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FREE baby monitor using Skype

Learn how to set up a FREE and effective baby monitor using only Skype and the devices you already have. All you need is a PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux), phone, or Xbox for this to work. Keep an eye and ear on your little one with high quality video and audio.

The three things you need for this to work:
1. A baby to monitor (or something else to monitor, but hopefully not your neighbor!)
2. At least two devices (like a PC or an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone)
3. Multiple free Skype accounts (one for each device)

Then you can call each account and connect as many devices to the stream as you’d like. Hope this helps! If you found this video useful, please like and subscribe for future videos like this.


For full disclosure, I work at Microsoft and Skype is owned by Microsoft.


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  1. DJ Kevin Tracy

    Thank you so much. My wife forgot our baby monitor while we were traveling. Such a lifesaver.

  2. Semmina Ryu

    Your little baby is so cute!! What if someone trying to call you on the phone? Um..

  3. Eni

    is it wise though to leave a wifi device so close to your baby …..with all radiation and stuff

  4. Ruediger Sonntag

    Awesome vídeo, could you please give me a hint of how to set UP laptop
    x smartphone.
    Best Regards

  5. Madrileño 93

    That's a very plush and puffy comforter for a baby…aren't you supposed to keep them from such things? Suffocation risk?

  6. Lorena Villa

    Techie parent hack! I don't even have a baby, but now I know 🤣

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