prohibitive though.

  22. undefwun

    Is there a point of having a separate drive as a scratch disk anymore or the OS drive is big and fast enough to handle that?
    Can you tell its been a while since I built a PC? lol

  23. VMXGroove

    Thank you for posting your helpful videos. Since money is no object: I'd like to go with 128GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DD5 Ram 5600 CL40 but do (4 sticks of 32GB). Has the whole 4 sticks of RAM thing been corrected yet? Also, if you use a Gen5 M.2, does that make that top PCIe card slot drop from 16 to 8? Last, I know it's expensive but I'd go with the Gigabyte Z790 AORUS XTREME X motherboard. It has Thunderbolt and S/PDIF connectors. I also do audio recording. These connections allow for Presonus Quantum audio interface for complex audio mixing projects.

  24. JayzBeerz

    The 5900X is down to $299.99 now. Great deal for AM4 board owners.

  25. Joe Smith

    Do you consider the Lian Li Galahad II 360 AIO to be better than the EK Nucleus CR360 AIO? You seemed to really like both.

  26. ilias kapatos

    I would suggest the 2x48GB G.SkillΒ DIMM DDR5-6400 (total 96GB), as they run fast and stable even tuned up to 6800MHz and this on a AM5 platform, so this shouldwork also with intel, and DaVinci Resolve runs significant faster than with my old 2x32GB 6000Mhz RAM.

  27. Jason Taylor

    I'd actually spend around $5k on the main rig but then use any extra cash to upgrade the networking (10g), and more importantly, getting a solid NAS (at least 4 bay) and fully populating it with NAS hard drives.

  28. PA- PYRO

    I think an amd cpu makes the most sense in the top end like the 7950x. I have a 7800x3d with a rx6950xt and have no problem in blender or my music software I hope amd motherboards come down a little bit tho there still a little high and its not surprising my gigabyte board is basically a solid block of aluminum

  29. You mentioned using the Lian Li AIO in push/pull configuration would you use 6 P28 fans or would you use 3 P28's and the 3 fans supplied?

  30. I'd use the ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme Intel Edition for a Xeon processor? Wouldn't this be applicable?

  31. Very good components selection! I also advice phanteks enthoo pro 2 case, very nice for building and spacy! Thanks for amazing video as always.

  32. Md.Monirul Islam

    If 3050 's price 15$ more than arc a750 , which one should I take for graphic design? I use photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max even adobe after effects, premier pro etc. which one will be good value for my opinion between these item? Thank you.

  33. Mohammad Reza

    Hey, please compare new m3 max with the same price intel machine in Premiere and the workflow.

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