Fortnite: Mastering Movement on Consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch)

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show you guys how to run Sprint slide and crouch on fortnite whether you’re playing with the Xbox the PlayStation or the Nintendo switch okay so very simple here okay so if I’m running well first thing is let me show you how to crouch okay this right stick here you just bend out just press it see you’re crouching same thing with switching seats you just click this when you’re in a car okay now if you want to run you just press up if you want to Sprint you press down the left stick and then up so down then up oops as you’re running down and then up and you can see that thing so we’re sprinting right now okay now if you want to slide you have to Sprint and then press down on here okay so wait till my white light comes up here so now I’m going to Sprint ready I’m going to Sprint and now I’m going to slide right here boom see jump I’m going to slide again boom there you go pretty simple

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