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  1. Giorgi S

    No way I have same phone and case as u !!!! Ur an icon

  2. Shaun Clarke

    You guys- realise ur not supposed to HOLD condensers right- they come with mounts to put them on an arm or a stand for a reason

  3. MrCharly619

    Yeah Free for you'll, because your uncle Tim Cook gives you all apple new devices……

  4. Chris Cuff

    Love you guys, and I'm sure you were kidding, but $599 is free? What a world you guys live in!

  5. Sydney Helton


  6. Brandon

    I could live off Jennas energy in this clip omg.
    "no colors? TRASH!" "look i got new burts bees FUSCHIA!!!"

  7. MGD II

    Iโ€™d love a mac mini in midnight blue so it blends into my black walls but doesnโ€™t disappear

  8. Shubham Shah

    Its not free cmon lmao. This is why watching your podcasts is just cringey and difficult

  9. jocelyn c.

    i wish i could have a mac or even the newest iphone. your girl is struggling

  10. RaiseDennis

    I thought I could win one. I tried the m1 mac mini one time but would like a second chance. I returned it since I donโ€™t have the money for it. Even if itโ€™s so called free

  11. Titus Chon

    Lol I actually have the same chapstick ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. sjr

    Please get a boomarm for the mic

  13. jon wik

    Imagine saying, paying $500 is basically getting something for free. Disgusting.

  14. RJ

    i love this podcast.

  15. McSorley

    $599 is free? That's disgusting to say when people struggle to heat their homes.

  16. Cole

    I do wish there was a space grey haha

  17. Guy Cortesi

    Itโ€™s even $499 with an education discount, which is nuts. I actually like the space gray color. Am I really first?

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